i didn't try any of this but readers don't try this stuff cuz u could get in a lot of trouble
and i made all this up my self

1. if your teacher asks u 2 get them a pop go get 1and on your way back shake it up like crazy

2. cosplay as iceland from Hetalia and call every 1 dear brother

3. sit like L from death note does

4. call every 1 kira when your teacher tells u 2 stop say that sounds like something kira would say

5. when a teacher asks u a question u reply pasta

6. change your name every jour @ school and when your teacher ou some 1 else calls u par your real name say that's not my name and if they continue ignore them

7. replace all their dry erase board markers with les Sharpie ou other non-eraseable markers

8. cosplay as sebastian and say yes master every time some 1 asks u a question

9. cosplay as other aléatoire characters and act like them

10. cosplay as some one different every jour and force people 2 call u par that character ou person's name

11. in the middle of class 4 no reason start laughing really loud and hard

12. instead of giving the teacher an pomme give them a fruit that they really hate

13.bring your ipod and listen to it at haut, retour au début volume in the middle of class

14. spit ball @ the back of the teacher's head and when they turn around toss the straw on 2 your nieghbor's desk

15. use really annoying citations from your fave shows

16. scream @ the haut, retour au début of your lungs and when some 1 asks y your screaming say no reason i just got scared from all the bordem

17. talk 2 your teacher in a really annoying tone
but when u talk 2 other people talk regularly

18. when the teacher isn't looking poor pop into their coffee ou other drink

19. put a kick me sign on their back

20. put gum in their hair

21. if the teacher is a boy and their hair is
long enough put a bow in their hair

22.when u ask 2 go 2 the bathroom instead of
in it 4 a couple minutes be in it 4 5 ou 10 minutes

23. just walk out of the the class room and when
some 1 asks where u r going say away from this
boring place

24. sleep in the middle of class

25. ask the same question plus than 10 times and
when your teacher gets annoyed and tells u 2
stop say sorry,i didn't understand u the 1st

26. do your hair in the middle of something that
seems really important

27. when your teacher is having a conversation
with an other teacher walk right through the
middle of them and say shouldn't u be doing
something important now

28. when the teacher takes a kid in the hall
follow them and when they start 2 talk walk right through the middle and say how rude

29. sneak pie in the classroom and eat it as
loud as u can

30. chew gum in class as loud as possible

31. put coffee ou energy drink in a non-see-through water bottle so u will get all hyper
and crazy

32. take off your shoes and make sure that your feet stink

33. play with legos in the middle of class

34. scream @ the haut, retour au début of your lungs in the middle of something that seems really important

35. when u call people kira tell them that u do not talk 2 kira (4 reference c #4)

36. throw a ball @ the teacher

37. when the teacher asks u a question reply neepa

38. lock the teacher out of the classroom

39. shout y do we need 2 no all this crap when
r we ever gonna use it! then u storm out of the

40. steal something of the teachers and when u give it back say r u looking 4 this give it back
when the teacher looks 4 it 4 a while

41. on a test say pssst and when the teacher comes over 2 u whisper 2 him/her i can hear the voices of the dead

42. when some 1 comes over 2 your bureau start crying 4 no reason and say i hate u all y can't u just leave me alone

43. start crying really loudly 4 no reason in the
middle of class and if some 1 asks y your crying
say just shut up y won't any 1 just leave me alone
4 once

44. start rapidly saying aléatoire words

45. say shut up in class when no 1 is talking

46. during announcements shout the voices r
back and they're coming 2 get me this time! save
me! save me from them! the dead they're coming
4 me!!!!!!!!!!!

47. shout oh my kira! in the middle of something

48. shout what the L just happened oh yeah i
almost died from boredom (and yes i did say L)

49. after u take a drink of water from your water
bottle in the middle of class shout i'm drowning!
i'm drowning! help! somebody save me!

50. say yay in a really annoying voice 4 no reason @ all

51. ignore your teacher 4 a while and when he/she
asks y your ignoring them say i don't like u
right now try again later

52. shout oh my god i thought i just saw a purple spider

53. shout hi i like pie in the middle of class

54. run out of the classroom during announcements shouting i can hear them the voices (@ the haut, retour au début of your lungs)