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this is set in the same world as the evil within but not the same universe so there is no Sebastian Castellanos or Ruben Victorianos/Ruvik. you are a patient or worker at Beacon mental hospital recently the higher workers at the hospital installed a machine that has only been called STEM. the machine has been used to link minds in this case to attempt to heal people who are mentally ill its first test was one week ago soon every one in the hospital fell into a coma all who tried to leave or shut down the machine have died all whom fell into the coma are now stuck in the tortured mind of the patient that was first in the STEM...

- no god modding
- as little one liners as possible please
- this is horror huge amounts gore and violence is not just encouraged but required
- you cannot kill a character unless you have permission from the owner of that character
- you cannot leave the STEM unless i state that there is a way out
- you cannot be characters from the evil within you may use their pictures though
- no sex

character sheet
mental illness (if patient include details e.g. how the illness occurred) :
bio: (at least 5 sentences long)
weapon: (preferably gun or modern hand weapon e.g. crowbar, knife etc.
extra: (optional)

Haunt profile
Haunt owner:
Haunt nickname:
characteristics: (e.g. the way it acts)
origin of Haunt: (sad event)
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il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
((Sounds pretty fun. I'll see if I can think of a good character.))
catos971 commented…
(( Yay! someone actually likes the look of this RP )) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an catos971 said…
name: Idan Thorne
age: 20
mental illness (if patient): split personality & anxiety. (origins in bio)
bio: Idan was born in Chicago and was put up for adoption the moment he was diagnosed with split personality. he spent 15 years at the orphanage being beaten and cut by the drunk care taker. this led to his anxiety. he then wasn't accepted at the orphanage and sent out because of his mental illnesses he was unable to find a job or start a life. he was then sent to Beacon mental hospital and after the indecent was one of the first to go into the STEM
weapon: six bullet revolver (don't ask how he knows how to use a gun)
extra: he has two personality's one he calls Dexter who tortures people and enjoys their pain and one he calls Eric who is basically his normal self. he only experiences his anxiety when he is Eric.
relationships: (to develop)
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 name: Idan Thorne gender:male age: 20 mental illness (if patient): divisé, split personality & anxiety. (o
il y a plus d’un an samurinerd said…
Name: Mei Misaki
gender: female
age: 17
mental illness: schizophrenia and multiple peronality disorder

bio: Mei was born in japan she had a twin who died at the ninth grade her family doesn't love her and she has an artificial eye that can see the colour of death.Its is emerald green but she keeps it hidden because she dosnt like what she sees She is known for talking to herself and she is very antisocial. But she knows damn well how to use a sword and gun

extra: she has murdered an entire school but she has also uplifted a curse

weapon: two hand guns hidden under her skirt with amo hidden under her shirt

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 Name: Mei Misaki gender: female age: 17 mental illness: schizophrenia and multiple peronality diso
catos971 commented…
(( a curse WTF??? )) il y a plus d’un an
samurinerd commented…
i changed it happy il y a plus d’un an
chocomint commented…
Mei misaki is swaggy il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an mechslime said…
name: Jordan Fang
gender: Male
age: 19
mental illness: Schizophrenia
bio: He was abandoned when he was born and looked after by animals. After 15 years he was found by humans and looked after so he knows how to talk and act like a human but he still has animal traits like itching himself, like and biting people. he is very loyal. he thinks he can hear animals talking to him.
weapon: Two Knifes and his claw-like fingernails
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 name: Jordan Fang gender: Male age: 19 mental illness: Schizophrenia bio: He was abandoned when h
Dizmo commented…
I wonder how he got the joker green hair? il y a plus d’un an
catos971 commented…
(( animal puke )) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
name:Miyuki Saiho
gender: Female
age: 18
mental illness:Multiple personalities disorder
bio: She has always been a shy girl and because of that, she has missed so many wonderful oppunities. One day, she fell off her bike and hit her head hard. When she woke up in the hospital, she was more energetic and outgoing. The complete opposite of her usual shy self. But she also had another personality. It was more of a violent and angry side and that is one of the reason why she was sent to a mental hospital.
weapon: She is quite good at throwing daggers.
extra: There are things that set off each different side of her. Shy personality: talking to new people, being in an unknown place. Energetic personality: when she wants to or is having fun. Angry personality: she gets too upset
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 name:Miyuki Saiho gender: Female age: 18 mental illness:Multiple personalities disorder bio: She
catos971 commented…
(( thanks for posting! )) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Gaga_Girly said…
Name: Clara Locks

gender: female


Mental illness: Anxiety( extreme) Split personality disorder.

bio: Living Australia at age 3 her family had a car crash, she watched her dad, mum and sister die right in front of her this led to her anxiety. Has traveled the world for foster homes she was always kicked out and she never had friends leading to her split personality ( don't make me keep saying the proper word). Is a drug addict and knows how to turn people away some ways more violent then others. runaway to live on streets 3 years ago but when she had a mental break down she was sent to hospital from a lady who she almost mugged.

Weapon: Two medium daggers and a hand gun.

Extra: One other personality- Elly who is very paranoid and thinks everyone is gonna kill her, uses the gun and likes to watch people bleed before she finishes the job.

Appearance: (pic) Wings do not exist.

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 Name: Clara Locks gender: female Age:16 Mental illness: Anxiety( extreme) divisé, split personality
il y a plus d’un an catos971 said…
(( we will start tomorrow ))
mechslime commented…
<YAY!> il y a plus d’un an
Gaga_Girly commented…
<for anyone who gets mistaken like taj my characters a girl> il y a plus d’un an
mechslime commented…
<i was not mistanken just i asked before i found out it was up> il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an mechslime said…
<btw where are we in the STEM?>
catos971 commented…
(( just think of a really gruesome place in a post apocalyptic world )) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Dizmo said…
name: Aerotos Nimus

gender: Male

age: 24

mental illness (if patient include details e.g. how the illness occurred) : Acute stress reaction. The symptoms of this disorder include but are not limited to: numbing, detachment, muteness, derealization, depersonalization or dissociative amnesia, continued re-experiencing of the event by such ways as thoughts, dreams, and flashbacks and avoidance of any stimulation that reminds them of the event. Obtained after being tortured and watching his parents die in front of his eye's

bio: The dagger sunk deep into the arm of his screaming mother, the evil men had taken her gag of to hear her scream. If it weren't for Aerotos's own gag her mothers scream of pain would be accompanied by his own scream of equal amounts pain and distress. His farther's dead corpse sat lifeless, limp in a chair covered by his own blood, his eye's staring of into the world of the dead, a world were he currently occupied. His mothers scream was suddenly cut short and turned into a gurgle as her neck was sliced open. The evil men now approached him, there were three of them, each with a knife. "what should we do with him? more torture?" the first demon asked his fellow hell-spawn, that is what they are to Aerotos, demons. "nah Jim, i'm done for the day. How about you Jake?" The second demon asked the third "Me? I'm wiped, lets just set the house on fire and let him burn. You got the gas frank?" The third asked the second. That is were Aerotos wakes up, It was just another nightmare. No it wasn't i nightmare, it was a memory. That is why he was waking up in this padded cell, his home for the last 14 years. The part the memory left out was what happened after, the part were he was saved from the house fire by a quick thinking fireman, the part were he told a nice detective that looked after him for a while the names of who killed his parents, (im not batman) the part were he went completely insane and ended up in this mental hospital. That was all a memory, but the memory was a nightmare, a nightmare that will never end.

weapon: A gun he stole of a prefix

extra: He gets extremely nervous around knives and daggers and may sometime's lash out violently against people with a knife or dagger since they remind him of his torture and dead parents (i'm not batman). He did not develop a phobia of fire though and instead fire usually calm him down since after the fire the torture stopped and he was saved. Also he not mentioned in the bio (cause how the hell would i do that without breaking the immersion?) He and his family moved to America to live there after leaving Australia. So no family.

appearance(pic): (yes pic)
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 name: Aerotos Nimus gender: Male age: 24 mental illness (if patient include details e.g. how
Dizmo commented…
Is this good? I felt it got a little intense when i made the bio, But i thought 'hey what the hell why not' so tell me if i need to change anything. (BTW did toi guys know there is a little button suivant to a commentaire that toi can use if toi like a comment? I rive as hell didn't) il y a plus d’un an
catos971 commented…
(( It's really good thanks for posting! )) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an BanetteGhosneir said…
((I'm going to make a character like Ruvick, so yay :3))
Name: Banette

Gender: Male

Age: ??

Mental illness:
Narcolepsy, Schizophrenia and Dementia

A strange person, his teeth have been replaced with Zips, his eyes are inverted, his right eye's pupil and Eris are inverted, and his clothing is his skin, he keeps talking of being from another world, which is why he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, he is believed to have Dementia as he occasionally forgets things around him, Narcolepsy because he falls asleep at random times, some other patients and even doctors say that things around the world change around him, he is a strange subject.

Weapon: None really,

He can edit reality like Ruvick.
 ((I'm going to make a character like Ruvick, so yay :3)) [b]Name:[/b] Banette [b]Gender:[/b] Male
il y a plus d’un an catos971 said…
Idan had been having a bad day. first he woke up to find all of his guards and nurses in what appeared to be a coma. his food still arrived so that was obviously that was automated. so he spent the next 20 or so minutes chowing down on some mouldy bread and a glass of water he spent the next thirty minutes sitting on his bed which was basically the only thing he could do whilst waiting for some thing to happen. then his eyesight was suddenly blacked out and he felt a wave of tiredness washed over him and now this... he had woken up in what appeared to be a room entirely made of exploded shrapnel and gruesome mutilated bodies: impaled on I beams, wrapped in barbed wire chunks of their insides exposed. [Personality Dexter] 'oh, what a lovely place' Idan said to no one as he circled the room 'huh?' he walked over to a glint that was attached to a bodies belt. he dislodged the gun from the man's belt 'ahhhhhh,' he examined the six barrelled revolver in his hand 'you are quite beautiful'
il y a plus d’un an Gaga_Girly said…
For Clara everything was a haze Elly came up and shot ten people first she shot of an arm, then a leg, than the stomach then the head. The sight of oozing blood seemed to calm her down. when Clara resurfaced all she could do was run until a rich looking chick came up then Elly surfaced Clara put a stop to that as her left arm raised a gun, Elly had taken control of half her body she managed to turn before her gun shot but then came the anxiety attack. When she woke she was lying in a bed "oh shit" she thought then she saw the hands half rotting hands from the roof where reaching out to her. Two sets of hands were holding two large daggers she stood up reaching for the knives they fitted her hands properly. Elly surfaced -"Lets get down to business."
il y a plus d’un an catos971 said…
(( i have added the extra part of the character sheets: relationships, for those of you who have created a character sheet with no relationships section just edit it and put "to develop" also i have had a pretty cool idea that depending on the sad events that have happened in the characters past life they can create minions or "Haunts" that resemble horrors from there past life e.g. Ruvik had created monsters like the keeper or re-BONE laura. you will post a profile for your minions on the on the first post as soon as possible ))
Gaga_Girly commented…
<that made like no sense to me> il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an samurinerd said…
Mei suddenly shot up sweat covering her forehead she was breathing heavily. "What happened" she said to no one in particular. She put her hand to her head as memorises came to her like the flood of the centry. "geeez my head hurts from all those screams. They could've at least been silent" Mei rubbed her temples thinking it would increase her pain. She opened her eyes until black dots started to cloud her vision and the diziness overpowered her. She soon fell into a deep sleep. After about ten minutes of unconciousness mei opened one eye and relized everyhing has changed in a way she liked it. All around her was people impaeled with blood covering the walls. She decieded to take off her eye patch and saw the colour of death everywhere. "perfect." She jumped of the bed only to relize her arms were in one of those weird shirts. She smiled "to eazy" Mei walked up to an impaled nurse and turned her back to it and ripped the shirt from the back. She looked around and found some needles and scapels and went to find her belongings.
il y a plus d’un an Dizmo said…
Aerotos had torn through his straight jacket, again. 'Honestly you would think they would stop putting me in these things but no, no they had to restrict me, had to tie me up and put me to sleep, they had to give me those nightmares' he thought to himself, Not long ago he had woken from a nightmare that just so happened to be a memory to find his arm's tied in a straight jacket. It was easy to tear through but it just didn't feel right to Aerotos. Though he should be used to it by now, for about, actually Aerotos wasn't sure how long, but it must have been many years. His morning ritual consisted of waking from a nightmare, breaking out of a straight jacket, testing the door to find it locked, spend the rest of the day staring at that one spot on the wall until a prefix came to him with some drugged food he would eat, then wake up in a straight jacket again. Or at least that was his usual ritual, today was different though. Why you ask? Because the door was unlocked. Aerotos had never been aloud out of his room, not really. Not for years. So he cautiously opened the door to find the lights flickering, blood and corpses were every where, It looked all to familiar to Aerotos. Then suddenly Aerotos was on the ground clutching his head with his hands, tears streaming down his face, For the blood soaked hallway brought back a memory. He did not see a prefix's lifeless body leaning limply against the wall next to his door, No he saw his farther staring lifelessly into his eye's, dead, with no emotion, Just nothing. As soon as the flashback had occurred it ended, though Aerotos was still in a terrified state. In the fear of the moment Aerotos grabbed a gun that was buy the Prefix's Side and ran back into his room, slamming the door shut behind him. If he had had a moment to think he would have though about the fact that the prefix, had a gun, or perhaps he would have thought about how the blood splatter against the wall made it look as if the prefix had shot himself, But Aerotos didn't have time to think, he only had time to act. So act he did, he ran up onto his bed and aimed the gun in shaky hand at the door, in fear of some sort of demon bursting through to torture "no" Aerotos all but whispered "NO!" He repeated, this time louder, almost yelling the words in a shaky voice that was filled with fear "NOT AGAIN! NO THIS TIME YOU WON'T GET ME" He continued in his loud shaky voice, until his head felt dizzy, his vision waivers and he suddenly felt very tired "no, fuck you, you fucking demons" He said in a voice that continued to get quieter the more he spoke until it was only a whisper in the wind before he placed his head on the pillow to sleep.

Aerotos woke with a fright, his eye's immediately as wide a saucers as his body reacted by jumping up and waving the gun around, looking for a target to shoot. After a few minutes of fear his mind finally computed his surroundings, he was in a forest, people's body hung devoid of life as the swung back and forth with the wind, it was dark and to most terrifying. "what the fu- WHERE THE FUCK AM I" Aerotos cried out more angry than scared. "what the fuck is going on" he finally sighed out. The dead hanging bodies didn't really bother Aerotos, he only lost his shit when there was a trigger that reminded him of what happened. What did bother him was the confusion, he had no idea what was going on, or what to do. So with no real goal he decided to walk through the forest in search of... something.
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il y a plus d’un an catos971 said…
Haunt owner: Idan Thorne
Haunt nickname: The Drinker
characteristics: often acts very slow or lazy but attacks with full rage when shot at or attacked in general
origin of Haunt: being abused by his caretaker in the orphanage
 Haunt owner: Idan Thorne Haunt nickname: The Drinker characteristics: often acts very slow ou lazy
il y a plus d’un an catos971 said…
name: CJ (Cassandra Jane) Tara
gender: female
age: 18
bio: has been in a foster home for as long as she can remember. she was often picked up by families but sent back in the first few weeks. she didn't go to school much but in the time she was there she met Salvin Auxil who was her only friend. she taught herself psychology and and learned how to easily read other people's intentions. she now works at the KCPD detective department with Salvin.
weapon: glock pistol
relationships: Salvin Auxil: friends in school and partner in the KCPD
extra: she has a degree in psychology
 name: CJ (Cassandra Jane) Tara gender: female age: 18 bio: has been in a foster accueil for as long a
il y a plus d’un an catos971 said…
'Ahhh,' Eric had just come out for the first time that day and he saw some pretty bad stuff, 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!' Idan ran around the room with the gun still in his hand searching for a door 'GET ME OUT, GET ME OUT!' Idan shouted to him self as he fumbled with the door handle that looked to be wrapped in barbed wire. bursting through the door he saw that it lead to what looked like a wooden spiral staircase. with out thinking he quickly rushed up it. breaking a few of the stairs on the way up he barrelled out of another door into what appeared to be a forest with people hanging by their necks from the trees 'AHHHH! ITS A NIGHTMARE AND IT'LL NEVER END' he screamed as he bolted through the forest. without looking where he was going he toppled him self over Aerotos and fell to the ground.
il y a plus d’un an Dizmo said…
name: Salvin Auxil
gender: Male
age: 20
mental illness: Some might say he has a compulsive need to help others, he just see's it as his job.
bio: He had wanted to be apart of the police ever since he was young, Him and his best friend CJ both wanted to join the force together. Growing up he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his farther who was a great detective. His farther had managed to solve dozen's of cases other's claimed were unsolvable, But his farther never wavered and always saw a case through till its end. Until one day his dad had solved a case, this one was the worst case he had ever taken. People were disappearing and their house's were being burnt down, Everyone believed it was just some random electrical fires or something. His farther though different, he thought that someone was setting houses on fire with people inside the house, But his farther didn't know why there were no survivors. His farther eventually found a lead, A house was set on fire and the only survivor was a young boy. This boy, who was only a year younger than Salvin, Had been tortured both mentally and physically. After the child testified against the criminals, He went insane and was permitted to an institute. This destroyed the detective, he thought about how it could be his own son, Salvin. After that case he turned in his badge and never looked back. This didn't deter Salvin though, he was determined to be a great detective, Even better than his farther. He was doing a good job at it to, He and CJ were both detectives, partners actually, And they had just taken up a new case. Something about strange scream's and sometime's even insane laughter coming from the institute, it was more a complaint from citizens than anything else. However the chief though it warranted an investigation. So here he is.
weapon: His fathers GLOCK, His farther had given it to him begrudgingly after Salvin achieved the rank of detective.
extra: His farther was Andy Auxil, The Detective that investigated and questioned Aerotos. Since Salvin aspires to be better than his farther he had read the majority of reports involving his dad, including the one that ended his career
relationships: Best friends with CJ
appearance(pic): (once again, yes pic)
 name: Salvin Auxil gender: Male age: 20 mental illness: Some might say he has a compulsive need to
il y a plus d’un an Dizmo said…
Haunt owner: Aerotos Nimus
Haunt nickname: Jim
characteristics: Always covered in spikes
origin of Haunt: This is the demon that approached him after killing his mother with a knife.
 Haunt owner: Aerotos Nimus Haunt nickname: Jim characteristics: Always covered in spikes origin of
il y a plus d’un an Dizmo said…
Haunt owner: Aerotos Nimus
Haunt nickname: Jake
characteristics: Always Bleeding
origin of Haunt: This is the demon that was covered in his fathers blood.
 Haunt owner: Aerotos Nimus Haunt nickname: Jake characteristics: Always Bleeding origin of Haunt:
il y a plus d’un an Dizmo said…
Haunt owner: Aerotos Nimus
Haunt nickname: Frank
characteristics: Always burning
origin of Haunt: This is the demon that set fire to his house and parents.
 Haunt owner: Aerotos Nimus Haunt nickname: Frank characteristics: Always burning origin of Haunt:
il y a plus d’un an Dizmo said…
Aerotos was caught up in his own thought, blocking out everything else as he did so. 'what is going on?' He wondered, 'what or who is doing this? Who would do something like this? Is there anyone else alive around here?' As if fate wanted to mess with Aerotos after the last question passed through his mind he was toppled over by. "WHAT THE FUCK" He cried as he slammed into the ground. Aerotos scurried to his feet, backing away and aiming the gun at the pale figure as he did so. "what the hell, who are you? are you doing" Aerotos gestured to all the hanging corpses "all of this?" Aerotos didn't know who this person was and was treating him as a threat for know, but a part of Aerotos knew that if there was a chance to fix any of this, it would have to be done together.
il y a plus d’un an catos971 said…
'ah, sorry' Idan stood up to face Aerotos 'i honestly don-' Idan had been reaching down to pick up his gun and had accidentally fired his gun at the ground. the noise had changed his personality to Dexter. Idan flipped around to point the gun at point blank range at Aerotos's head 'i'm asking you the same question, who are you?'
il y a plus d’un an Dizmo said…
"No you first" Aerotos was determined to keep in control He aimed his gun at the mysterious mans arm and shot, hitting his hand forcing him to drop the gun. It looked like he took of a finger, Aerotos wasn't sure which one. "Do not point that gun at me, got it?" Aerotos seethed with anger as he said those words "now tell me your name"

Salvin had parked the car and started to walk up to the Hospital with his Partner "well this is the place" the gates to the hospital they had passed were open, one of them had lost a hinge and leaned on an angle, several of the lights that were visible from the front of the hospital were flickering on and off while others just remained off. This coupled with the cloudy night sky and dying plant life formed a very unique atmosphere. "Creepy, you scared CJ?" Salvin asked his partner, attempting to poke fun at her to lighten the eerie mood.
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il y a plus d’un an catos971 said…
'course not!' CJ replied, 'Hey! we might be able to get some info from the cameras!' CJ said running into the security camera room 'huh check this out!' CJ called to Salvin 'whoa...' she said 'what the fu-' CJ everything turned to darkness as she passed out. CJ woke up in a battered room with hanging bodies and sharpened bloody tools sticking out of the floor and walls 'S-SALVIN!!!! I SWEAR TO GOD IF THIS IS A FUCKING TRICK I'LL KILL YOU!!!!'


'GAH!' Idan fell to the ground clutching his finger. the pain jolted him back to Eric, 'uh, I-I'm Idan.gah i'm so sorry i have got other people inside me the like to kill people...'
il y a plus d’un an Dizmo said…
Aerotos slowly lowered his weapon, flicking on the safety then sticking it in the back of his pants. "are any of those people going to kill me, or can we all get along and be friends so we can find a way out of this fucked situation?" Aerotos was cautious but this Idan seemed to have calmed down considerably, "my name is Aerotos by the way"

Salvin had started to follow CJ when she went to look at the security camera's, but had stopped in the lobby. He saw a shadow turn around a corner further down the hall. When he followed and turned the corner to investigate, hand in his gun, he began to feel faint and the world around him went dark. "what the fuc-" he was cut of mid sentence when he passed out. When he woke up he was in the middle of the wood's, surrounded by dead bodies that were hanging from tree's "holy shit" he said to himself as he looked upon the spectacle in horror. He was snapped out of his trance when he heard a gunshot followed by a scream of pain, going to investigate he saw one man putting away his gun and another man griping his hand in pain. He slowly approach while drawing his gun, but stayed out of site in case he could obtain information about what was going on before he revealed himself.
il y a 5 mois piclover1026 said…
Do you know the Second game