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Name something toi dislike for each letter of the alphabet

 Riku114 posted il y a plus d’un an
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ThePrincesTale said:

I love complaining, so here it goes:

A: anti-vaxxers
B: bigots
C: climate change deniers
D: Donald Trump
E: earwigs (*shudder*)
F: fans who don't like Severus Snape
G: Grima Wormtongue (LotR)
H: homeopathy
I: idiots against multiculturalism
J: jellyfish
K: Ke$ha's musique vidéos (and the fact that she spells her name "Ke$ha")
L: Luna Lovegood (I'm sorry!!)
M: Mary Sue characters
O: offel
P: period pains (lol)
Q: quackery
R: Rupert Murdoch
S: Stephanie Meyer
T: Tony Abbott
U: Umbridge
V: venomous snakes
W: Westboro Baptist Church
X: xylitol (artificial sweetener that tastes pretty shit... couldn't think of anything else xD)
Y: Young Earth Creationists
Z: zombie movies
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
Riku114 posted il y a plus d’un an
Youre welcome
Riku114 posted il y a plus d’un an
Mollymolata said:
a = Alcohol
b = Beer
c = Casis sirup
d = Dope
e = emmentaler (Cheese)
f = fake friends
g = Gossips (lies)
h = Hoes
i =
j =
k =
L = lies
m = messi
n = nosebleed
o =
p = pedophile
q =
r = robber (Thief)
s = spandex
t = tea
u =
v =
w =
y = yoga
z =
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
ChiliPepperLuv said:
A: Ants
B: Boy bands
C: Calling people mean names
D: Death Metal
F: Falling
G: Going to funerals
H: Hatred
I: Icicles stuck to the roof
J: Jokes about blondes
K: Kit Kats that have expired
L: Luck superstitions
M: Mud pie
N: Nirvana (the band)
O: Overalls
P: Pimples
Q: quizz with five questions
R: Red lights that linger
S: Sexism
T: Terrorism
U: Umbrellas breaking
V: Violence
W: Whining
X: X-rays
Y: Yo-yo's hitting me in the head
Z: Zany pestering
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
boytoy_84 said:
A: Animal abuse
B: Beer
C: dessins animés (today)
D: Death
E: Erotophonophilia
F: Family Guy
G: Guns
H: Hunger
I: Isis
J: Jerks
K: Killings
L: Lame musique now in days
M: films (Pixar) I never cared for them
N: Noisy people
O: One Direction
P: Porn
Q: n/a
R: Rape
S: Slathering (animals)
T: Terrorists
U: n/a
V: Violence
W: Wars
X: n/a
Y: n/a
Z: Zoosadism
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
alice1919119 said:
Here goes...

a = anime-haters XP
b = bigots... (ok.. this totally contradicts the précédant one ryt?)
c = cowboys...
d = dimwits
e = exams!
f = fucking wannabe grown-ups
g = grammatical errors (sorry! XP)
h = hippocrates
i = impostors
j = justin bieber.. (i'm really sorry beliebers!)
k = Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.... (why god! why?!)
L = lovebirds......
m = MATHS!
n = nina the killer... (she took EJ!!!!)
o = offenderman... (k.. enough of creepypastas!)
p = pessimism
q = quizzes!
r = racists!
s = spammers....
t = tests... T^T
u = UV rays (sorry! couldn't think of anything else! XD)
v = vocaloid-haters XP (there I go again~)
w = wars (that was pretty much obvious, ryt?)
x = the ever so missing 'x' from maths!!
y = yuri...
z = (Can't use plus of my brains!! sorry)

The End~
This totally made me look like a hater and a hippocrate didn't this? XD

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posted il y a plus d’un an 
ShadowFan100 said:
A= Animal abusers
B= Bratty a$$ children
C= Conceded freaks
D= Dumb a$$es who think they're so damn smart
E= Every member in the ISIS group
F= Family Guy
G= Gangs
H= Haters who hate on just about anything
I= Idiots.
J= Jollyranchers
K= Know-it-all's
L= Lemons
M= Miley Cyrus
N= The word "N***r"
O= Onions
P= Parents who fail at parenting
Q= (When it's too) quiet
R= Racist freaks!
S= The whole concept of Santa Clause
T= Tomatoes
U= Unreliable people
V= Viruses
W= Whinny, ungrateful people (both children and adults alike)
X= The fact that I can't think of anything I dislike for this letter.
Y= The "YOLO" taureau, bull crap
Z= Zits
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
Makeupdiva said:
A- Animal abuse ou Ashley Madison.com
B- Bigots
C- Child abuse
D- Donald Trump
E- Earwigs(I hate those bugs. )
F- Family Guy
G- Ginny Weasley(I'm not sorry for disliking her, which means that I also think that she is so wrong for Harry Potter. To me, that was J K. Rowling's biggest mistake.)
H- Homophobia
I- Idiots
J- Justin Bieber (Some of his songs are okay but other than that, I can't stand the guy.)
K- Kim Kardashian ou any of the Kardashians except for maybe Khloe.
L- Liars
M- Malia and Stiles (Teen Wolf) as a couple. I would have prefered it if Stiles was either gay ou with Lydia.
N- Nosey people
O- Onions
P- People who think Religion is above anything else.
Q- Quietness (Unless I'm sleeping)
R- Racism
S- Seafood
T- The Twilight Saga (everything about it, books, movies, some of the actors, etc.)
U- Delores Umbridge(from Harry Potter)
V- Violent people
W- Devil and God Worshippers
X- I have no idea
Y- Again, I have no idea
Z- Zombies
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
greyswan618 said:
A - animal abuse
B - bullies
C - child abuse
D - Donald Trump
E - E coli
F - fake people
G - guns
H - homophobic people
I - Isis
J - jawbreakers
K - the Kardashians
L - liars
M - murderers
N - needles
O - opera music
P - phony people,pumpkin pie
Q -
R - rapists,racism
S - sushi
T - terrorists
U -
V - violence
W - war
X -
Y - yams
Z -
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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