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"A Knight. What does that mean, really? What does it entail? Are you the sword of your Kingdom, that fearlessly charges ahead into any and all opposition? Are you the shield, who remains unshaken in the face of despair, defending from any threat to the Kingdom? Do you fight to become recognized as a hero, praised by all who hear of your deeds? Or do you fight out of conviction, be it for the protection of all you hold dear or for vengeance against a foe? Do you uphold the Knight's Code, or do you reject the old ways of our ancestors and with your blade, carve your own path of Knighthood, forging your own code? A Knight. For you, what does that mean, really?"~Sir Ivan DeMoise, Third Night of The Round Table. He's quite famous, I'm sure you've heard of him. That's the speech he gives to every new generation of Squires like you, on the first day of training. Since ancient times, Humans and Draconids have battled each other as mortal enemies. Who started the conflict? Nobody knows. But for hundreds of thousands of years, these two opposing sides have been at odds. Knights, humans entrusted with Magic-the only way to harm a Draconids-are trained with the sole purpose of defending their Kingdom-be it our own Kingdom of Baratolt, or any of the other five-from Draconids, humanoid creatures capable of using extremely powerful, ancient magic, and even taking on the form of a dragon. How will you fare in this world of Knights and Dragons? Only time will tell.





Rank: (Squire, Knight, Jester, Cook, etc.)




Magic: (If any)

Weapon: (If any)

I feel like we all probably know what is or isn't okay by now, so I'll leave this blank until there's a need for it.

Baratolt is home to several powerful family lines, these are a few.

The Pendragon Family: With a history dating back to Age 147 and the emergence of Dragon Slaying Knights, the Pendragons are well known as a regal and honorable family, upholding the Code of Chivalry even after assuming the role of royalty. They were originally known as the Penn family, but became the Pendragons after becoming legendary Dragon Slayers. Now with the crown being passed down through the Pendragons, they are more respected than ever. They are commonly represented by a blue dragon curling around a white sword, with white and blue being the royal colors.

The le Fay Family: With a history dating back a bit earlier than the Pendragons(Age 100) and believed to decent from the ancient Magi tribes who were the first recorded wielders of Magic, the le Fays are a secretive, strict, and well respected family. Being regarded as a family of magic weilding prodigies, especially their famous "le Venturium"(Wind and Water) magic, the head of the le Fay family is also the representative of the Mage(Non combative practitioners of magic) population in the council, with the exception to this rule being the current advisor to the King and Knights due to the le Fay scandal. After a supposed scandal involving former family head Merlin le Fay ten years ago that led to his exile, they have lost a bit of their prestige. They are commonly represented by a purple fairy(a tribute to the signature purple eyes of le Fays) clutching a golden ring, with purple and gold being their colors.

The Lancelot Family: With a history closely intertwined with the Pendragons dating back to Age 132. The then Penn family were simply rich architects, and legend has it that the youngest daughter of the Penns, Muriel, was saved from a wild dog during a construction job by a peasant boy named Duncan Lancelot. As thanks, the Penns would hire Lancelots as Smiths and Bodyguards, a relationship that continues to this day, as the humble but well respected Lancelots are the head of both the Royal Guard and the Blacksmiths. They are known to possess a natural affinity for fire and earth/metal magic. They are commonly represented by a black hammer cloacked in red flames, with black and red as their colors.
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