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TAIKAMODO posted on Jul 20, 2017 at 06:55PM
"A Knight. What does that mean, really? What does it entail? Are you the sword of your Kingdom, that fearlessly charges ahead into any and all opposition? Are you the shield, who remains unshaken in the face of despair, defending from any threat to the Kingdom? Do you fight to become recognized as a hero, praised by all who hear of your deeds? Or do you fight out of conviction, be it for the protection of all you hold dear or for vengeance against a foe? Do you uphold the Knight's Code, or do you reject the old ways of our ancestors and with your blade, carve your own path of Knighthood, forging your own code? A Knight. For you, what does that mean, really?"~Sir Ivan DeMoise, Third Night of The Round Table. He's quite famous, I'm sure you've heard of him. That's the speech he gives to every new generation of Squires like you, on the first day of training. Since ancient times, Humans and Draconids have battled each other as mortal enemies. Who started the conflict? Nobody knows. But for hundreds of thousands of years, these two opposing sides have been at odds. Knights, humans entrusted with Magic-the only way to harm a Draconids-are trained with the sole purpose of defending their Kingdom-be it our own Kingdom of Baratolt, or any of the other five-from Draconids, humanoid creatures capable of using extremely powerful, ancient magic, and even taking on the form of a dragon. How will you fare in this world of Knights and Dragons? Only time will tell.





Rank: (Squire, Knight, Jester, Cook, etc.)




Magic: (If any)

Weapon: (If any)

I feel like we all probably know what is or isn't okay by now, so I'll leave this blank until there's a need for it.

Baratolt is home to several powerful family lines, these are a few.

The Pendragon Family: With a history dating back to Age 147 and the emergence of Dragon Slaying Knights, the Pendragons are well known as a regal and honorable family, upholding the Code of Chivalry even after assuming the role of royalty. They were originally known as the Penn family, but became the Pendragons after becoming legendary Dragon Slayers. Now with the crown being passed down through the Pendragons, they are more respected than ever. They are commonly represented by a blue dragon curling around a white sword, with white and blue being the royal colors.

The le Fay Family: With a history dating back a bit earlier than the Pendragons(Age 100) and believed to decent from the ancient Magi tribes who were the first recorded wielders of Magic, the le Fays are a secretive, strict, and well respected family. Being regarded as a family of magic weilding prodigies, especially their famous "le Venturium"(Wind and Water) magic, the head of the le Fay family is also the representative of the Mage(Non combative practitioners of magic) population in the council, with the exception to this rule being the current advisor to the King and Knights due to the le Fay scandal. After a supposed scandal involving former family head Merlin le Fay ten years ago that led to his exile, they have lost a bit of their prestige. They are commonly represented by a purple fairy(a tribute to the signature purple eyes of le Fays) clutching a golden ring, with purple and gold being their colors.

The Lancelot Family: With a history closely intertwined with the Pendragons dating back to Age 132. The then Penn family were simply rich architects, and legend has it that the youngest daughter of the Penns, Muriel, was saved from a wild dog during a construction job by a peasant boy named Duncan Lancelot. As thanks, the Penns would hire Lancelots as Smiths and Bodyguards, a relationship that continues to this day, as the humble but well respected Lancelots are the head of both the Royal Guard and the Blacksmiths. They are known to possess a natural affinity for fire and earth/metal magic. They are commonly represented by a black hammer cloacked in red flames, with black and red as their colors.
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il y a plus d’un an Firebird06721 said…
((Gonna join for sure!! Medieval stuff happens to be a favorite of mine! So is making royalty okay? And since you mentioned the round table is this set in Camelot?))
il y a plus d’un an TAIKAMODO said…
(Royalty? Feel free. Aaaaand that's both a yes and a no. Yes, since Camelot was on my mind at the time, but no as in it's inspired by and takes from Camelot/King Arthur folklore, but this is it's own thing, if that makes any sense.)
il y a plus d’un an KayKutie13 said…

Name: Vivian Harrington

Age: 22

Gender: female


Rank: (Squire, Knight, Jester, Cook, etc.) Peasant

Personality: Quick-witted and determined

Background: Vivian admires the knights and as a kid she swore to her parents she would be one but alas she used to be a sickly girl as a child and was never deemed well enough to train like one. In stead she grew up helping her family bake bread that they sell in the market. years later she expanded and had a stall next to wear they sell bread to see flowers from her garden that she excellently cared for. The smell of her families baked goods and her fresh flowers was enough to even stop royalty in their tracks if only for a moment. When her father noticed her health improving but how broken hearted she was that most people who became knights started many many years before health improved he bought her a bow and arrow and taught her how to hunt and track despite her mothers disapproval and how she thought Vivian should be a "proper" lady. Vivian now hunts and tracks meat for the family but nothing more despite her amazing skills.

Dreams: To one day have an adventure that takes her away from her flowers and bread and allows her to be free.

Magic: (If any) none, since she is not a knight she was not gifted any magic.

Weapon: (If any) A bow and arrow thats never far from her side.
 CHARACTER SHEET Name: Vivian Harrington Age: 22 Gender: female Appearance: Rank: (
il y a plus d’un an BanetteGhosneir said…
((Quick question, what difficulty of magic? like, is it anyone can learn and use magic, years of study to cast a single fireball magic, or the kind of magic that is almost indistinguishable from regular science, but has a small difference (and is mega hard to do)))

((Is this alright? I might also make a mage to help fight Apoc))

Name: Apoc Gruan

Age: ? (estimate to be around 83-91, which is pretty old for medieval days)

Gender: Male


Apoc is quite a tall person, even a knight in full armour would still be shorter than him. an estimate for height is around 2.7m tall

Rank: Imprisoned Advisor (Explained in Bio)


Long ago, longer than you'd expect someone like this to live, Apoc was once called 'Gram'

a regular knight in training, Gram fought alongside knights of old, before the current King, he fought to protect any and all, even later in his life becoming a legend in slaying a Dragon, hence a sword and legend was named after him. 'Dragonslayer Gram'

so, how did 'Gram' become 'Apoc'?
after Gram had slain the dragon he was curious, why does everything age? why does all fall to time, except time itself? why do dragons live longer? why do turtles live longer? why do mice not live as long? Gram returned to his town, the townsfolk cheering the return of their legend, but the cheering soon after stopped, the minds of the people filled with confusion and worry as the legend Gram denounced his own knighthood, grabbed any books he possibly could, and left for unknown lands.

presumed dead, the legend of Gram continued on.

many years later, a strange new necromancer had appeared, old, powerful and wise, he was known as 'Apoc', obviously a Necromancer was a bad thing on it's own, let alone one that looks like a Lich. but Apoc, renewed with boundless knowledge of the boundary between Life and Death was not one to easily fall, knight after sorcerer after bounty hunter attempted at his life, all failed.

finally, a knight of the round table was able to incapacitate the necromancer, but instead of slaying him the knight decided the Necromancer would be more useful alive, than dead. the knight brought the Necromancer back to the castle, at first the other knights had questioned his decision to endanger their king with the presence of a Necromancer, but after talking with them, he convinced them of the Necromancer's usefulness.

now, Apoc sits in a cell within the room of the Round Table, when the great beyond is involved, the knights look to Apoc, and judge for themselves of his advice.

To roam free once more.
to visit his home.
to create a Garden, maybe an Apple garden.

pnévmamancy (Spirit-mancy)
Tyromancy (Holy magic)
Bibliomancy (can use magic in Books)
(maybe some more)

If there is a corpse on the battlefield, or an Animal nearby, Apoc prefers to resurrect the dead or control the living. (he can't control a living human, only a living animal)


"To defeat Apoc, in case he escapes, Apoc himself shall not partake in combat. he will summon champions instead to fight, there is no need to kill him yourself, merely slay whatever champion he summons, until he cannot summon more, and he will surrender to you. Apoc can not move whilst he has a summoned champion, so simply surround him and re-capture" - (the knight who captured Apoc)

Apoc is extremely close to a Lich, however, because of his ties with Heaven his soul is barred from the edge of Necromancy.
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 ((Quick question, what difficulty of magic? like, [u]is it anyone can learn and use magic[/u], [i]yea
il y a plus d’un an BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Druala 'Pyra' Kollof

Age: 34

Gender: Female

around 1.8m tall

Rank: Magical Advisor (to both the King, and the knights)


despite her appearance, Pyra has had 6 children already.

She grew up a regular peasant, but due to her father being able to read she was taught how to read and write, with this knowledge she was able to visit and talk with many scholars, asking puzzling questions and even discovering a new chemical/element. Sulphur.

after studying all she could, she had obtained a partner, one of equal knowledgeable standing, however 2 years ago they had perished. fallen to crossfire between 2 different bandit gangs.

her children have all grown up already. 2 moved away, 1 became a knight. the remainder became a farmer,
a baker and a smith.

she wishes to see her children again.
To see the King become a Legend.
To fully understand who 'Apoc' is, and what drives someone to Necromancy.

she is not fully sure of this dream, but if she did fully understand Apoc, she would want to see if Necromancy could fully bring her husband back.

pnévmamancy (Spirit-mancy)
Tyromancy (Holy magic)
Bibliomancy (can use magic in Books)
(maybe some more)

Her staff is enchanted, anyone can use it to do a sort of Flame Thrower, even if they do not know how to use magic.
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 [b]Name:[/b] Druala 'Pyra' Kollof [b]Age:[/b] 34 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Appearance:[/b]
il y a plus d’un an KayKutie13 said…
[[Super cool, Just let me know when we wanna start or wait for more people]]
il y a plus d’un an TAIKAMODO said…
(I added some lore based stuff to the OP if anyone is interested in some of the more prominent families and stuff.)

(@Banette- Magic is essentially taught to everyone in the Knighthood/Mage programs and the difficulty of it depends on the magnitude of the spell. Low magnitude spells, like a basic fireball, are commonly taught. But something like a gigantic explosion of flames would be higher magnitude, and harder to do.)

(@Kay-I was going to wait on Firebird to make her character((and make my own lol)) but SHE'S TAKING HER SWEET TIME.)
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il y a plus d’un an TAIKAMODO said…
Name: Gunther le Fay

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Relatively tall and thin compared to most, with almost colorless pale skin, neatly parted raven black hair, and piercing purple eyes. He wears a white tunic bearing the le Fay famiily crest on the back with purple, ankle length pants and knee high black boots with gold buckling.

Rank: Ex Mage//Knight In Training

Personality: Typically quiet and preferring to be alone with his books, Gunther is a calm, cool, and collected, well mannered young man with a sarcastic and egotistical side. He generally believes himself and his family to be superior to everyone else, and due to his wealth and family name, looks down on "filthy commoners". He is often found in either the public library or the private one in the Fay manor as he values knowledge and upholding tradition very highly. He despises anyone who defies traditions he deems honorable or speaks poorly of his family, and hates his father with a passion, to the point even mentioning his father will anger him.

Background: At a young age, Gunther was recognized as a prodigy even among other le Fays, able to use Magic from the age of seven. He idolized his father, Merlin, for always making people smile and being a man of peace. He would sometimes even join his father on his adventures around the Kingdom despite his mother, Morgan le Fay, being against it. Arrogant as he was, Gunther was a happy and friendly child. On the day of Merlin's trial and exile though, everything changed. Gunther noticed that less people smiled when they saw him, they spoke of his family in hushed whispers. He hated how his father's mistakes hurt everyone. But what pushed him over the edge was his mother.

After her husband's exile, Morgan slipped into a vicious cycle of depression and alcoholism, sometimes even talking her depression out on Gunther through violence, though she would apologize profusely once she sobered up. She stopped being the happy, beautiful, graceful woman he knew and Gunther decided he would murder Merlin for all that he did. Abandoning his prior position as a Mage, he used his family name to enter Knight's Training, in hopes of acquiring the strength to defeat his father.

Dreams: To kill his father assuming he isn't dead, to restore the honor of the le Fay family, and to make his mother herself again.

Magic: le Venturium, magic of wind and water.

Weapon: None preferably, as the le Fay traditionally fight with pure magic and hand to hand, but he carries a sword due to Knight training requiring it.
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il y a plus d’un an TAIKAMODO said…
Name: Leona le Fay

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: A wiry thin body and skin even paler than Gunther, Leona has the long, curly brown hair or her mother and the purple le Fay eyes. As she rarely leaves home, she typically wears a frilly purple night gown and goes barefoot, though she wears white boots when she is outdoors.

Rank: le Fay family heiress

Personality: Carefree and always smiiling. Despite her Mana poisoning making her bed ridden, she maintains a positive attitude and always wants to make others laugh. She loves to sing when her throat isn't sore and loves Jesters almost as much as she loves her brother. She's very kind and forgiving and doesn't care about her family name too much.

Background: At the age of four years old, Leona was diagnosed with Mana poisoning, which in simple terms meant her body was rejecting it's own magical energy and fighting it, despite it coming from herself. This illness made her so sick she stopped being able to do a lot of physical activity, she had to get home schooled, and her plans to become a Mage like her father had to be canceled. Despite this, Merlin would still read her bed time stories and teach her little spells like creating tiny beads of light, things she could do without hurting herself. After his exile and Morgan's drunken neglect, it fell on the housekeeper to help her.

Nowawadays Leona spends most of her time asleep, as the Mana Poisoning worsened with age. The little time she's awake she hums to herself or prays for her Dad to return home one day. She loves her brother and he visits her often, but it's just not the same without her father there too.

Dreams: To be a mage, cure her Mana poisoning, and see her Dad again.

Magic: Virtually no notable magic, though she can and loves to make shapes with light.

Weapon: n/a
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il y a plus d’un an Firebird06721 said…
((So sorry!! I was vacationing- should've told you not to wait- my bad!! I got creative with this character, so please let me know if this is okay))

Name: Aleida Pendragon (pronounced uh-lee-duh)

Age: 21

Gender: female

Appearance: (pic... minus the clothing and weird head thingy) Her lighter eye is the only physical marker of the curse

Rank: (Squire, Knight, Jester, Cook, etc.) Princess

Personality: Curious, kind, intelligent, naive

((I'm so so sorry for how long this is going to be, I was feeling creative, feel free to skim))
Aleida was conceived by a secret love affair between the queen, Queen Isadore and William Lancelot, who served the royal guard. Isadore lied to the king telling him the baby was his, and the kingdom was overjoyed. Queen Isadore had William released from the royal guard, for his own protection, and per her request he left for a nearby kingdom.
William left the day of the newborn princess's presentation, and Isadore was both heartbroken and relieved, feeling they were now both safe in her lie. However after the presentation, as the queen and Aleida's wet nurse took the baby into the nursery, they were attacked by a powerful mage who knew the truth about the child. The sorcerer took the baby from the nurse's arms, rendering the nurse unconscious, and knocking the Queen to the floor in a useless heap.
The mage said the baby was special, the offspring of both the Pendragon and Lancelot bloodlines. Then, the mage cursed the child, saying as the baby was born from both the purity of Isadore and William love, and the sinfulness of the queen's adultery, that the child would possess strong magic, and she would be capable of the greatest good and the darkest evil. The curse left Aleida with one pale eye, and the mage laid her in her crib, and escaped before the knights could arrive.
The event was kept quiet, Isadore told only her husband and the knights that had found them of the child's curse. They tried every cure to no avail, and but a week later the child's magic went out of control the first time.
The queen and told the kingdom the baby had fallen ill and died, only the king, queen, the most trusted of knights, and her nurse, knowing the truth. The king and queen had Aleida locked away in secret, where her nurse primarily raised her, knights checking in, and her mother and father visiting when they could. Three years later, the king and queen had a son, a brother that would never know he had a sister.
Aleida's nurse taught her everything a princess should know (everything she could learn in her room, that is), but Aleida was forbade from every being allowed to train her magical abilities, as her parents feared of her one day turning to necromancy, or worse.
Her strange abilities grew stronger as she grew older, her frightening outbursts increasing from one or two a year, to several every month. Over the years, when she was alone, Aleida practiced some skills in secret, and when she was 14, even began sneaking out on occasion to explore the castle.
((Finally done! If you read the whole thing hats off to ya. Ugh, the effort of creating a complex character))

Dreams: To learn how to use her powers, freedom, to hold a real sword and learn how to use it, to fall in love, and most of all to meet her brother

Magic: Since king and queen forbade magical training for Aleida, her use of any magic is self taught, many of her powers remain undiscovered and the use ones she has experimented with is weak and inconsistent. Occasionally new abilities crop up (but very rarely can she learn to control them), and she is prone to powerful magical outbursts that are accompanied by an intense migraine. She has learned to use invisibility and weak telekinesis (strange, uncommon abilities)- able lift and move very small objects, or somewhat larger ones provided she is touching it in some way (ie touching a book with a finger tip and it moves as if pulled by a string).

Weapon: None, likes to watch the knights training and imitate what they practice with the fire poker, she hopes to one day wield a real sword
 ((So sorry!! I was vacationing- should've told toi not to wait- my bad!! I got creative with this cha
il y a plus d’un an TAIKAMODO said…
(Okay?....OKAY? That was awesome! Love the backstory behind her birth, she reminds me a little bit of Elsa fom Frozen, and I don't even like Frozen and Aleida's still awesome. Plus her being Pendragon and Lancelot is perfect for an idea I had. 10/10 IGN.)
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il y a plus d’un an Firebird06721 said…
big smile
((Thank you!!!!! I'm glad that you like it!! I'm also pretty excited about playing the character... and hearing this idea of yours))
il y a plus d’un an Firebird06721 said…
((Oh and I should add just so everyone knows that I don't currently plan on making any of the characters I mentioned in the profile, so anyone feel free to have at the mage, William, Isadore, the king, and the prince if you want to. The one thing I do point out is any knight character that knows will have been a lnight for a while, new or a knight in training))
il y a plus d’un an TAIKAMODO said…
(There's a bunch of stuff I've thought of, involving the Dragons, the King, Merlin, Leona, especially Aleida now, and some other things. Explaining it all now wouldn't be fun though, so you'll hear about it once it happens. The only hint I'll give is that Leona and Aleida both have....something. And I know exactly who the Mage is.)

(I partly wanna make the Prince because I have an Idea, and the royalty may or may not be important, but I'm lazy lol.)
il y a plus d’un an TAIKAMODO said…
Name: Maximillion Pendragon

Age: 44

Gender: Male

Appearance: Shoulder length pale blonde hair, brown eyes, and fair skin.

Personality: Kind, calm and a great sense of humor.

Background: Not too much is known of King Maximillion's past. He was an excellent student and quick to master the sword. His twin brother died shortly before Max's crowning.

Dreams: Lead his Kingdom in peace.

Magic: He primarily channels raw magical energy through his sword, but is capable of light magic.

Weapon: The Dragon Slaying sword passed down through the family, Excalibur.
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il y a plus d’un an TAIKAMODO said…
Name: Isadore Pendragon

Age: 41

Gender: Female

Appearance: Brown hair, sky blue eyes, and fair skin.

Personality: Sneaky, playful, kind, intelligent, and patient.

Background: Outside of her affair, nothing eventful. She was known as a troublemaker in her younger days and often roped Maximilliion into her schemes.

Dreams: To one day cure her daughter of her curse.

Magic: Teleportation and gravity manipulation magic.

Weapon: None
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il y a plus d’un an TAIKAMODO said…
Name: Chrono Pendragon

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Blonde hair like his father and blue eyes like his mother, freckles, and fair skin.

Personality: Playful and sneaky like his mother, but not quite as book smart.

Background: Hailed as a miracle child after his older sister's death and being the only son of royalty, it would make sense for him to be arrogant or rude, but he never cared too much about status. He was always going out to play with all the other kids, went to public school, and more or less grew up as a normal kid. He would always hang around the librar looking at maps, as the world always fascinated him.

Dreams: To travel the world.

Magic: Teleportation and gravity manipulation magic.

Weapon: A sword.
il y a plus d’un an Firebird06721 said…
(Haha I know but I can't wait to start and find out. I lovvveee all these characters btw. I grinned like an idiot when I read Isadore's bc it's exactly what I had in my head, down to the appearance)
il y a plus d’un an BanetteGhosneir said…
((Is it alright If i create a Draconid?))

Name: Vik

Age: 131~136

Gender: Female

underneath her armour, much like a regular Draconid, she has scales in certain areas.
» Neck is scale-covered
» Fingertips to wrists is scale-covered
» Pelvis is scale-covered
» Toes to Shins are scale-covered
» The line of her spine from her tail (pelvis) to the neck is scale-covered

not very large in Human form, about 1.5m tall.
link About 60m tall (about the size of Smoug from Lord of the Rings)

Rank: None. she is a lone wanderer.


((BTW, I want to have some context, are Draconids born from an Egg, or live young? (or both, since both human and dragon form?))

to start off with, we'll need to explain something.

Draconids, much like humans, have their own sort of 'race' system, whilst Humans have white, black, yellow, ect. Draconids have different regions of races. Vik is a Volcanic Draconid, being born in a Volcano she was born and raised having an inept resistance to fire and all heat sources, with great potential for Fire and Earth magics. other Draconids, such as Arctic, would have a better sense for Water and Ice magic. the same for Atmospheric Draconids, born on mountain tops and clouds, they have a higher sense for Air and weather based magic (like lightning)

Vik, unlike her fiery brethren, wandered outside of the Volcano more often than normal, enjoying the tranquility of the forest, her innate sense with nature became stronger than her Draconid brethren, and within the whispers of the forest she learnt Herbomancy, not ancient, just regular.

it was far later into her life, around the age of 34, where her elders explained that Draconids can learn past, ancient magics with the use of their DNA, all ancient magic is encoded within their blood, and once a Draconid learns a regular magic, they can meditate to learn it's ancient variant. it took 6 years for Vik to get the hang of it, it took much longer than a regular Draconid, but she eventually understood how to do it.

she then wondered... she could wander the land, search for other Draconids, or even ask humans to learn their magics, to learn their ancient variants.

aged 76 now, Vik had experienced many of the world, but still had bad luck finding other races of Draconids... until she climbed a mountain. atop she found a monastery, a church. inside was countless humans, all of whom turn to see Vik, and quickly fell to their knees. she was confused, the humans had a look of fear, but a small hint of hope... she told them she was not here to harm anyone.

the humans all rose, and continued about their business, praying, reading, moving around. further within, Vik encountered a Herbolic Draconid, it was the first other species she had found, she was overjoyed. but to her dismay, she had already learnt A.Herbomancy, but the Draconid knew Tyromancy, and was able to teach her not only the normal variant, but also it's ancient variant.

far later in her life, around now actually. she ended up in these lands. hoping to find some Terra Draconids, as they had a certain type of Magic that Volcanic ones did not have.


To discover more Draconids, and more Draconid magic.
To discover the source of her species.

Magic: - "extremely powerful, ancient magic"?

» Ancient Dracomancy - A type of magic known only to Draconids, this magic is known by birth. it allows Draconids to change between Human form and Dragon form.
» Ancient Pyromancy - Special type of Pyromancy, this blue flame is powerful enough to carbonise cells, if you ever see a purple or blue forest fire... that forest will never again flourish. (and a dragon is likely nearby)
» Ancient Terramancy - Only usable in Dragon form, allows movement and change of large areas of Terrain, however, it is a well known fact that this is draining apon a Dragon. and is rarely used. it's useful, but also dangerous to all parties involved.
» Ancient Aeromancy - this has 2 types.
»» Ancient Aeromania - Usable only in Dragon Form, this type is what allows a Dragon to fly, despite it's body size/weight in comparison to it's wings.
»» Ancient Aeromaria - Usable only in Human Form, this type is a much more powerful version of the regular Aeromancy.
» Ancient Herbomancy - Draconids are creatures of nature, they have an innate relationship with Nature, and hence can use it's natural magic.
» Ancient Tyromancy - Ancient variant of Holy Magic, much more capable of connecting the realm of heaven and earth, unique to this magic only, an link can be summoned for 60 seconds, this greatly drains the user however.

Her weapon is her Dragon-metal sword (Dragonmetal is Molten-magma, Diamond and Dragon Bones + Scales, forged into a compound type of metal) This weapon is highly conductive of Magic, magic used through it multiplies. however, ANYONE can use it. not just Draconids.

it's name is Κήπος (Kipos) meaning Garden.
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 ((Is it alright If i create a Draconid?)) [b]Name:[/b] Vik [b]Age:[/b] 131~136 [b]Gender:[/b
il y a plus d’un an grey_skies said…
(can i join??)
il y a plus d’un an Firebird06721 said…
(Can you join a rp that hasn't even started yet? Um, yeah, I'd say so lol) 😂😂
il y a plus d’un an grey_skies said…
NAME: Cedric Lancelot

AGE: 19


APPEARANCE: Tall, muscular build. Short cut, messy brown hair. Brown eyes, olive skin.

RANK: Knight in training

PERSONALITY: Driven and cold, shut off from emotions. Focused on training to become the best knight he can be.

BACKGROUND: When Cedric was 17, his dad died in a battle. His mother shut him out because he "reminded her too much of his father". Because of this neglect, he became cold and seemingly emotionless for fear of rejection. When he was younger, his best friend died in a freak accident that his parents never explained to him, causing him to be wary of growing close to people. Being an only child, he put pressure on himself from a young age to make his parents proud, and with his dad dead, that is more important to him than ever. Cedric beats himself up severely when he fails, under the impression that he let his parent down.

DREAMS: To make his parents proud, to be the best knight he can be.

MAGIC: Fire control


(I REALLY LIKE THIS IDEA OKAY but Taik let me know if anything needs changed or if you just want to discard the character altogether, like that's chill too. Also, would you be okay with me adding another le Fay heir, or do you want to keep it as just Leona and Gunther?)
il y a plus d’un an -Universe_COLA- said…
((Imma join :D))
il y a plus d’un an KayKutie13 said…
((This is getting big fast. I absolutely love it. I may need to create another character))
il y a plus d’un an Firebird06721 said…
((Ikr!!! I might too but I'm sticking to one for now, hope taik will get here soon to start things up I'm getting antsy))
il y a plus d’un an -Universe_COLA- said…
Name: Weiss Altrocolus
Pronunciation: Wēss Al-troc-o-lus

Age: 21

Gender: Male

•Short black hair (almost shoulder length)
•Silver-blue eyes
•Slightly pale skin complexion
•5 ft 7 inches tall
•Lean but exceptionally fit

Rank: Squire

°Adventurous, Headstrong, Determined:
Weiss is often the individual that loves to go traveling far in search of new things such as sights and knowledge. As a child he would venture off to discover things that were new to him at the time. During those periods of time that he disappeared to go on these mini adventures, he'd end up climbing constructs to catch glimpses of different views and scenery, which later led to him learning how to rock climb without the guidance of anyone else. And this would lead to him venturing through caves and other places just out of curiosity, sometimes finding himself in danger. He was told a lot while growing up that he gets the habit from his mother.
He is also known to be very stubborn at times, another trait that was said to be inherited from his mother. Due to the fact that he has an older sister, Fallon, (whom he doesn't know about and instead thinks that she is only his mentor) that outclasses him in every respective manner, Weiss constantly feels as if he has something​ to prove. There are times where he won't be willing to accept help from any other individual if he feels that there's something he has to do himself. If there is something that he has his mind made up on, there's rarely an occasion where he will change it.
°Arrogant, Naive, Reckless:
Weiss has a tendency of picking fights with people who are deemed to be out of his league, especially when it comes to his mentor/older sibling. When he gets the upper hand in sparring matches or fights, he lets his guard down, something that his older sibling constantly gets onto him about.
Being that he is both kind-hearted and empathetic, he believes that everyone deserves a second chance as long as they are able to learn and repent.
Whether from anger or excitement, Weiss tends to jump directly into the heat of things and act off of instinct rather than taking the time to come up with a plan.
°Visually Observation​al, Dutiful, Loyal:
Despite the rather reckless behavior that he can display sometimes, Weiss makes up for it with his sense of visual observation, being able to learn things visually faster than others and catch on to reoccurring actions.
Weiss has somewhat of a sense of honor when it comes to the goals of his duty as an upcoming knight, as well as his morality as an individual.
If he makes a promise he's bound to keep it. If he befriends someone, he expects to be able to trust them as much as he would like to be trusted. He doesn't take betrayal lightly.

Weiss doesn't remember much of his early childhood, but for as long as he could remember he had always felt as if he were... different​. Growing up an orphan he was often given strange sympathetic looks from the head of the house and be picked on by the other orphans.

((SCREW THIS xD I'll just add it as I go lol))

Dreams: To become a better knight than his mentor/sister, and to become a legend like the knights that he looked up to. ((Temporary))

Magic: Though he isn't as credible as his sister at using magic at his disposal and seems to lack the ability to project elemental attacks, Weiss excels greatly in Mana Manipulation, and seems to have an abnormal abundance of dormant/passive magic potential within him. Using Mana Manipulation, he is able to disperse a barrier of aura that surrounds his body like an outline and can be used as a means of defense against physical and magic damage. He is able to increase and decrease the amount of Mana being used at will. He is also able to channel Mana into his blade to increase raw physical offensive power.

Weiss posseses a weapon of osmium, loadstone, molten dragon claws, and pure tungsten as well as bronze, all forged into the form of a lengthy blade that had been forged within volcanic heat. The sword had been forged by his grandfather and is known as Slávne Ráno (The Glorious Morning). The blade itself holds a mysterious essence to it, and only seems to be compatible with Weiss's Mana source.
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 [b]Name[/b]: Weiss Altrocolus Pronunciation: Wēss Al-troc-o-lus [b]Age[/b]: 21 [b]Gender[/b]:
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Also, I'll probably have about two or three more characters.))
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(I could join up, if you guys would have me? Whatever kind of character is needed, I can portray, I.E. Support, Antagonist, etc...)
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NAME: Arabella le Fay

AGE: 17

GENDER: female

APPEARANCE: average height, slim figure, fair skin. straight black hair and purple eyes. she wears a light purple dress and a gold ring that belonged to her mother

RANK: le Fay family heiress

PERSONALITY: a usually caring an compassionate girl. she took her mothers abusiveness hard, and often shuts out her siblings from any sense of emotion.

BACKGROUND: Arabella grew up very close to her mother and was devastated when her mother starting going downhill. Arabella was extremely close with her siblings growing up, but has since grown distant from them in a personal way; she still talks to both of them frequently.

DREAMS: To support her family in the best way possible; to not turn into her mother

MAGIC: water, however she has not trained with it and can not control it well

WEAPON: none
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Name: Fallon Altrocolus
pronunciation: Fal-un Al-troc-o-lus

Age: 37

Gender: Female

•Stringy blonde hair that almost reaches her lower back
•Dark blue eyes
•Fair skin complexion, vaguely pale
•5 ft 8 inches tall, (roughly 1.8 meters?)
•Exceptionally fit, toned lean muscle

Rank: Knight Commander

°Stern, Formal, Prideful
Fallon acts in an aristocratic manner and rarely smiles. She always seems serene and apathetic towards other people including her own brother, even while actually deeply conflicted. Fallon is notably calm, even in battle and generally acts indifferent, bordering on arrogance, to most situations she is faced with and isn't above mocking her opponents while keeping an expressionless face.
When she speaks to individuals, she usually addresses them by their full name or just their last names.
She strongly believes in law and order, and takes great pride in her knighthood. She feels that if someone in her position does not set the example, no one else will, and to maintain the order, all who oppose or betray the king must be punished, even if it goes against her own wishes.
The wrath of her strict manner has been spoken of among knights every so often that of course she is liable to be well recognized among other knights. Weiss himself has fell victim to her sternness numerous times whether through her training or in general.

°Perceptive, Noble, Remorseless
Fallon is very perceptive, fully aware of the limits of her abilities, and anything she states in comparison to an opponent is usually justified. Her sharp senses and reflexes are only the beginning of what she has accomplished. This trait has allowed her to master her use of magic earlier than some of her fellow knights.
Being the knight that she is, Fallon bares a sense of nobility and has high morale principles that followed after her father's. She is staunchly loyal and unwavering in beliefs of following orders. In the​ same instance, she lacks the remorse towards any and all enemies and therefore comes off as cold.

°Mildly Hot-Headed, Dedicated
Despite her calm and apathetic demeanor, Fallon is more than fully capable of having a temper, though it rarely reaches the point where it is shown physically due to her own amount of self-control, something she stresses to Weiss constantly. However, her anger is displayed differently in battle, usually by the force she strikes with and how reckless she gets depending on her level of frustration.
Fallon is also a person of incredible resolve, not hesitating to do whatever it takes to complete a task and defeat her enemy.

Fallon grew up on the outskirts of Baratolt close to the vicinity of a few farms where she lived for the first 8 years of her life. Ever since the early age of 5 years old, Fallon had always had an interest in knights and swords. This interest developed for the first time when she witnessed a band of knights heading through town while she and her parents were picking up groceries from the markets. Witnessing the glinting specs of shine that their armor produced while they passed them by had brought a sense of awe to the child, especially when she would hear the familiar sounds of steel against steel in the distance while at home. Her father, Odius Altrocolus, was a talented and experienced smith, so she always had the opportunity to hear a similar sound which in turn, ended up drawing her closer to wielding a blade herself..

At the age of 8 years old, Fallon displayed her first use of magic during a sudden burst of anxiety, which resulted in the destruction of their home and the attraction of unwanted attention. Around this time, Fallon's mother, Opal Altrocolus, was a Magical Advisor. After this incident, Fallon was put under the surveillance of a knight, much to Opal's dismay, until she was able to learn how to control her magic under the guidance of her mother. By the time she reached the age of 14, the advances that she made towards the more difficult magic had increased immensely.

At the age of 14 was also the first time she had met her grandfather Ossius Altrocolus, a former knight and a highly respected blacksmith across the lands for his work. On the day he had visited was the day that her mother gave birth to her younger sibling, Weiss. It was from that day forward that her grandfather started visiting a lot more often. It was from him that she learned the basics of using a sword and learned a bit more about magic. He would tell her stories of the many adventures of his life and she would sit cross legged on the ground, intrigued and excited to hear more. But what she was never told of was the potential danger that they were in.

And it was Weiss's first birthday that it happened. They were attacked by a mage that meddled in the arts of black magic, one who had come to steal an artifact that belonged to Ossius. The altercation escalated just as quickly as it started, and during the attack, Fallon tried to help fend off the attacker. But she was quickly shooed out of danger while being told to get her sibling and escape. However, during her attempt to do so she and her brother were caught within the crossfire, and Weiss was struck in the chest by a curse spell that had been deflected.
That day, she had thought that everything that she held dear had been taken from her. Her parents. Her grandparent. Her brother. But right when she had lost all hope, she heard his cry. Knights came to the scene, and once things had gotten situated days later and it was concluded that they were nursed back into good health, she and her brother were placed under the care of an orphanage until she would be old enough to take care of Weiss on her own.
But as time passed, she found herself putting some of the blame for the death of their loved ones on Weiss in order to cope, coming to the conclusion that if he had never been born, she would have been able to help their parents instead of running off with him. She began to develop a silent hatred towards her younger sibling. In the​ end, she left the orphanage in order to become a knight and find the one who was responsible for what happened, leaving Weiss behind to grow up without her or any knowledge of what happened.

12 years later, she returned to the orphanage as a mere shadow of who she once was. Now a Knight Lieutenant, her sudden reappearance startled the household owner of the orphanage, and at one point she was almost neglected access to seeing Weiss, who was 13 at the time. A boy who had no memory of who she was. When she had laid her eyes on her brother after 12 entire years, she was instantly reminded of the tragedy of twelve years ago. The boy reminded her of her father, for there identical features couldn't be mistaken. Within the eyes of the child see saw pain. But also will. She saw confusion, but excitement. But something she found particularly odd was that his hair was a pitch black, unlike hers, their parents, and their grandfather who all had blonde hair or close to it. However she brushed it off as minor. Her intentions were to just check on the boy and leave, but against her original plan of action, she took Weiss in and later started teaching him how to fight. And from there, she watched him grow. Not as his sister, but as merely a mentor and a caretaker. She has yet to even mention the connection that they both have to him to this day.

Dreams: To slaughter the person who killed her parents, sworn on her honor as a knight.

•Minor Aeromancy (Control over air)
•Armament Projection: This is a combination magic of armament magic and projection, allowing her to manifest physical​ constructs of giant portions of armor. (For example: She can summon a giant blade wielding arm of armor to her side that can move in sync with her movements.)

Fallon's weapon is a spear tipped glaive that she calls Desgraçado (Bastard), which is able to deflect magic attacks to a certain extent (depending on how powerful the caster of the ability is.)
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 [b]Name[/b]: Fallon Altrocolus pronunciation: Fal-un Al-troc-o-lus [b]Age[/b]: 37 [b]Gender[/b
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NAME: Kahlan Emor (Kay-lyn

AGE: 20

GENDER: Female

APPEARANCE: long raven hair (usually kept in a Dutch braid down the back), light skin, grey eyes, muscular frame

RANK: Squire

PERSONALITY: Bold, determined, driven, competive, good instincts, follows her conscience above anything else- except maybe self preservation

BACKGROUND: Kahlan grew up on a poor farm, the youngest child of Moira and Bairdrick Emor. It was late in life for her parents to have another child, and her brothers 8 and 10 at the time she was born. Growing older her parents found it difficult to raise their bold and daring daughter, but they remained patient and kind. Her oldest brother Cedric, became a carpenter, and once he made his baby sister a wooden toy sword, which she immediately adored. It never left her side, her brother teaching her how to fight with it. Even from a young age, Kahlan longed for more than her simple, rural home. She wanted her life to be big and busy, and she often dreamed of what the heart of the kingdom must be like. However as her parents grew older, her help was needed to maintain the farm.

When Kahlan was 16, her mother fell ill and died. Only six months later her father went too, everyone said it was grief that killed him. The responsibility fell on her to take care of the farm. Not a week passed before Kahlan realized she couldn't do it. She sold the farm and taking the money she got for it she traveled to the heart of the kingdom to train and become a knight so her life could mean something. Her drive and determination made her a promising candidate, she would not accept failure, and is close now to completing her training.

DREAMS: To be regarded as a great knight, to have a life that means something to the kingdom

MAGIC: Shifter's Magic (shapeshifting)- she can only shift into animals or humanoids, and the more different from her natural form, the more difficult and less stable the shift. For example a deer, which is relatively close in size to a human is much easier than an elephant or fly, which she currently too different for her to turn into at all. When appearing as people she embodies their physical traits perfectly, but none of their knowledge. This applies to skill too a natural skill like if the person can cross their eyes she can too in that form. But a skill that takes training, like juggling she can't do. And none of the magical qualities transfer either.

WEAPON: The standard sword in too lazy to name
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((Felt the need for a knight character- I'll start tomorrow if no one has by then))
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((I guess I'll start.))

Apoc's breath huffed out a thin film of mist, even though the room was quite warm, it being midday in summer. Apoc's breath always appeared to be smoke, as always, day or night, he stood up straight behind his enchanted bars, the hallway leading to a small bit of stairs to the King's throne shined infront of his cell. the red carpet, marble pillars and floor, and even the guards wearing white-shined armour out of reach outside the bars of his prison. he loomed tall over the two guards just outside his arm's reach from the thin twin poles that bar off his freedom....

he breathed again...

Apoc breathed once every minute. almost as if he had no need for it at all. the guards near his cell with each breath feeling more and more unnerved.

clik clak clik clak clik clak

a familiar sound to Apoc, the fiery advisor coming once again to check on Apoc.
the claking stopped once she was standing in front of his cell, once again just out of reach. she looked up at the towering giant.

"Still here, Lich?"
he breathed in response

she was satisfied with the response. it meant the 'Lich' was still awake. the Advisor returned to the side of the throne. and waited.

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"How inadequate. It seems that you are rather fond of regressing rather than the opposite. The fact that you still are only capable of conjuring such a feeble barrier only furthers my perception." Fallon's​ cold blue eyes stared down at Weiss, the keen point of her glaive aimed down at her student's heart. Stray strands of silken blonde dangled rebelliously over her brows while the rest of her lengthy hair remained tied back. She spoke with a voice of iron that lacked sympathy. "One hundred and eighty three times, could thy soul hath been reaped, and thy life sown by Desgraçado, child. If this is all you have to display after a decade's worth then prepare yourself for failure." Her words to the young squire were nearly venomous, her scowl like sickles of ice.

Weiss grimaced as he laid there on the ground, black hair riddled with dirt and his clothes tattered under his enchanted training armor that allowed them spar at a slightly more... extreme fashion. Or as said to him by Fallon, for his safety, though he could still feel the blunt force behind magic attacks and jousting from her glaive. But despite this, the eyes that stared back were bold. A smirk came across the young lad's face. "That's less than before though, right? Come on, admit it already. You've been underestimating me for so long that you can't see my progress."

Fallon's eyes narrowed at these words, her arm pulling back and then pushing forward, the edge of her blade missing the young man's face by inches and cutting through the ground with ease as it was stabbed into the earth. "If this were to be a real battle, you would have been dead regardless. Know your place."

The young squire had drawn in a silent but sharp breath when the blade struck the ground. But at the woman's words, the young squire looked away for a moment, muttering to himself as the glaive was removed from the earth, allowing him to sit up. He looked at the battered leather gauntlets that covered his hands​ with furrowed brows, his fingers curling and closing them into fists second later. He looked over to his blade, Slávne Ráno, who had been disarmed from him, and he grabbed its hilt and picked himself up. "Then I'll just have to find a way to get the upper hand then right?" He questioned, putting up his guard. "Another bout then."

"Arrogance at its finest," Fallon responded dismissively, "Are you expecting me to entertain your foolishness?"

Weiss grinned a little as he nudged onwards. "Aaah, so you can get scared. Isn't it you who's always rebuking cowardly acts?"

"Don't make the mistake of having me end your life, boy. That enchantment can only endure so much." Fallon retorted bluntly. "Perhaps I should show you the vast difference between you and I." Just as she prepared to attempt to humiliate the boy, the bell of a cathedral not to far off from their training grounds rung. She lowered her weapon. "It seems that Tyche has you in her graces."

"Heh, excuses." Weiss commented stubbornly, hoping that she would reconsider.

The Knight Commander ignored the young squire's remark and instead continued speaking as if he hadn't said anything at all. "Come, sheathe your blade and gather your belongings, we have matters to attend to elsewhere."
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Two very focused eyes watched as the minute hand of an ornate gold table clock clicked neatly into place. The one of a kind pair of eyes belonged to Aleida Pendragon. The metallic tick of the clock hand summoned up a warm smile, which spread across the girl's face. The time was 12:15 p.m.- such a seemingly insignificant time. A time which to Aleida, signaled absolutely nothing, in fact, nearly two hours and forty-five minutes of nothing. But what it really meant to her was nearly three hours, that no one would be checking to see where she was. It meant she had, being safe, two hours of escape.

Contrary to what one might thing, Aleida had never held any resentment at her parents for the way they kept her locked away. She had never known any other way of life, so while she often dreamed of a freer life, it didn't feel as though anyone had taken anything from her. Perhaps with too much blind faith in her parents, Aleida rarely questioned her parents decision to keep her away from the kingdom. Despite treating her with love, they had raised her to think she was a danger. However, Aleida did wish they'd given her a chance to use her abilities, she wanted to be in control of them. If she was the one in control, she could use her powers for good, not the evil her parents feared. It was their lack of faith in her that lead to her doubt in them. It was that doubt that drove her out of her chambers the first time, a taste of freedom that drive her out again and again with a hunger for more.

Aleida placed her palm on the locking mechanism that held her bedroom door shut. Concentrating with a calm and stable focus, Aleida's magic sprung the lock open. Closing her eyes she let the force of her invisibility envelop her, as she stepped through the doorway of her room. Walking down a corridor, she came to another locked door. Aleida pressed her ear this door first, listening for the silent lack of footsteps before pulling the same trick. Relieved to see the halls empty, this one she re-locked from the outside. Luckily Aleida's room wasn't guarded except for at night. Having the room guarded throughout the day would require letting more in on the secret, something the king and queen had decided against. Through the night, it was guarded only by the most trusted of knights- those who either knew, or could be counted upon not to spread news of the strange assignment, and not ask questions.

A still invisible Aleida headed for the library, one her favorite places in the castle she'd been able to see on her secret trips so far. Aleida loved books, anabolic even if she couldn't read for the sake of being spotted, she enjoyed being surrounded by them. The library was vast and open, the walls and ceilings were covered in the most beautiful artwork, and every piece of furniture was exquisitely crafted. No matter how many times she visited, walking through the library took Aleida's breath away.

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Apoc's breath stopped... normally, this wouldn't be unusual, but it started to be strange when Apoc didn't exhale in a minute... 2 minutes... 5 minutes... time kept passing and he still didn't exhale, the two guards now looking between Apoc, and eachother, confusion blatant apon their face.

Apoc held his breath, for far, far across the hallway of his cage, down the corridor, past the open chamber of the king's throne, through the corridor on the other side, he spied a little soul.

not the physical form of a being, but the invisible soul of a small child... but something was... pulsing... power Apoc had seen only a few times before. the child's soul, pulsed with power, more than half that of a Dragon's. and plenty of room to grow.

Apoc exhaled. a large plume of the icy mist of his breathe descended heavily to the floor, his cell and even a small area of the corridor had its floor hidden by an eerie pale foam of mist.

Apoc whispered.

the guards were confused, but more on guard.


A sword of great metal smashed a large angry boar into the earth, shattering and cracking the ground nearby, causing it to surge upward, creating earth-made spikes with grass atop pointing skyward, the boar itself now nothing but a pile of smashed up organs, bones and a large cloud of red mist. the wielder opened her mouth to release a unique blue flame, cleaning herself of the red droplets.

the sword sheathed quietly into it's scabbard, nearby a group of scared humans looked onto the wielder with a look of great fright. the wielder sighed, the humans now surrounded by corpse after corpse of dead wild boar. the wielder climbed out of the crevice of cracked spiked rock she had made, moving closer to the group. they huddled closer together, fearing for their lives. the wielder stopped just a meter short.

"Hail, humans... by chance, does't any of thy know Μαγεία?(Ma-geí-a)"
the group of humans, still cowering in fear, had a quizzed look apon their faces. the wielder spoke again.
"Magic, does't thy know Magics?"

the group all looked at eachother, one of the group stepped out from the huddle, carefully not looking the wielder directly in the eyes, for fear of having their soul rendered.
"n-no, Ma'am, we are p-p-petty farmers, none know Magics h-here"

the wielder nodded. the response was enough.
"Αντιο σας(Ant-io sa-ss)"
the wielder replied, turning away from the group, walking toward the hillside.
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This was beautiful and frightening and like ahhh so cool il y a plus d’un an
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Vivian had woken up early, a night full of tossing and turning shot her awake minutes before the sun would begin to rise. No nightmare caused this though, a dream did, a wonderful and adventurous dream that had her on horse back to far off places, running wild with the animals of the forest, greeting nobleman as if she herself were royalty and rescuing those in need. When mornings like this occurred Vivian used it as practice time. Time with her bow free from her mother's nagging and her younger brother's winning about how its not fair he couldn't shoot like her.

Alone in the wood she shot and shot and shot again. each time faster, each time better. When she was tired of shooting through leaves and logs she discovered some rabbits passing by. A twinge at her heart strings for even though would hunt for her family she was still an animal lover by heart. A small rabbit would be good practice however and while he family wasn't completely put of meat it would help keep up their stock so she wouldn't have to spend hours hunting bigger game soon. Upon deciding her killing wouldn't be senseless she drew back her bow. One breath in, one breath out. 'Steady as she goes' she thought to herself. Her eyes steady on her prize.


Her arrow twirled through the air as if it was a work of art she hand crafted with love. What she hadn't counted was hitting two rabbits at once. a miscalculation of rabbit placement on her part. While the other disbursed quickly she trotted over to her kill and bent down with closed eyes "May the only bad day you had be today, thank you for all that you give." She picked her her two rabbits and for the first time noticed how bright it had become outside "The market!" She hurried back to her home stopping only to pick up loose arrows. Upon arriving home she tossed her two rabbits at her younger brother and sister. "No time, please clean" she huffed out of breath. Her brother excitedly took the rabbits, not like he was a demented boy just a boy who well, enjoyed cooked rabbit just a little too much.

"Mother is going to be so mad at you"Stated her younger sister with rolling eyes. Her prefect golden blonde curls bouncing around her. Vivian mocked her younger sister under her breath as she ran towards the market. She ripped her hair out of its messy braid and let the waves cascade around her in an attempt to not look like she had just came from the wild.

She took her place at the flower stall next to her families bread stall after kissing her disapproving mother on the check. Her mother could never stay mad at her. She set up beautiful arrangements and waited for the customers.

Upon inhaling deeply she took in the fresh scent of roses and lilac along with warm wafts of freshly cooked dough and smiled. Even through re=he familiar smell in the air she could tell something was different, change was in the air, she could feel it in her bones, and it made her smile.
il y a plus d’un an -Universe_COLA- said…
Name: The Wandering Duke

Age: Unknown

Gender: Supposed Male

• Lengthy limbs
• Long and curving horns that looks similar to a celtic horseshoe that leads to devastatingly sharp points.
• It's face lacks facial features and has a solid but rubbery surface.
• Stands at 6 ft 8 inches (about 2.030 meters) with broad fragile appearing shoulders
• Vaguely exposed ribcage and a long stomach section.
• Jagged elbows and knees
• It's usually sighted surrounded by a musty dead mist that drifts along with it.

Rank: Said to be a former Duke of Riches turned Necromancer.

______________[Personality (Traits)]________________
• It is a voracious and cruel being who seeks to devour the magic of anything teeming with life and cares nothing for anything else. The Duke will consume any and everything in its path; however, despite being able to consume in many differing ways, it has a preferred method of consuming its prey: by inducing extreme fear into its victim to pinnacle points and cornering them until all hope is lost. Only at this point will it consume its victims, signifying that it has some means of intelligence.
• It isn't known to retain any traces of its former self, and is thought to be prone to only vicious and hostile instinct since it isn't exactly able to speak properly, only let out half words and grunts in a broken song of groans.
• Moves stiffly slow as if it were just wandering around aimlessly from place to place, village after village without remorse. In other cases, it has been known to be more aggressive.

Not much is known. But a story once was told of a man said to have had enough riches to fuel a kingdom. A fragile man who's heart laid pasted to his sleeve. A man who's grand kindness was constantly misjudged for weakness. A story of a man who's heart of gold was stained with corruption and consumed by the dark arts in which he sought power from.

Dreams: N/A


Torture/Fear Inducement
The Duke can induce torture onto individuals with illusions and twisting thoughts of the past and present. It may be induced to all degrees of intensity, from mild to unbearable to full-on physical suffering. This power is mostly used with illusions. The scale of this power can vary from a single person to a population, the time can also vary from few minutes to eternity. With it's use of wicked magic, it is also able to torment their victims mentally, emotionally, physically and to some degree even spiritually.

Illusionary Magic
The ability to create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are.

- Life force absorption
The ability to absorb life-force/energy, vitality and health, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently.

The Duke's horns could be considered as extremely dangerous weapons. ((Future hint ;P))

While it doesn't wield any other physical weapon, it's frail appearance definitely shouldn't be taken lightly.

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 [b]Name[/b]: The Wandering Duke [B]Age[/b]: Unknown [B]Gender[/b]: Supposed Male [B]________
BanetteGhosneir commented…
Glorious! someone fell to Necromancy! >:D sadly they didn't become a Lich, but meh, a demon is close enough i guess. il y a plus d’un an
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Thank you! :D I'm hoping to get him involved sometime after all of our characters get around to interacting​. I have so many ideas for this XD il y a plus d’un an
Firebird06721 commented…
I'm am soooooo excited to see toi in action with this!! Such an amazing character il y a plus d’un an
Firebird06721 commented…
I'm am soooooo excited to see toi in action with this!! Such an amazing character il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Firebird06721 said…
A misty fog poured onto the floor of the grand library, sweeping past Aleida's ankles and slowly gathering around her. The cursed girl was admired the artwork on the ceiling, a painting of cherub's peaking out of fluffy white clouds, meant to portray the heavens. When she finally looked down and noticed, it was up to her knees.
Her jaw fell open, but the girl produced no sound. As the mist swirled upward around her she was put into a state of trance, not speaking, not moving, not even blinking. As it climbed to her shoulders she could hear soft, hoarse whispers. Slowly, the icy mist enveloped her.
Suddenly Aleida felt a dramatic plunge in the temperature. With a quiet gasp, she snapped out of her trance, and the mist quickly faded away.
BanetteGhosneir commented…
Is the misty Fog Apoc's doing? ou is that something else? il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an -Universe_COLA- said…
Name: Lois Beustachian [Byōō-stāSH(ē)ən]

Age: 24

Gender: Female

• Turquoise Hair that reaches passed her shoulder.
• Petite yet curvey frame
• Violet Purple Eyes
• 5 ft 5 (1.651 meters, 1.7 meters when rounded
• Fair skin

Rank: Heir to Cursed Blood (will be explained)

One major point to note when it comes to Lois's personality is that it has been severed into two due to reasons that will be revealed. This other half of Lois's person calls itself Eht Hcil (pronunciation: Et (H)sēēl), also referred to as έδαφος (Édafos), or Soil.

• Lois is a shy and reserved person at times, and usually tries to spend time reading books, mostly novels and from time to time poetry. She is extremely gentle and appears to try to be optimistic most of the time. She is a self-contained and good-natured individual that isn't too fond of violence, but understands when it is needed. Being that she's constantly in a situation in which she wants as little confrontation as possible, she tries to avoid contact with people if it's unnecessary. But when she does, she's kind and tries to give respect where it's due.
With that being said, this does not mean she isn't capable of being assertive, and sometimes holds quite the wit.
However, there is much more beneath the surface, for underneath the surface of each gentle smile lies chaos and struggle, and through her veins flows cursed and wicked blood. Knowing this, she is fearful and can result in anxiousness when around too much hostility.

•έδαφος (Édafos) is the result of torture, the dark arts, and failed human transmutation manifesting itself as a curse. Édafos is what brings stress to Lois as she almost constantly has to be enough on guard to keep her split personality in check, though Eht Hcil has been known to overcome her attempts when times are dire.
Eht Hcil is typically almost a completely different entity that is capable of possessing Lois through bonds of blood, and reflects all of Lois's negative emotions. She is brutal, arrogant, disrespectful, and overall feral. She specializes in carnage and is more liable to use brute force in barbaric fashions. Her intentions are to take control over Lois's body and become the dominant personality due to her refusal to put up with Lois's softness of constantly fleeing while being pursued instead of slaughtering their pursuers, which she believes will eventually result in them both being killed. She also occasionally makes attempts at tempting Lois to "let her out" to deal with confliction based situations by means of violence. Eht is also fond of discouraging Lois every chance she gets, trying to further break her mentally.
But there are also times where Eht tells Lois what needs to be heard no matter how harsh, not that she would care to any greater extent.
Note: When Eht is able to seize control, the dark magic that her freedom emits causes alterations in Lois's appearance, such as pale shade of decaying blue flesh and exposed teeth.


Entry 56 of Cedric Hoffliaer's Journal 24 years ago:

March 5th

"There has been a halting difficulty in our work, for the catalyst of our research and experimentation has given us profound results. Instead of producing the initial one offspring as planned, we've managed to receive three candidates for the heir, two in which are female and one male. The preparations for the traditional ritual can now commence and carry on as planned. Word of this news will surely bode well with Lord Beustachian."

On March 5th (of year whatever xD), three unnamed children were born into the world. Triplets. Though it was rather unexpected, all three were deemed candidates to a forgotten bloodline of royalty that was casted from it's kingdom due to their rather disturbing affairs in black magic. But I don't think that it would be appropriate to continue without giving insight on who the Beustachians are exactly.

From the origins of their bloodline lies a curse inflicted onto the head of a family of nobles many many years ago, where it began. Ellias Beustachian, the great great great grandfather of who would become Lois Beustachian later on down the blood line and son of Alphine Beustachian and Lillica Beustachian. Ellias was a married man of fortune and questionnaire on of the meaning of life and death. A philosopher, a mage, and a scholar in alchemy, Ellias's curiosity led him into experimenting with the likes of his knowledge which furthered into an obsession, which lead to a distancing within his marriage to his wife, Beatrice.
He soon came to the belief that one would only be able to answer the questions of life and death if they experienced both. And he had questions. Many many questions. And so he sought out the art of Necromancy. It took him years upon years in order to learn as much as he needed in order to start his research using both Alchemy and Necromancy as key factors. At first he started simple, using animals and corpses as his subjects. But each time he was only met with results of major external bleeding, rapidly skin decaying abominations, some of the subjects even ended up exploding due to not being able to handle the stress of magic being forced into them. Failure. Failure, failure, FAILURE. That was his result each and every time. He received nothing more than gags and groans from them all, sometimes not even that. But just as he was on the brink of insanity, he came across the path of a dying Lich. One that tempted the anxious scholar with promises of answers he could not refuse.
It spoke to him in a ghastly wheeze, an ashen mist of cold escaping through the cracks of it's jagged teeth. "The strip... that separates the...breathing from the not within the bounds of your comprehension....for you are merely mortal...but I....I can give you all that you desire....answers. Answers that lie....only within.... Immortality "
The Lich promised the man that he could supply all the answers. All he would need is a spell and the Lich's blood. Ellias followed through with the Lich's request, only to come to the realization that it sought to deceive him at the last minute, ending the ritual halfway. And so he left it to die. But the Lich's voice lived on within his head. When he returned home from his journey, he found that his wife child by another man. Already distraught by his failures after years of work, Ellias was finally driven to madness. He returned to where he had left the Lich to die and finished the ritual, later being possessed by the Lich after consuming it's blood.
The Lich returned to Ellias's wife in the form of Ellias, slaughtering her secret lover and taking her captive. It then twisted Beatrice's mind with it's magic and corrupted the child within her womb with it's blood. Years later when the offspring of the Lich and Beatrice was born, Ellias Beustachian the 2nd, the Lich devoured Beatrice and disappeared, only reappearing throughout the years to devour the wives of his corrupted bloodline. And so the Cursed Blood of the Beustachians were born, and the ritual continued. However, as it continued, it considerably began to weaken.

Which leads us back to the birth of the triplets many years later. Lois's father continued the Lich's legacy, being driven mad all the same. Except that he later met death.
The triplets were the latest of the bloodline, but only those who were compatible with the Lich's essence would be deemed worthy enough to live. The three infants were injected with the Lich's essence, the ritual itself being overseen by the loyalist to the Lich's dark essence Cedric Hoffliaer while Ellias himself had left to supposedly meet the Lich. One by one, the ritual was performed on the infants. Two of them died in the process and deemed as sacrifices. The third, however, had a different outcome. Just as the ritual seemed to be heading towards success, the mother of the triplets, Elizabeth Beustachian, played a significant role in disrupting the ritual after she found out the true intentions of both Cedric and Ellias, deeming the ritual a failure. She managed to barely escape and ended up leaving the child in the care of a cathedral in a different kingdom, staying long enough to give the child a name. However she fell I'll due to her condition and passed not long afterwards. And there, Lois Beustachian grew.

Living under the watchful eye of the grand cathedral's head, Sister Abigail, who taught and raised her as her own, Lois grew up as decent as one could. She how to speak properly, be polite to others when they're polite to you, how to clean and cook, and to some degree even defend herself. And though she was rather satisfied with this, Lois never felt right around the Cathedral or holy objects. In fact, she was often kept away from things of the sort. And when she was 10 she found out why.

For as long as she could remember, she would always hear a strange, eery voice speak to her in her head, luring but faint. Around the age of 10 was when this starting, and one day she was kidnapped by two individuals that seemed to be more familiar with her than she with them. What came after is what she is only able to explain now as hell. The individuals tortured her ruthlessly by order of the Lich while constantly attempting to draw out what laid in dormant within the child. Week after week, she suffered through this, being forced to eat, forced to speak. Forced to endure for six long years. Until finally, it happened. Lou's snapped, her mental state severing into two and allow her second conscious to enter existence. Unable to control the sudden rush of black magic surging through her veins, her mind collapsed into a deep darkness. When she woke up, she found a massacre around her place of torment, and the wounds inflicted onto her body now healed, yet she could still feel the agony of all of them.
Disoriented and in agony, Lois escaped captivity to the best of her abilities, mind disoriented and on the brink of madness.
Arriving back at the gates of the cathedral took weeks, for she would fall unconscious from a sickening nausea and a unbearable headache. She arrived at the gates in a torn white gown, covered in dried blood, some of it oddly being fresher, and hints of vomit.
When she did, she was instantly ​brought to the attention of Sister Abigail. Beyond released to see such a face brought Lois to tears, but as soon as she stepped on the holy grounds, she was met with agony. Agony that triggered the wickedness within her veins once more, causing her to black again, and that wickedness to possess her body.
Within this frame of time, the darkness within her revealed itself as Eht Hcil. It lashed out at the Sister, and fought until it was able to be subdued, for it hadn't been strong enough due to the already fragile state of Lois's body.
By the time knights arrived to the seen, Lois had returned to normal and was unconscious, and had to be taken away from the cathedral. In turn, the knights had already been sent on Lois's trail prior to the discovery of the two men that had been torn apart. Not only that, but it was stated that she had already attacked and killed other knights. This lead to conflict, and a heated confrontation between the knights, who wanted to kill Lois for what she was and had done without knowing the truth, and Sister Abigail, who sought to protect the child despite what had happened.
Sister Abigail fought to explain who the girl was exactly, as well as the fact that she was the one who they had been looking for for the passed six years.
The knights, hearing none of this, threatened to kill the woman. However, it all came down to going to see what the king would have to say about it in the end.
But before this could happen, Eht Hcil was able to possess Lois's body once more. A battle broke out between she and the knights, Lois managing to fatally wound one of them before escaping.

Ever since then, Lois has been on the run, constantly being hunted and relocating herself while having to deal with keeping Eht Hcil at bay. As she matured and her body became more capable, Eht Hcil's been voice became clearer within her mind, sometimes seeming as if she's right at her side. It has gotten to the point that she would often see her on reflective surfaces, in mirrors. The decaying version of herself, slowly becoming stronger. Somewhere along the line, Lois became depressed, and Eht Hcil started referring to herself as έδαφος (Édafos). She has learned that Eht won't allow her to kill herself, and she's learned that the hard way. So now she wonders, searching for answers as well as a way to kill herself. She's gotten to be able to be more successful at keeping Eht Hcil at bay in dire situations and multitask to keep her mind occupied. She's​ even become fearful of sleeping due to all too vivid nightmares, and therefore remains awake for multiple days, though she's gotten use to doing so and finds that she doesn't necessarily need to sleep. But in times when she finds it absolutely necessary, she finds herself falling into reoccurring nightmares. She has gotten use to staying away from people, fearing that she might harm them.

Dreams: To find out who her parents were in hopes of finding answers; To find a solution to dying.

•Undead/Partial Lich Physiology
•Magically Enhanced Physiology (Minor and passive magic currently)

When in human form, she wields a vorpal blade like dagger made of copper and mild magic properties. Due to her minor Lich Anatomy, she sometimes is able to feel the presence of Liches and dark energy.

Eht is able to alter Lois's body at will as a weapon.
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 [b]Name[/b]: Lois Beustachian [Byōō-stāSH(ē)ən] [B]Age[/b]: 24 [B]Gender[/b]: Female [B
il y a plus d’un an BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Col

Age: 128-133

Gender: Female


human form, about 2m tall.
link, Col is surprisingly a much larger Dragon than most, being at around 90m. the white Dragon.
Rank: None. lone wanderer.

she wears very little clothing, as she had gotten used to the negative temperatures of the north, and down here in the south it is much hotter. she exposes as much skin as allowed to give her more cool air.

much like Draconids, she has scales on her body.
» Neck is scale-covered
» wrists to just under her Elbow is scale-covered
» Pelvis is scale-covered
» from the top of her foot to just under her knees are scale covered.
» The line of her spine from her tail (pelvis) to the neck is scale-covered
» The outer sides of her thighs are Scale-covered.
» the sides of her chest (a little underneath her armpit, a little underneath her breasts, to the sides of her body) is Scale Covered.


Col was born among the Arctic Draconids, despite herself being an Atmospheric Draconid.
though being an Atmospheric Draconid had already prepared Col for the deathly frost of the arctic, she was accepted by them anyway.

growing up among the Arctics, she was expected to learn the same magic as them, ice and water, and though she wasn't very good at them, she eventually got the hang of it.

Col, once she reached the age of Adulthood (for Draconids, this is around 35) she left the Arctic in search of... well, anything.
she was bored of the cold north, and had decided to move further down to see the world.

along the way she encountered many humans villages, all of which had been destroyed. whether burnt down, earthquaked into dust, or simply just a ghost town, something was amiss. A human named Gram had found Col, and at first tried to slay her, every time Col tried to plea for speech. after 7 battles spread over the year, Gram finally decided to hear her out, this is where she explained she is not responsible for the villages destruction, and would assist Gram in finding the one responsible.

needless to say, the next year, they found the one causing the damages. and Gram slayed the dragon. after that they split once again.

Now, Col has returned to this land, in hopes of learning the Magics of humans, and maybe finding out what sparked the two races being at odds.

To discover fun, wherever it may hide.
To find the reason for conflict.
To learn more Magics.

Magic: - "extremely powerful, ancient magic"

» Ancient Dracomancy - A type of magic known only to Draconids, this magic is known by birth. it allows Draconids to change between Human form and Dragon form.
» Ancient Pyro-cyro-mancy - Special type of Pyromancy for dragons only, this white flame is cold, but also burns. anything that touches it's flame will be frozen and burnt.
» Ancient Aquamancy - an extremely dangerous version of Aquamancy, this type of water magic is capable of multiplying water beyond measure, tsunami's are capable, but required a large amount of concentration. perfect for Dragons, bad for humans.
» Ancient Aeromancy - this has 2 types. but she also knows the combative A.Aeromancy, almost capable of changing entire weather patterns.
»» Ancient Aeromania - Usable only in Dragon Form, this type is what allows a Dragon to fly, despite it's body size/weight in comparison to it's wings.
»» Ancient Aeromaria - Usable only in Human Form, this type is a much more powerful version of the regular Aeromancy.
» Ancient Cryomancy - Much more powerful and ancient variant of Cryomancy, much better, more precise and greater control of Ice is possible, not to mention a giant link can be created (it has it's own control and soul)
» Ancient Runemancy - A complex interchangeable and rule-setting type of Magic, rules and conditions can be written and set apon objects or living creatures. think of this like programming something.

Her weapon is her Dragon-frost sword (Dragon-Frost is an ancient frozen metal, forced into high pressures to make itself near unbreakable.) This weapon is nonconductive of Magic, even nullifying it. Magic casted into the sword is dispelled, however magics like summoning a being, or the undead are not dispelled.

it's name is Παλιό Φρόστι (Palió Frósti) meaning Old Frost..
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 [b]Name:[/b] Col [b]Age:[/b] 128-133 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Appearance:[/b] Picture.
il y a plus d’un an Firebird06721 said…
((@Banette in responding to your comment here so you'll see it but yeah. Now if that's not what you had in mind I am way more than happy to change it, but I thought I might as well try something in case you didn't have further ideas, and let you take it back up from there))
il y a plus d’un an BanetteGhosneir said…
((Nah, that is perfectly fine. I'm fine with that mist thing, infact, I might even use that :D I originally was just wondering if the child was being influenced by someone else, but now that I know it's Apoc's doing, I'll happily use it :3))

Apoc inhaled again... no exhale....
1 minute...
3 minutes....
8 minutes.....
he exhaled, the same eerie mist as before flooded the floor, the guards unsure whether their feet would be alright with the icy mist surrounding their feet.

Apoc whispered again
"C̵oo̷oooo͜m̛e̢éè..̧..͏ ͢Cḩiii̛iiil͘ḑ."

the guards were ever more confused, and creeped out.
to them, they thought the Lich was speaking to someone, his words were too quite.. his voice too hoarse to understand.
"HEY! keep yer' trap shut. Lich"

Apoc ignored them. he looked down the multitude of corridors, to where he saw the tiny spark of a soul... he knew the child could hear him... he needed only keep calling.


((Updated character list

» Vivian Harrington - Peasant - (22) - KayKutie

» Vik - Volcanic Draconid - (131~136) - Banette
» Col - Atmospheric Draconid (Arctic) - (128-133) - Banette

» Apoc Graun - Lich? - (83-91) - Banette

» Druala 'Pyra' Kollof - Royal Magical Advisor - (34) - Banette

» Gunther le Fay - Ex-Mage + Squire - (22) - TAIKAMODO
» Leona le Fay - Le Fay Heiress - (16) - TAIKAMODO

» Arabella le Fay - Le Fay Heiress - (17) - grey_skies

» Maximillion Pendragon - King - (44) - TAIKAMODO
» Isadore Pendragon - Queen - (41) - TAIKAMODO

» Aleida Pendragon - Princess - (21) - Firebird
» Chrono Pendragon - Prince - (18) - TAIKAMODO

» Cedric Lancelot - Squire - (19) - grey_skies

» Weiss Altrocolus - Squire - (21) - Universe_COLA
» Fallon Altrocolus - Knight Commander - (37) - Universe_COLA

» Kahlan Emor - Squite - (20 - Firebird

» Fallen Duke - Fallen Necromancer - (?) - Universe_COLA

» Lois Beustachian - Cursed Blood Heiress - (24) - Universe_COLA

now, 18 characters))
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BanetteGhosneir commented…
I have to say though, for the medieval Era, there are quite a lot of adult squires (considering the lifespan of people back then, they might've lived between 33 and 45 years) they've got alot of people already at half their life :P and not even married/engaged, so atleast now I know we're not going for a realistic set. which makes this fantaisie :D il y a plus d’un an
-Universe_COLA- commented…
XD Now that toi mention it, toi have a good point il y a plus d’un an
BanetteGhosneir commented…
true, that Magic and dragons sort of create a fantaisie setting. but I've read alot of livres based in the medieval era, all with magic, some with dragons/creatures, and many of them try to be as realistic as possible. with almost no characters over the age of 40 (exception to some old and wise characters, ou even the villian) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Firebird06721 said…
Aleida stood feeling a sudden puzzling disorientation, but the experience with the fog had been banished from her conscious mind. She shrugged it off and walked a few more steps before the mist once again flowed into the library, it swirled around Aleida's ankles, then heading back the way it came, as if beckoning her to follow.

Even before seeing it Aleida turned around, feeling its pull. As she looked behind her, she could just see the strange mist turning the corner. The girl was curious, and the mist inticed her almost hypnotizing her. Not bothering to think why, Aleida began to follow it, as it seemed to call to her.