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My friend needs conseil

Okay, this is how they put their problem:

>>>>>Yes, my précédant ex has dated a few others after me and one of them has an RL photo of her and I asked if he had seen RL her and he a dit yes and I asked about letting me see it and he a dit he had promised never to so I just told him how bummed I was and all and spoke my piece and all then she comes back madder then hell in the dms about how Im still talking to someone she told me not to, the same guy who had the photo, and how not to ask anything of hers from him and how not to send anything of hers out and how shell call the cops and is serious and all that, well I really dont see in her eyes how Im a bad friend to anyone these days and how I would repeat myself and do what I did to him, me and the guy are good Friends and all, Ugh, Im pissed and Im upset

Can toi give him some advice, please? Thanks.
 Sylvia_Puffin posted il y a plus d’un an
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TayHan13 said:
well it really confusing but... my video of any conseil that u need will release in 2014, okay?
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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