aléatoire toi walk into your house when it so cold outside and your freezing. Which do toi like to do to warm yourself up and make yourself comfortable?

Pick one:
Sit par the fireplace ou the heater
Have yourself a hot beverage of your choice
Have yourself some hot soupe of your choice
emballage, emballage, wrap up in a cozy blanket
Wear a pair of cozy socks
Wear a cozy sweater
All while sitting on the canapé watching whatever toi want on tv
Cuddle up with your cat!
Cuddle up with your cat!
Added by 2ntyOnePilots
Cuddle your significant other
Cuddle your significant other
Added by Riku114
Use your command joint, joint d’étanchéité to make Saber cuddle with you.
Added by kingcesar67
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 1012jackson posted il y a 10 mois
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