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posted by RayRaybabii2467
Brianna'a POV
He just kissed me...... it's like my lifed just flashed before my eyes. Randy:did toi like the kiss?? Me:yeah.... i loved it(smiles) Randy:so toi wanna stay with me for the night?? Me:i dont know i dont wanna get in trouble when i go accueil tommorrow. Randy:well do toi want me to walk toi accueil at least?? Me:sure. So randy starts walking me home. Randy:you know i would never say something like that right???? Me:yeah... i guess i learned my lesson... never believe what comes out of your enemy's mouth(laughing) Randy:lesson learned(laughs)So we get to my house. Randy:see toi in school tommorrow?? Me:yeah. Then he kisses me. Me:awwww see toi later. Randy:see ya. Then i go into the house and he leaves. Stepdad:where have toi been?? Me:why dont toi mind your own buisness?? Then he slaps me and i fall on the couch. Stepdad:dont ever get smart with me toi dumb bitch!! Me:dont ever hit me again. Then i run upstars slam my door and lock it. Ihate that stupid man always thinks he needs to put his hands on me. So then ater a while i decide to clothes my eyes and go to sleep.
Randy's POV
Well i kissed he again.... her lips are so soft. I cant wait to see her in school tommorrow. WAIT!!! what will gabrielle do?? I cant risk letting her get hurt and i know gabrielle is capable of doing some crazy cul, ass shit. So while im laying on my lit thinking of all of this i finally close my eyes and go to sleep.
Gabrielle's POV
That chienne is gonna pay and im not talking bout in cash..... im gonna have all my football Friends and all my cheerleading Friends beat her to she stops breathing..... i told him but nooooo they dont wanna listen.... lets see if he listens when the one he cares for the most "FUCKING DIES" well now that i know what imma do to her tommorrow i think i should get some rest for tommorrow.Then i go to sleep
Brianna's POV
So i woke up for school tommorrow..... i just cnt wait to get to school... wait.... why am i sooo happy to go to school all of a sudden. Right Randy wowwie im dumb. So i get up and take a douche and put on some clothes and go downstairs then i get a text from keke.(text convo)
Keke:want me to come so we can walk again
Me:yeah toi already know
Keke:lol kk
So then i grab me a snack to munch on. Stepdad:what are toi eating?? Me:a snack >:(
Stepdad:dont gotta be all grouchy. Then the doorbell rings. Me:got to go. Then i leave the house. Me:hey keke. Keke:hey babez. Me:ready for a nice jour of school?? Keke:........
Keke's POV
I know this chick did not just ask me am i ready for a nice jour of school! Me:are toi ready for a nice jour of school?? Brianna:ummm yeah. Me:why? toi never liked school?? Brianna:well thats because im happy today. Me:what about?? Brianna:........ Me:nevermind. So we finish walking and arrives at school. Brianna:lockertime. mE:WOWWWW. Brianna:what?? Me:nothing dear... nothing at all. Brianna:well ok then. So we walk to our lockers.
Randy's POV
So i see brianna and her friend keke at there lockers so i decide to approach with a warm welcome. I walked up to brianna kissed her and a dit sup to keke. Me:Sup. Keke:heyyo. Brianna:hey cutie. Me:want me to walk toi to class?? Keke:what a gentlemen... see ya round brianna. Brianna:peace. Then keke goes to class. Me:soo what do toi say?? Brianna:bout what?? Me:me walking toi to class?? Brianna:ohhh...nahh. Me:why not!! Brianna:im just kidding silly... yeah toi can walk me to class. So i start walking her to class we are in the same class though. Me:hey!! i have a question?? Brianna:what?? Me:are we official?? Brianna:well yeah i mean we do Kiss eac other! Me:well toi never know we could just be Friends with benefits. Brianna:why in the world would i want to be your friend with benefits?? Me:i dont know lets just get to class. So we finish walking to class.
Brianna's POV
I cant beleive this fool just a dit we couldve been Friends with benefits HA he makes me laugh. So when we got to class we sat suivant to each other and i seed gabrielle looking at me with that death glare. Me:duhhhh?? Gabrielle:duhhh my ass!! Me:why the hell toi looking me and toi dont got no ass! Gabrielle:cuz i can and yes i do! Me:soo toi thought. Randy:bay stop talking to her she's just wasting your time. Gabrielle:no your wasting your time on her!!! Randy:how is that?? Gabrielle:you'll find out sooner ou later. Then she turns her head and pretends she's listening to the teaher. I dont like her she's just a slutty little whore who thinks she can get whatever she wants well obiousley she though wrong HAHAHA
Gabrielle's POV
I cant wait to school's out im gonna have the football team and the cheerleading squad beat the fuck out of her. Then the cloche, bell rings for lunch. Brianna:come on randy i want to eat outside. Randy:ok. So them to leave to get there lunch and go outside... not to be a stalker ou anything but i think should go outside just to keep an eye on them to. So i get my lunch and go outside and sit 3 benches away from them. Brianna:is she following us?? I hear brianna ask randy. Randy:i dont know maybe. Me:shut-up nobody is thinking about toi 2. Brianna:GREAT! Then they go back inside.. just to get away from me obiviousley.
Brianna's POV
That chienne is such a fucking stalker. Me:babe can toi walk me accueil after school?? Randy:sure... why not. Then we finish our lunch and go to our last period class. Me:sit suivant to me! Randy:ok. Then he sits suivant to me. Randy:why do toi never say my name?? Me:huhh?? Randy:you never say my name! Me:fine.... hi rayon, ray ray. Randy:dont call me that! Me:why not. Randy:because everyone else calls me that. Me:and???... Randy:and i dont want toi calling me that. Me:whatever. I dont see what the big deal is about me calling him rayon, ray rayon, ray but its whatever i think im just gonna stick with babe(laughs in head)
Randys" POV
I dont want her calling me rayon, ray rayon, ray because everyone else calls me that and she's one of a kind so i dont want her calling me that randy's my name and im the king of my game (laughs in head) Me:when do we leave class?? Brianna:in like 2 minutes be patient rayon, ray ray. Me:what did toi just call me(smirking) Brianna:ummm i called toi randy(looking guilty) Me:your lien aernt you?? Brianna:yess(smiling) Me:your done dont do it again ou itsgonna be me and you! Brianna:whats that suppose to mean?? When she a dit that i looked her up and down. Me:you know what i mean. Brianna:.....you little freak(laughing) Then the cloche, bell rings. Me:FINALLY!!!
Brianna's POV
I got a nasty cul, ass boyfriend lol. So school's over my baby's walking me accueil yayyy
Gabrielle's POV
School's over and me and my gang are gonna do what we've been dieing to do to her ever since she showed her face in this school.
Brianna's POV
So me and randy started walking home. Me:im so happy today!! Randy:why?? Me:cuz i got you. Randy:sweet(smiles). So while we were walking somebodys pulls e into a alley. Me:WHAT THE FUCK GET OFF OF ME!!! Gabrielle:shut it whore!! Me:noo let me go!!! Gabriell:no way... itold toi this wasnt over. Randy:gabrielle let her go... ill do what ever toi want just let her gooo please. Gabrielle:its kinda too late for that huhh. Then gabrielle punches me in the face. Me:you must be stupid. Then i get up and was getting ready to grab her hair and beat the fuck out of her when somebody grabbed me par my hair. Me:WHAT THE HELL..... LET GO OF ME. Gabriell:no its time for toi to die little girl..... KILL HER! Then the football team and the cheerleading team comes out and starts punching me and stomping me in my face. Me:STOPPPPPPPP..... RANDY HELP MEEEE STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!
Randy's POV
I'm trien to help her but this strong cul, ass football player wont let me go. Me:i cant watch. So i claos emy eyes. Brianna:RANDYYYYYYY HELPP MEEEE!!!! Gabrielle:how does it feel to watch the one toi l’amour die in front of your face?? Me:go to hell bich. Then i spit in her face. Gabrielle:you shouldnt have dont that..... beat her even harder. Me:WAIT!!!! NOOO pleasse let her goo i swear i'll do whatever toi want just pleasee stop hitting her. Gabrielle:..... fine.... STOP!!! Then the football player lets me go and run and grab brianna. Me:brianna???? wake up baby please wake up..... come on baby please wake upp.
Brianna's POV
I just got jumped par the meanist tougfest people in the school. Im knocked out cold. Blood leaking from my eyes mouth nose legs arms evrywhere. Me:why didnt toi help me?? i whisper to him. Randy:i couldnt that stupid football player was holding me but im here now i wont let them hurt toi no more. Me:that cant hurt me no plus what plus can they do???im already dieing. I whisper to him. Then i say the 3 most powerful words left to say...... I l’amour YOU. Then i close my eyes. Randy:NOOO BABY PLEASE WAKE UPPP... COME ON PLEASE WAKE UPPP. DONT toi DIE ON ME WAKE UP PLEASE(HE STARTS TO CRY) COME ON BRIANNA WAKE UP. He does mouth to mouth and cpr. RandyCOME ON BABY PLEASE. Then he kisses me. Randy:WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!! Gabrielle:she got what she deserved. Randy:NOBODY DESERVES TO DIE...ESPIECIALLY BRIANNA......I HOPE toi GO TO HELL AND TAKE ALL YOUR LITTLE GOMAGOZIS WITH YOU!!!! Then they walk away. Randy:COME ON BRIANNA... BREATHEE!!!. Then i finally give up and take her to the hospital.

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posted by rayrayrox
toi were in the bathroom for about 20 minutes trying to sort things out. Once toi stopped crying, toi opened the door and slowly walked to the living room.
Roc: Oh there she is. salut YN, toi ok?
YN: uhh y-yea im fine.
Prod: Well come over here and introduce yourself to Rays new girl.
YN: sure…ok.
Even though toi wanted to run out of the house and go home, toi didnt want to be rude to the girl. toi decided to give her a chance. Maybe you’ll like her…
GF: Hi, im HN. (her name)
YN: Hey, im YN.
GF: I dont think ive ever hurd of toi before. rayon, ray doesnt talk about toi like he talks about the others.
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GF: Whats going on here.?!
YN: n-nothing. I was just leaving thats it…*walks away*
Ray: …I thought toi werent coming.
GF: I wanted to surprise you.! *smiles*
Ray: oh, well im glad toi arent mad at me. *he says while looking around the room for you*
GF: *sighs* Ray, go get her.
Ray: Huh.?!
GF: toi clearly like her. I can see it all over your face.
Ray: No, GFN i l’amour y—
GF: No toi dont Ray. I see the way toi look at her when shes talking. toi never looked at me like that. Since that jour we threw eggs at her house, youve been jouer la comédie different. Like toi began to actually care for her. So go tell...
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