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BanetteGhosneir posted on Apr 24, 2017 at 06:42AM
Alien sightings and hoaxes have been around for years, on TV, forums and rumours spread round by word of mouth, it's all fake and never proven, just planes and drones and people playing pranks....... right?

It's not unusual for meteorites to be seen on TV all over the world, Russia mostly.
so of course it wouldn't seem strange that yesterday the news reported a Meteorite was heading for your town, and that it would burn up in the atmosphere before it hit the town, so you'd just go about your day as normal... until you look up and see.

the meteorite sure did burn up some... but it was still barreling toward the city, then suddenly, it broke apart into several pieces, each piece landing somewhere within the city.

Will that be on the news? the news might've made a mistake... awell, no harm done... right?


Essentially, this is a Roleplay with Aliens, that meteorite that broke into several pieces were pods, each pod has a single alien from a species inside. you can decide your alien's appearance and species.

some Aliens may have biological differences than humans, but this is PURELY biological, higher psychological or muscles for example, but this means that there is no
"I can create portals with my mind" or "I can stop time"

If you can back it up with science, all the better.

you can be an alien or a Human. and do know that the government will be looking for those meteorite fragments.








 Alien sightings and hoaxes have been around for years, on TV, forums and rumours spread round par word

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il y a plus d’un an BanetteGhosneir said…
HA-HS0D / Hanria / Рука

Earth Years: 21 (365 days in a year)
Krukrat Years : 31.5 (566 days in a year)

[Species] Krukrat (Crew-Cra-t)

the species of Krukrat has almost entirely similar physical appearance to normal humans with the exception of the 6 arms protruding from the thigh.

as for organs, Krukrat's have a larger heart and lung, to allow more blood flow and breath intake, to allow oxygen and blood to reach the 6 extra arms.

If the Krukrat were to stretch their torso arms upward, the 6 extra arms would be long enough to reach the hands of the torso arms. this is to assist with lifting anything up, or moving things around.

the Krukrat's torso arms aren't any stronger than a human's, but with the combined muscle of the 6 extra arms, they become quite strong, capable of lifting around 3,000kg (6613 pounds). this is without any heavy lifting or workouts. the exact amount when properly trained is unknown.

(All words below are translated into human english)

Criminal [HA-HS0D]
[Krukrat] species

Рука, or in the human english, Hanria.
24 counts of aggravated assault
400 counts of robbery
200 counts of grand theft auto
and over 12,000 counts of 'manslaughter'

Sentence: Permanent life sentence on [Earth]
[HA-HS0D] is not to have any permits, licences, or means of leaving Prison Planet [3A-R1H], [Earth].


the Biography is attached to the Pod, in several different languages, but it's also included in human english.
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 [[b]Name[/b]] HA-HS0D / Hanria / Рука [[b]Age[/b]] Earth Years: 21 (365 days in a year) Kru