aléatoire Which is your favourite Nickname for the Disney animation Canon Movies?

Pick one:
The Snow White&# 39; s Dwarfs
The Snow White's Dwarfs
The Pinocchio&# 39; s Puppets
The Pinocchio's Puppets
The Dumbo&# 39; s Elephants
The Dumbo's Elephants
The Bambi&# 39; s Deers
The Bambi's Deers
The Cinderella&# 39; s Mice
The Cinderella's Mice
The Wonderland Cards (Alice In Wonderland)
The Wonderland Cards (Alice In Wonderland)
The Neverland Pirates (Peter Pan)
The Neverland Pirates (Peter Pan)
The Sleeping Beauty&# 39; s fé es
The Sleeping Beauty's fées
The Jungle Book&# 39; s Bears
The Jungle Book's Bears
The Aristocats&# 39; s chats
The Aristocats's chats
101 Dalmatians&# 39; chiens
101 Dalmatians' chiens
Robin Hood&# 39; s Foxes
Robin Hood's Foxes
The Little Mermaid&# 39; s sirè nes
The Little Mermaid's sirènes
The Aladdin&# 39; s Genies
The Aladdin's Genies
The Lion King&# 39; s Lions
The Lion King's Lions
Pocahontas&# 39; Raccoons
Pocahontas' Raccoons
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame&# 39; s Gargoyles
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame's Gargoyles
The Hercules&# 39; Pegasuses
The Hercules' Pegasuses
The Mulan&# 39; s dragons
The Mulan's dragons
The Tarzan&# 39; s Gorillas
The Tarzan's Gorillas
The Emperor&# 39; s New Groove&# 39; s Llamas
The Emperor's New Groove's Llamas
The Lilo and Stitch&# 39; s Experiments
The Lilo and Stitch's Experiments
The accueil On The Range&# 39; s Cows
The accueil On The Range's Cows
The Princess and The Frog&# 39; s Frogs
The Princess and The Frog's Frogs
The Tangled&# 39; s Chameleons
The Tangled's Chameleons
The Frozen&# 39; s Snowmen
The Frozen's Snowmen
The Big Hero 6&# 39; s Robots
The Big Hero 6's Robots
The Zootopia/ Zootropolis&# 39; Rabbits
The Zootopia/Zootropolis' Rabbits
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