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Riku114 posted on Oct 12, 2017 at 09:00PM
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Permanently Banned: LavenderGolden

-Icon must apply to the theme of the current round
-Icon must be between 100 x 100 and 200 x 200 as well as square
-Entry may not be made after to the deadline (one week per round)
-No voting for yourself
-No stealing icons or using icons that do not belong to you
-Polls last for a week
-Winner chooses next round, if winner does not choose something by a week, I will select the round
-Ties will be resolved with a tiebreaker round that will last 3 days
-Winner gets a prop. If I win, I dont get a prop. If there is a tie, regardless of the tie, both get a prop
-No repeat themes
-Have fun a be fair
-Icon must be cropped and edited by you.
-Avoid polling Random itself for advice and tips on which icon to choose, you may poll other spots like user clubs and anime clubs and all, but avoid polling Random as that will be where the official poll ends up.

Any icon that is not between the sizes of 100 x 100 and 200 x 200 and is not square will be left out. Also, any icon that does not agree with the rules above will not be included either.


Round 1: Halloween
link TheLefteris24

Round 2: ;)
link SwordofIzanami

Round 3: Mythological Creature
link Zeppie

Round 4: Meme Representation
link TIE. TheLefteris24, THaSlimJim
link THaSlimJim

Round 5: Crossover
link Riku114

Round 6: Ship / Couple
link 8theGreat

Round 7: Food and Drink
link 8theGreat

Round 8: Birds
link 8theGreat

Round 9: Cute Things
link Zeppie

Round 10: Winter Wonderland
link SeraphOfTheEnd8

Round 11: Something Blue

Round 12: Gaming
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