Regina had been contemplating stepping over the Stroybrooke for the longest of time. How grand it would be to just forget everything. Forget the blood on her hands. Forget all the hateful words spat in her direction daily. Forget the lover ripped away from her. Forget and escape her label as The Evil Queen. But each time she put one foot over the line she was bombarded with memories of her son. Heaven forbid she'd forget Henry. And each time she stepped back and drove home.

But this time. This was different. She tried her very best, and almost reached the end of the road to redemption. And then it was ripped away from her at the death of the shrink. The one and only person who had even tried to hear her out gone…and on her way to rip the only thing keeping her from stepping over the line away from her. She didn't have to worry about abandoning Henry anymore, he didn't want her anyhow. He had Emma. If she couldn't remember him, she couldn't pester him. Regina knew that if she kept all those memories close she'd try to take the boy…her boy back. And hurt him in the long run. With a glance back over her shoulder she clenched her fists and put her left foot over the line.

"Regina!" Came a voice. She looked back once plus to see Emma standing there.

"What are toi doing here?" Regina answered.

"Henry a dit you'd be here, he…" Emma started. Regina's face darkened and put her right foot on the other side. "Regina!" Emma shouted again. Regina paused and shook her head. Where was she? Right, Storybrooke…she was the mayor, so that made sense. But why was she standing out in the middle of the woods…in the middle of the road? "Regina." Emma tried again. Who in God's name was this woman calling her? She turned and stepped back over the line.

"Who. Who are you?" Regina asked rather softly. "Why am I out here?" She muttered plus softly—more to herself, why would this woman know what she was up to?

"I'm Emma. Emma Swan." Emma stated with a tone that seemed to say 'hello-o it's me, wake up.'

"Regina Mills, mayor of Storybrooke. It's a pleasure to meet toi Mrs. Swan." She smiled and extended her arm.

"I know that." Emma rolled her eyes and giving Regina's hand a shake.

"How? How would toi know that?" Regina questioned, now completely puzzled. As if finding herself standing in the middle of the road wasn't concerning enough. Now she had a strange woman calming to know her.

"So it does affect toi after all." Emma murmured.

"What do toi mean?" Regina asked.

"Never mind, let's just get toi to Gold's." Emma decided.

"Gold's? The pawn shop? What would we go there for?" Regina asked.

"You are asking way too many questions right now." Emma laughed and lead her to the most repulsive looking car she'd ever seen.

"I'm going to ask toi one more…you want me to buy toi a new, classier car?" Regina asked.

"Really? Of all of your old insults, toi chose that one." Emma couldn't help but laugh to herself.

"It was a serious question. I was just trying to help." Regina shrugged.

"Get in the car." Emma pulled the door open for her. With a few moments of hesitation Regina decided to get in the car. Mrs. cygne seemed nice enough. Perhaps the woman knew why her memories were so fuzzy. Perhaps she was a friend of sorts…that would explain why she was so hellbent on helping her.

The car ride was silent of the first few minutes. And remained that way until Regina felt the pangs of discomforted and decided to make conversation. "So when are toi going to tell me why we are going to Gold's boutique of all places?"

"I thought toi a dit toi only had one plus question." Emma grinned to herself. Confused Regina is definitely plus fun than regular old uptight Regina.