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posted by uploaded900
For a while, I've been thinking of making an article on my influential celebs and here they are. This liste is just on entertainers. I'm not the biggest celebrity person, but these have inspired me in some sort of way and I l’amour them! Instead of putting trashy people and basic bitches (whose names I won't name) on a pedestal, here are some people I'd like to talk about who should get some credit for the great individuals that they are. I'd also like to add that it's just my opinion and I'd l’amour to hear what you've got to say.


 The Realist
The Realist

Emma Watson
Emma Watson is one intelligent woman. For one, she made the wise decision to go to college despite being a rich actress where she could easily just stick to being an actress. Emma Watson planned ahead thinking about what would happen if her jouer la comédie career ended. She's a talented actress on haut, retour au début of that too. She hasn't had it easy for her and she hasn't forgotten her roots. She's also humble and down to earth. Another trait I l’amour is her poise and elegance. Elegance is a trait I admire (and you'll see some plus of this trait in on my list) She's got the brains of Hermoine Granger, but without the know it all attitude.

 The It Girl
The It Girl

Hailee Steinfeld
Forget the Disney and Nick teen actresses. Hailee is the real deal. She's just a young teenager, but she's very talented. She appeals to people of all ages, and is taken seriously. I'd l’amour to watch anything with her in it. Not only is she talented, but she's got a killer fashion sense! She also seems such a nice and cool person to hang out with. I'm looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to see what she does next.

 The Fabulous icone
The Fabulous Icon

Mae West
My l’amour for Mae West all started when I did a project on her in the 7th grade. Loved her ever since. She's a great actress, a great singer, and a great icon. What I loved the most about her was how funny, cheeky and dominating she was. (Look at that picture of her! Really shows who's the one in charge!) During her years, a woman's role in society was to be gentle, submissive, and pure....That's just fucked up! It didn't work that way for Mae West! She was bold, experienced, and soumis to nobody! Her sex life wasn't about pleasuring men, it was about men pleasuring her and there's nothing wrong with that at all. Mae West has lived a fabulous life and looked fabulous as an old lady too.

 The Loyal Affectionate
The Loyal Affectionate

Max George
Something I absolutely l’amour about The Wanted is that they truly adore and are grateful for their fans (I can honestly go on about it) and that they don't do any drugs! What makes Max so special is for one, he's got a wonderful voice.He's also incredibly sexy! He puts the Max is Maximus Fitimus. Plus he's got such gorgeous expressive eyes! (It doesn't montrer in the picture though) Speaking of expressive, I l’amour how even though he's all masculine on the outside, he's actually a very emotional and affectionate person who is a dit to cry quite a lot. He's also very nurturing. I think that's sexy and this is coming from a girl that pretty much doesn't have any of those traits!! He's very loyal to the people cares about like his family, bandmates, fans, and significant other.

 The Legend
The Legend

Selena Quintilla Perez
Every latino knows who Selena is! She was one of the greatest latin legends there ever was. I've loved Selena ever since I was a little girl. She was a lovable person who did amazing things. Her voice was extraordinary, her songs had everyone chant along, and her performances were a lot of fun to watch. On haut, retour au début of that, she was such a sweet, nice and friendly girl! I don't even understand why that woman killed her. All what Selena did was give people lots of love. It's sad that she died so soon, she would of been an even greater legend! She might be dead, but her legacy continues to live.

 The Enchanter
The Enchanter

Siva Kaneswaran
Nobody is perfect, but Siva Kaneswaran is as close as it gets. I mean just look at him! Talk about beautification. It's no wonder he's a model. I like how he's aware of how hot he is, but he never acts vain because of it. He's actually a really shy! He's also charming, smart, polished, sweet, romantic and has a nice soothing chant voice. What girl wouldn't want a boyfriend like that? It makes me sad how underrated he his compared to his other band mates! He deserves plus credit. I really admire his calm, quiet, and soft spoken nature. There should be plus guys like that.


 The Spiritual Essence
The Spiritual Essence

If anyone was gotten me into Bollywood, it's Aishwarya Rai. I was always interested in her even before I got into it. If toi ask me, I'd say she's the Queen of Bollywood. Aishwarya is one of my favori actrices and any movie with her presence is convincing enough for me to watch. She is just so talented. Not only is she a superb actresses, she's also a superb dancer. She's like a dancing guru. Aside from her great talents, she's a very classy lady. People are astonished par her elegance and grace. She's always lady like and modest. Aishwarya is also very spiritual and sticks to her beliefs no matter how much it costs her. (She turned down an offer for "Troy" w/ Brad Pitt because Helen was too provocative) She's traditional yet powerful at the same time. She's also like an Aphrodite. Even though she is a dit to be one of the most beautiful women in the world which I agree, she doesn't let her looks define her. When she had her daughter, she gained a lot of weight and got a lot of criticism for it which is stupid because its normal. Instead of obsessing over her weight like a weak girl trying to please other people, she was still confident and Lost the weight in a healthy way. I just lover her to bits!

 The A Lister
The A Lister

I've loved Anne Hathaway ever since I saw her in "Ella Enchanted" and "The Princess Diaries". Any movie with her is enjoyable! Maybe it's because she's brings a ton of personality to her characters ou she seems like such a cool person ou maybe it's both. (Yeah it's definitely both!) She deserves all the awards she gets and her super étoile, star status. None of it goes to her head. Instead, she is down to earth, real, and natural. Anne is as just beautiful in the inside as she is on the outside. She's a humanitarian. She's always cheering people up with her friendliness, donating money to hospitals and organizations, and always being nice to her fans. She's also a strong person for struggling to getting over depression and quitting smoking. Talk about devotion!

 The Wild Card
The Wild Card

Is there anyone toi really like just because toi find them to be really interesting? Well thats how I feel about about Andreea Banica. She's got this beautiful airy voice and Im happy whenever I hear a new song par her. She's also a loving mother and wife.

 The Brilliant Mind
The Brilliant Mind

Damon Albarn has got such an awe-inspiring imagination. He's a genius and has many talents. He started out in Blur, which I'm not really a fan of (but they are talented), but what really got me into him was Gorillaz, a band that's full of creativity and uniqueness. Not only are they an animated band with interesting characters created par him and Jamie Hewlett but he also was a able to fit all sorts of genres into Gorillaz and have a wide variation of fans and sounds from Brit pop, hip hop, electronic, reggae, and even some middle eastern roots. Plus he's got an amazing voice with a wide vocal range. Their songs also have deep messages and toi can tell that Damon takes his work seriously. Just like Aishwarya, he sticks to his beliefs no matter how much it costs him.He's not afraid to diss artists that lack talent and if something sucks, he just says it. He might not have the friendliest image, but Damon is a passionate and intelligent person. He has a humanitarian perspective par being concerned about those in need and global warming, and ending war. Damon Albarn is an influential person in many ways.

 The Latin King of Comedy
The Latin King of Comedy

This guy sure knows how to make me laugh! He never fails to bring a smile on my face. George Lopez always comes up with these hilarious jokes and his persona is just so funny! The hispanic jokes he makes are exaggerated yet accurate. I always have a good time when I'm watching anything with him in it. I l’amour the George Lopez montrer and pretty much anything else with him in it. Jokes aside, he is a kind person. He donates to communities and is actually a recipient of the Manny Mota Foundation.

 The bollywood God
The bollywood God

The first time I ever laid my eyes on him, it was in some bollywood dance scene and the first thing that came to my mind was, "Who is this guy?!". Turns out this guy is Hrithik Roshan who is a phenomenal actor and dancer. Its hard not to fall for him. He's one of the best dancers I've seen actually seen and while, in the first movie I saw with him, I couldn't see much of his jouer la comédie skills, but in others, it's just really great. He's also super hot! I usually am not into Indian guys (no offense), but he's like a God and even girls that don't really like Indian guys think he's hot too! On haut, retour au début of that, he's got a great personality. He's a loving father and husband! He seems like a super nice down to earth guy too! It's hard not to fall for him.

 The Peacemaker
The Peacemaker

geai, jay MCGUINESS
My favori member of The Wanted would have to be geai, jay McGuiness. He's truly a genuine person! First of all, he's amazingly beautiful.He sometimes can look like a porcelaine doll. He's actually one of my most desirable men and he's elegant too, even his bandmates think so. He's really polite and charming with an enchanting way of speaking and Im not saying that just because he has a posh Brit, but he also has an eloquent vocabulary. He's also a bit quirky. geai, jay is really smart and talented too. He's got a beautiful voice and is a wicked dancer. It really don't understand how geai, jay has these special gifts and he's totally unaware of it. He's so modest and cares about making others happy. He usually puts others needs before his and he always does his best to make all of the fans feel special! He's just so nice to everybody and I'd l’amour to meet him someday.

 The Sorceress
The Sorceress

Lana Parilla always casts a spell on me with her impressive acting. All the characters she plays are really interesting. I knew I was going to l’amour her before I saw any of her performances and turns out I l’amour her even more. This women is very skilled when it comes to acting. I would l’amour to watch anything with her in it. toi would think Lana could be a ruthless person in real life like Regina, but she's actually a nice fun loving person. In her interviews, she brings a ton of personality and she's just as interesting as the characters she plays.

 The Work of Art
The Work of Art

An actress I'm obssesing over right now is Monica Bellucci. She's truly amazing. She's a phenomenal actress and she stars in a lot of beautiful movies. I feel as if she's really artistic when she's jouer la comédie and the films and characters she plays are a work of art. She's really beautiful too and she can do things toi normally wouldn't see a 50 an old doing like being naked in a movie. I usually would be disgusted with seeing a naked chick, but Monica is naked in films for an artistic and passionate purpose plus she dresses like decent person, so I can over look that. Aside from that I always found Monica Bellucci to be a very interesting person. She's very spiritual and fights for the equal rights.

 The Voice of Reason
The Voice of Reason

Nathan Sykes is one talented young man. When I heard his voice for the first time, my mind was blown and I've loved him ever since. Even people that don't listen to The Wanted are stunned par his heavenly voice. Not only does he have an amazing singer, but he's also a piano virtuoso. He's also super cute with a little bit of sexy. He reminds me a bit of Bambi for some reason. Maybe it's because he's so shy and has a calm, gentle nature. I really admire the fact that even though he's the youngest in the band, he's actually really mature. Maybe it's just the accent, but there's something sophisticated about him. He's definitely classy though. Nathan is also a real sweetheart. He tries to be a good role model for his younger sister and fans that met him a dit he was the sweetest guy ever.

 The Queen
The Queen

There's a reason why she's called Queen Latifa. First of all she says that every lady should be treated like a queen. Then there's Latifa, a name that she picked out because she believed it fit her perfectly, very kind and delicate. I wouldn't call her delicate because she's an incredible powerful, strong, and intelligent lady. She had a lot of struggles in her life and she's been told many times that she couldn't rap ou own a business because she's a girl. Well, she proved them wrong! Queen Latifa is such an inspiration to not just women of color, but to any girl. She's really funny, brings so much personality to everything, and I always thought she was beautiful. She's definitely a queen.

 The Sexy Sweetheart
The Sexy Sweetheart

I l’amour Ryan Reynolds so much! He sure has stolen my heart. First of all he's a great actor. Say what toi want about his performance on the Green Lantern ou whatever, but he is a talented actor and he's so funny. He's extremely gorgeous and sexy too. I was happy when Ryan Reynolds was the named the sexiest man alive. He truly deserved it! He's charming, elegant, and has a body that most men would kill for. On haut, retour au début of all that, he's a real sweetheart. Other than his sarcastic sense of humor, he's nothing like some of the characters he plays. He's actually a really shy, sweet, compassionate, and humble guy. His good nature shines through his charity activities. Ryan Reynolds is a beautiful person inside and out.

 The Extraordinary Activist
The Extraordinary Activist

This woman is amazing beyond words! Salma Hayek is an amazingly influential person. Her jouer la comédie is just extraordinary and draws me in. I l’amour her in both live action and animated movies. She started out as a Mexican actress and became a Hollywood superstar with a ton of important awards. With all those accomplishments she's an activist against violence towards women and immigration. Salma even breast fed a baby whose mother couldn't produce milk. Her humanitarian work made her an even plus respectable figure and she launched a campaign for female empowerment. Seriously, how can toi not l’amour her? In addition, she's very beautiful. In fact she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.In other words, she's pure awesomeness!

Fact: It took me months to write this!
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See, CISPA is back. toi remember SOPA and PIPA from last year? basically the same thing, can toi please take a short minute out of your time to sign this important petition?. It is a big threat to Fanpop! and other sites such as Youtube, Tumblr, Deviantart, etc

Sorry to bother!

Even people outside of the United States need to sign this! because it will affect your country as well, since most websites (including this one) are made and still running in United States

This will block all the fandom things on this site and others, and will also get rid of the Music, Movies, and even filthy pronz!

Not only is it just an ultimate Anti-Piracy bill, it will get rid of freedom all around the world. Destroying the Internet and many lives, do toi want the U.S Government looking at your history? please sign it before it's too late!
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What! to do when bored....Doooo Itttt....kidden
1.Open a window and yell "CURSE toi WALMARRRRRRT!!!!!!"
2.(guys amied at) wear a mini jupe to school.                            
3.(guys amied at....again) wear a mini-mini jupe to school. 4.throw bannas at ramdom people    .
5.have a fruit war. somthing like this écriture something to do when bored.
7.dress up like a bunny and walk around...
continue reading...
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This blonde cop stops a blonde driver and asks for identification.

The blonde driver looks all around in her bourse, sac à main and can’t find her license. “I must have left it at home, officer.”

“Well, do toi have any kind of identification on you?” asks the cop.

The blonde takes out a pocket mirror and says, “I do have this picture of me.”

“Let me see it,” says the cop. She holds up the mirror and looks in it. Then she says, “Sorry. If I had known toi were a police officer, I wouldn’t have stopped you.”
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I am not obsessed with Justin Bieber nor do I hate him. In just neutral about him. But I am soooooooo fed up with all these people bagging him out!

I just read a question on this spot that asked "If toi saw Justin Bieber standing on the haut, retour au début of a building getting ready to jump, would toi cry ou scream JUMP FAG JUMP!". I'm sorry but if I saw someone (regardless of who they are) on haut, retour au début of a building getting ready to jump off, I would do anything to make them stop.

Why do toi people have grudges against someone who hasn't ever done something bad to anyone toi know ou care about. And people say that he sounds like a chick and that he is a fag but honestly, he doesnt. His voice may be higher than other guys but that doesnt make him a fag.

And anyway, whats wrong with it if he is gay? Adam Lambert is gay and he has millions of fans.

I dont like Justin Bieber but I am fed up of people posting s**t about him!!!!!

Anyone agree???
1. Everytime toi read Twilight, a kitten is born :D

2. If toi are obbsessed with mythical creatures, read Twilight!

3. If your life is all sad and gloomy, read Twilight!

4. If your completely bored, why not read Twilight!

5. ITS JUST AWESOME!!!!!! well to me and all the other Twilighters out there :D

PLEASE NO BAD COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Q .. How do toi sink a submarine full of blondes?
A .. Knock on the door.

Q .. Why does a blonde only change her baby's diapers every month?
A .. The instructions stated, "good for up to 20 pounds".

Q .. What stops then goes then stops then goes?
A .. A blonde at a blinking red light.

Q .. What's five miles long and has an IQ of forty?
A .. A blonde parade.

Q .. What is the blonde's highest ambition in life?
A .. They want to be like Vanna White and learn the alphabet.

Q .. What are the six worst years in a blonde's life.
A .. Third grade.

Q .. What do UFO's and smart blondes have in common?
A .. toi keep hearing about them, but never see any.

Q .. How to toi keep a blonde busy all day?
A .. Put her in a round room and tell her to sit in the corner.

Q .. What do toi do when a blonde throws a pin at you?
A .. Run! She's got a hand grenade in her mouth.
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