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 Steve Rogers / Captain America Scene
steve rogers
captain america
Les Avengers
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This aléatoire photo might contain rue, scène de ville, milieu urbain, ville, scène, urbain, cadre, and mise en scène de rue.

self explanatory
posted by tamore
as much as i l’amour the song par my l’amour brittany spears this is about the aléatoire club

y'all are toxic not because y'all have different opinions (idgaf about that man) but because y'all are so quick to point out flaws. compliments are rare and instead everything seems to be a fight. it's a war of the egos because nobody wants to be wrong and everybody thinks they're better and smarter than everyone else.

it's interesting i suppose to look at it sociologically - the internet levels out such differences as socioeconomic class, appearance, gender to a large extent, location, language........... instead...
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Sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep from drifting apart.

When toi were born, toi were, for a moment, the youngest person on earth.

The elements that we are composed of were formed in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are all made of étoile, star dust.

Cows have best friends.

A prison in Washington pairs up “death row” shelter chats with select inmates as part of a rehabilitation program. It seems to be a pretty wonderful thing for both the inmates and the cats.
Princess Natalie relaxes with Joseph Contreras, one of her caretakers.

Blind people smile even though they’ve never seen anyone...
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Source: Unicorns, book fair
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Toy Story 4 | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim
toy story 4 robot chicken adult swim
posted by xoxoLA
I think batman, Superman and captain America.
I l’amour captain America and I l’amour a military man plus he is so dreamy ahhhhhhhh! xx
I l’amour Superman cuz he is so strong I l’amour strong men with muscels .
I l’amour Batman because he is cute and my kinda man.
I l’amour them all and I have crushes on them all too! Oops just gave away my crush oh well? Does it matter message me if toi think it does.
Why do toi think I like them so much? I literally have no idea why I like them all so much and if u like aquaman it is a bit weird cuz hes a merman ou whatever toi call him I just don't really care about him and sorry to the creators of him but he really isn't stylish.......
posted by cuteasprincie
 My icone (February 2014) {Please don't use it.Its my personal icon.Thank You.}
My icon (February 2014) {Please don't use it.Its my personal icon.Thank You.}
There are many sites which I found out randomly.Randomly here means like,searching for pics,videos,blogs,fan fictions,stories etc.And Google helps a lot!So I decided to share the names of some websites (Five of them) which I found randomly while surfing :)

1.Fanpop (Yup!Fanpop itself)

 Older version of fanpop ; A fanpop which I miss!!
Older version of fanpop ; A fanpop which I miss!!

It was I think 2009's end ou 2010 when I found this website!That day,I was searching for some vidéos of Glee,some special episodes,which were not uploaded at YouTube (Or I was not able to find them as I was too lazy to flip to the 2nd page!)And then I found...
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