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This is at the bottom of my list, because its not nearly as bad as people say it is.
By this point, I am use to hearing stories about rape.
I review bad Alpha and Omega stories.
And the stories involved have everything from incest to turning cute characters into out of control sluts. MLP fairs no better sadly.
And I usually know what I'm getting myself into.
Truth is, Trixie is kinda attractive for pony, and the pervert side of me would probably 'let' her do such things to me.
But, we can't ALL be freaks like me, so. I guess I would recommend NOT lire this story, ever!...
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First Of All I like to Give examples of what i'm talking about
EX: Shall I like Miley cyrus for climb then i should like her personality ,taking all the package .
She Got nude vers l'avant, vers l’avant in future Shall I still support her to death
ou Why?

other point people
there are different genres of musique ,but teenager ou fans go for pop most of all.
Like MJ fans
When i checked his song i didn't get amazed ,it's like lire newspaper it's not arranged like regular songs
Most of his songs he screams out loud ,not a song ,it's plus like shouting in streets.
&his fans are crazy ,love every single stuff about him

I Didn't Mean to Insult anybody Just Thinking

Why I can't get respectable montrer ou artist

why there is nudity ?

ou fame depends on that
wear unsuitable clothes ou grabbing crotch .
par telling me it was a montrer & they were jouer la comédie only
how i can believe reality?
Why I Should accept that?

I fed up with all of that
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Ayy Lmao
jojo's bizarre adventure
stardust crusaders
Before we get started I’ll like to make some rules for this list:
*Only animé allowed on this liste meaning only Japanese dessins animés
*They are rare exceptions to the last rule though, if the cartoon acts like an anime.
* I had to watch the animé to include the theme song to the list
*One song per anime

10.Princess Tutu Op(Morning Grace):
We start off this liste with a very dark and tragic animé Op to match the animé it represents.The genre is the Magical girl genre so, of course it’s going to be dark. It’s known to be deceiving; Anyway back on topic with The Princess Tutu opening.
This Op is...
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