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Crumbled ruins covered in moss loomed shade over the familiar settlement you call home. giant stone structures that poke the sky's edge, with broken shattered stories and unknowns within, all around cracked and divided concrete for as far as the eye can see, these places all together were once called a 'city' by the humans.

Humans went extinct hundreds of years ago, stories passed down through generations of parent to child have changed and warped and mixed till none are sure what is true or false. some said humans could fly through the sky, some said no, they went under the oceans, other denied both, and stated humans dug under the earth, but none can prove, nor disprove what others say.

there are some however, that try to find out what they can, these are called 'Researchers' or 'Scientists'.... that is also up for debate.

either way, what humans were like, who they were, what they have accomplished, how they went extinct, these are questions of which everyone seeks an answer to...

what about you? are you curious?


Humans have gone Extinct, and the whatever race left behind is curious about humanity.

the race that is here doesn't have an official name, some call them 'new humanity' some call them 'ash' some call them 'kin', it's up to you what you call your own race.
This new race looks similar to humans, but they have very distinct differences, up to you on what differences that is.

It's essentially a mossy post-apocalypse, some places may still have power (like Hospitals from Generators and etc.) and also be warned about going into the Sky Fingers (Skyscrapers) they're unstable and broken. they may fall down.

the Subway and train system is largely collapsed in, so you can't go pretty far into them. worth a look though.
some bridges are broken, so you'll need to go around, or cross on the make-shift bridges.

Cars and ect. will ALL need repairs, none are in condition to function.

[===][Character Sheet][===]







Toomhba Brakaka - Mechanic - Banette
Narrmja Jarrakar - Sea Explorer - Banette
Rukk Harajakkar - Explorer, Scientist, Researcher - Banette
Ool - City Keeper - Banette

Usagi Motly - Explorer B - xxAkyraxx
Tori Motly - Explorer B - xxAkyraxx
Zora Motly - Explorer B - xxAkyraxx

Bhrun Wrhen Wulf - Travelers Leader - Universe-COLA
Shtua Li Lon - Traveler - Universe-COLA
Iam Burd/Scout - Alot of things - Universe-COLA
 Crumbled ruins covered in moss loomed shade over the familiar settlement toi call home. giant stone s
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