1. Get one of those receipts and rub it on your cat until the receipt sticks, and watch them try to get it off. (Works with all cats, and most dogs. And sme receipts are better than others.)

2. Get a cup of water, when your dog ou cat turns away, dip your finger in the water and have one drop of water hit them, but make sure they aren't looking at you.When they took at toi look away until they look awy then repeat.

3. Get another cat ou dog to bug the other!
(Only if toi want two animals!)

4. When your dog ou cat is looking away, clap once and loud. But make sure they aren't looking at you, and toi are facing away.

5.( works better with cats.)
Get a piece of string. tie it so it makes a 'O' big enough so toi can put it on your cat's tail and make him spin trying to get it off.