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How would toi deal with bullying?

It's not that i am, i'm not, but thousands of kids/teens are. And how do toi think bulling could stop? what could we/the vics do? what do the bullies get out of terrorising others? The thing with bullies is if toi stand up to them, they might beat toi up, ou bully toi even more, if toi tell someone (i.e teacher) they bully toi even more, and if toi do nothing, they just carry on, and if someone does dare to stand up for the vic, they get bullied too... so what can be done to stop them?
 Guste_LT posted il y a plus d’un an
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jedigal1990 said:
its hard to say bullying is a serious problem the problem is though i don't think authorities ex)school board, principals really get the grasp of how much damage is done and what is considered bullying. like toi a dit all ways that toi would think would help present a risk. my only thought from someone who was bullied is pretend that it doesn't bother toi they usually get bored and déplacer on ou get a big group together to stand up against the bully that way toi have power in numbers and even though toi think it might do plus harm then good always tell an adult they can take real action against them. but in my opinon bullies are pathetic its like they have to hurt others to make themselves feel better and its sick
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
I think they just find it fun to see fear in someone, they see someone's fear as a pleasure, ou amusment
Guste_LT posted il y a plus d’un an
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