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 Stalker much?
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This jeu de rôle aléatoire photo contains portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup. There might also be anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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Source: الصيانة الافضل فى مصر ترحب بكم اكبر مركز صيانة اجهزة ش
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Okay, To rejoindre just leave a link to your OC below ou just put a pic (If toi can.), Its name, and whats up with it. Read this first so toi don't get rejected!

Okie, so. your probably wondering "WHAT IS THIS ERROR THINGY?!" Well, Its a chat I made for the . { ; ERROR ; } . RP. Basically, its place for insane characters. Here's a basic description.

toi start off in hand cuffs, then your set free after a few seconds. toi are drop off in a steel room with a bunch of other crazy peeps. Your rarely feed and tested.

. * { Here are some roles . w . } * .
Basic insane class - Basically a insane person that was dropped off, nothing special.
Lone insane class - Pretty much alone in a cell, often tested and let around. They tend to have divisé, split personality's.
Guards - The people who watch over the insane peeps. Maximum number is 20.

That's all!
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