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demon_wolf posted on Aug 30, 2016 at 05:55PM
Shadow and I have decided that we wanted to start a new roleplay together, and we came to the topic of a war roleplay. I'm not really understanding this open and close things for roleplays. When I use to roleplay in this club anyone could join any roleplay. Well anyway! As far as I am concerned anyone can join, and roleplay.

This will be a little futuristic. Meaning that the war is against Alien like creatures that want to take over planet Earth. Aliens had first come to the planet in 3030, they seemed to have friendly intentions. The Aliens were on Earth for about 5 years when they began attacking, and killing humans out of the blue. (As a roleplayer for an Alien it will be your job to come up with why the Aliens began attacking the humans.) The humans had no choice but to gather together, and fight the Aliens. For two years now the Humans and Aliens have been fighting. The Earth has not fared well throughout the time. It is covered with dead, ash, fire, and near to nothing is growing. To say the least Earth is a dessert of what it use to be.

You can choose to be an Alien, or a human. Just make the teams somewhat even with characters.

Be mindful that the year is 3030, and so will not have the same technology that we have now.

Shadow's idea for why the Aliens have attacked.
"The aliens found out that when they first landed the humans kidnapped a bunch of them to study and never released them ultimately they died in a lab."

And begin. . .

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il y a plus d’un an demon_wolf said…
Finally got it posted! I will be making my character soon
il y a plus d’un an shadowcon99 said…
So do you want to be human or alien?
il y a plus d’un an Phantelephant said…
IM GOING TO JOIN! And I don't know why the people who do closed rps don't just pm each other. This site wasn't designed well enough for closed forums of any sort.
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il y a plus d’un an demon_wolf said…
I'll be a human
il y a plus d’un an Phantelephant said…
I want to be a human but I also sort of want to try making an alien character as well? If that's allowed
il y a plus d’un an demon_wolf said…
I honestly don't mind how many characters you make.
il y a plus d’un an shadowcon99 said…
Well if you two want to be human I can make an alien boss then
il y a plus d’un an Phantelephant said…

Name: Azaad "Nemo" Singh

Basic Information

Preferred Name: Nemo

Age: Somewhere in his lat 20s or early 30s

Date of Birth: October 23 as was explained to him but he can never be too certain nor does it really have all that importance to him as long as he's alive another year.

Race: Human/Afro-Arab

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Occupation: Mercenary/ Bounty Hunter. (General Gun for Hire)

Appearance: He is a lean, muscular borderline underweight man at about 5'8". Black complexion with striking green eyes, a sharp jawline and a crooked Roman nose, been broken and reset many times. Lines cut across his cheeks were skin had once been torn, by sand and asphalt with them there are many similar scars, burns, bullet holes that riddle and mar his skin almost on every part of his body when not covered by the beautifully lush and colorful ink etched into his skin. One prominent tattoo depicts the bloodthirsty Goddess Kali covering his back and twisting across each arm is a golden serpent. Of course time has made them fade but anyone can see that much love had been put into them. His black locks are dreaded, and fashioned into something like a mohawk, each side of his head shaved. He usually wearing full suit in a dark material that resembles leather, but is light and was designed to serve as a movable breathable form of high tech armor. It's very worn down and obviously has been patched a few times.

About: He's trained himself well in the art of killing. A nihilist who brought himself to understand that everything, himself included is temporary. With this he tries not to form attachments with anyone in his life, and expects that he, himself is not meant to live long in this dying world. He tries to remain unbiased in his work but he has strong prejudices against the Aliens and Alien sympathizers alike. He also has a rule of never ever harming children. Anyone who commits any sort of act against children is immediately on his hit list.

He tries to keep to himself as much as possible. Only taking on solo jobs, never forming any sort of relations to his clients. He has no desire for companionship, but he's still human which means he'll still have a lapse in judgment from time to time... But his connections never last. He is there for his own freedom first and foremost and his survival second. As far as those who manage to get to know him would say he's a foul mouthed, cold blooded and incredibly persistent. Often times he doesn't know when to quit, resulting in him pushing his own body past its limits only to collapse later when the job is done.

He is oddly spiritual though he follows no religion. Just that he has made some sort of peace with the universe or at least he strives to... He pursues this through the use of the many modern drugs that circuit the world in 3030, many of which being stimulants and hallucinogens, of course it's not just out of spiritual gain but recreationally that he tends to abuse these substances.

Despite his bias, he has an aversion to this current ongoing war trying to not pick a side so quickly without the right price.
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il y a plus d’un an Phantelephant said…
It's a revamped more developed Nemo from 3 clans basically
il y a plus d’un an Riku114 said…
Probably not joining (I say probably as Im a bit keen but eh.) but popping into explain what I get from the idea of Closed and Private RPs

((Cause tbh I use them occasionally cause I dont like RPing in massive groups))

"CLOSED" is generally added to RPs that have progressed enough to the point that itd be too hard to fit another person or character in to the plot and planning of it and it would be problematic for a new person to join. Usually they start as open RPs for people to join but over time it becomes hard for them to do that.

PRIVATE RPs are probably what you guys are thinking and talking about where people have RPs that they set up for specific people to join. Generally the reason one would do this is if it is private for more than one person to join so a forum is needed, because the person doesnt like RPing with a lot of people, because the plot is already established too strong from point A, or simply cause the forum style is a much more convenient way of keeping track of the story.

At this point I kinda just set up a new club for me and my friends to do private RPs alone and it gives space to make things like "Character forums" and "Planning pages" and all but I suppose most people just decide to put it here instead.
il y a plus d’un an Phantelephant said…
I think her point is that there is significantly more of them which means RPing has become less social and less accessible since she's been on here.
il y a plus d’un an shadowcon99 said…
indeed. Back when we wrote there weren't closed forums. everyone was free to join everything because the point of RPing was to have fun with people on the internet and improve you skills as a writer while making friends. Having a forum that is closed defeats that purpose.
il y a plus d’un an Phantelephant said…
Can we get dis show on the road?
il y a plus d’un an shadowcon99 said…
I was waiting for DW to throw up a character but by all means please start us of
il y a plus d’un an demon_wolf said…
Honestly not going to make a legit profile. I'll give name gender and age. Rest will be a surprise to me and you!

Name: Samuel Reef
Age: 29
Gender: Male
il y a plus d’un an shadowcon99 said…
I was going to do the same thing. so for whoever wants to start the floor is all yours
il y a plus d’un an Phantelephant said…
The streets were illuminated inbright neon that blotted out the star. A city of lights surrounded by planes of white sand engulfed in abysmal darkness. The growl of a motor reverberated against cement and steel and died to soft Ratatatatatatat before sputtering into darkness. Nemo dismounted his motorbike, head obscured by a black helmet but not for long, as he lifted it from.his head and shook his thick dreads loose. His pupils were wide, round and full like those of an animal's. A smile teased the corner of his lips. Above him, a glowing blinking pink sign read SUGARHOUSE accompanied by the silhouette of a woman that flashed on and off to give the illusion that she was dancing. The doors it hung over were unmarked steel but unbolted and without a bouncer to stop he entered.

He was met with the pulsating beats of loud underscript music as he entered. The place both parts nightclub, strip club, bar, and occasionally a place of business for men like Nemo. A static holographic projection of a man in a suit twitched on the counter, shaking and occasionally phasing in and out of existence as he recounted the death tolls of the recent terrorist attack brought by the newest in extraterrestrial visitation. Many patrons were surrounding his image leaning close, and occasionally disrupting the projection by drunkly falling in the hologram, until the holograph uttered the words, "In other news Prime Minister Windham of No- "Before the image of the well-dressed man blinked out of existence entirely.

"It's the god damn end of the world. It's the god damn end," Nemo heard one of them say as he sat at the counter.

"Blow them all up. Shoulda blowed them all up. Nuked the whole fucking place, refugees and all, " Another man lamented into his beer.

Nemo regarded neither of these, he simply glanced at his wrist, gently pressing his finger where it connected to his palm. His skin seemed light up with a set of numbers displaying just barely a few centimeters above his skin. The time was Twenty-three hundred. He was too early.
il y a plus d’un an Phantelephant said…
(( I'm also going to join with a alien Refugee type character like they're either a Prisoner of Earth or they're slave to the race that's invading. Maybe if you want I can have him be a slave to Shadowcon's boss alien person to make it more inclusive. They have no gender))
il y a plus d’un an shadowcon99 said…
((I'm cool with whatever.))

After two years of fighting Sezzad had grown tired of the killing and destruction; in fact the planet hardly even seemed worth taking over now. Almost everything had been destroyed when he arrived with his fleet and now Earth was nothing but ash and bone. Sez couldn't help but remember what the first ship had come to Earth for, "Make contact with the beings who sent the probe." He had ordered them. But they never came back and he regretted that decision every day of his life. The war he had started with the humans was no longer to take over the Earth, now it was to ensure that the humans paid dearly for the mistake they made when they decided to treat his men as hostile simply because Sez's men had broken their language translators.

"SIr!........Sir?" A female figure walked close to the young looking man "Sez! We're about to land!" She screamed almost in his ear.

Sezzad snapped out of his trip down memory lane. "Must you always do that Liza?" He said as he put his finger in his ear checking to make sure it was okay. "One day you'll wind up causing me to go deaf."

"Sorry.....I just worry about you sometimes. You took your brothers death really hard, and you haven't been your old cheerful self ever since then."

"I don't have the right to be happy after what I did." Sezzad said as the vehicle touched down in one of the camps.

"It wasn't your fault, what happened to them." Liza said as she followed him off the vehicle.

"Your wrong. Everything that happened to them is my fault because I'm the one who ordered them to come here."

Sez and Liza began touring the refugee camp, this was the camp Sez had made his pet project and kept hidden from most of his people. For the simple fact that he gave shelter to war victims, no matter their race. Although he did keep his kind and the humans separate they were still treated as equals. Sez's kind looked exactly like humans and if it wasn't for the fact that they all wore translators on their necks you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Sez had learned to speak all manner of language that was used on Earth and it had become one of the small joy's in life to tour the human camp with Liza and help how ever they could; to show that they weren't the monsters humans thought them to be.

"You know this won't last Sez."

"Liza I give this war three more months at the most, the humans are running short and the only places their military has left are the holes in the ground that we keep purging. Soon we will be done with this wretched planet, and hopefully we can give the humans a place on our planet."

"You know our people will not be as open minded as I am."

"I believe they will come around. After all, how can they say no to free workers."
il y a plus d’un an Phantelephant said…
(( I need someone at the Sugarhouse. Also I'm thinking if this is a morally gray sort of approach then my alien character might be better off as like a prisoner on earth then? We need to make sure we don't make the mistake of making all of the characters too independent of each other.))
il y a plus d’un an shadowcon99 said…
((write it however you feel is best and I will roll with it))