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I finally settled on a manga I want to write! Can toi please read my description?

titre = HOD (House Of Death)
Setting = 2012, Haunted Mansion
Characters = Yoshi (12), Chikako (12) Cho (12) Amaya (13) Momo (7), Arisu (died at age 16 from un-known death)

Character description = Yoshi
Age = 12
Hair Color = Green
Eye Color = Greenish-Blue
Relatives = Mom, Dad.
Friends = Chikako, Cho,Amaya,Momo.
Gender = Female

Age = 12
Hair Color = Very very blonde (looks white)
Eye Color = Graish-Blue
Relatives = Only relative mentioned is mom. We really haven't heard of any other yet.
Friends = Yoshi, Momo ,Amaya, Cho, Kiad.
Gender = Female

Age = 12
Hair Color = Goldish color hair
Eye Color = Emerald.
Relatives = Momo (little sister) mom,dad,uncle.
Friends = Yoshi, Momo Amaya, Cho, Kiad
Gender = Female

Age = 13
Hair Color = Black
Eye Color = Gray
Relatives = None presented.
Friends = Yoshi,Momo,Cho,Kaid
Gender = Female

Age = 12
Hair Color = Brown
Eye color = Bluish green
Relatives = Isao ( 14 an old brother)
Friends =Yoshi, Momo, Cho, Amaya
Gender = Female

Age = died at 16
Hair Color = Blonde
Eye Color = Unknown
Relatives = Mom, Dad, 2 little sisters
Friends = Unknown.
Gender = Female

Hair Color = Black
Eye Color = Brown
Relatives = Kida yOUNGER SISTER
AGE 14
Friends = unknown
Gender = Male

Yoshi moves into a mansion where a girl had died at age 16. No one knew how she died. The 1st night Yoshi is at her new house, she finds a strange item that might give a clue on how Arisu died.
5 young girls are set on a death mystery to find out how Arisu was killed, and how to put her at rest, along with Kiads brother, Isao.

 chillyneon posted il y a plus d’un an
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haliethefangirl said:
I l’amour it 👍
Good work

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posted il y a plus d’un an 
BeautifulBlaze said:
Goodwork, mah friend.^^ I'm looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to seeing this.
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
wantadog said:
Do it. Sounds epicly awesome!
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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