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question for school boys.

What do middle school boys wear mostly? Detailsss.

Why am I asking? My little brother's staring middle school suivant year, and I don't want him picked on like I was picked on in middle school. I know one of the main reasons he will be picked on is for the dorky clothes he wears. His wardrobe mainly consists of colored shirts that say something immature and ridiculous like, "My sister has no brain" ou "No homework, saves trees" and stuff like that. Dorky, dorky, dorky.

ANYWAY, this summer, I'll be taking him shopping for once to buy him REAL clothes. Problem is, I'm clueless. No idea what to get...
(this is one of the only websites that is working on my computer right now. this is my only option.)

So tell me, boys. What is it that makes toi not dorky? *takes out notepad and pen* lol

enjoy my bird .___.
 question for school boys.
 NoahFanNumber1 posted il y a plus d’un an
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