jeu de rôle aléatoire The Ones That Don't Belong

Sableye21 posted on May 21, 2014 at 12:48AM

You arrive in a town called Stonesville. The people are weird we you see them,some pale skinned. Everybody is like that. It's like YOU DON"T BELONG. don't know it but they're after you. Every time humans come into Stoneville...there's always bloody murder. Some of those pale skinned creature [why can't I already say Vampires already lol] will help you...some won't. Now your a escape.....just you and your other people you find on the way.....Find a way out of Stonesville.....and get to safety without getting bit [Turning into deadly one/vamps] or eaten...

Character Sheet:

[Mine....MY OC!...COPYRIGHT lol....)

Human/Anti Vamp [Helps Human]/Deadly Vamps/Other?: Dragon/Human
(Yes..I will allow demons ect.)

Name: Stephano or S*doesn't have last name*
Age: ??? Looks 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Laid-Back,Gets furious when friends are in danger,and gots lots of confidence when dealing with stuff.
Appearance: Pic
Bio: N/A (Allow if your an Other,and least 2-3 lines for humans and anit-vamps


Sex and Cursing aloud....about Sex...please don't put really descriptive words
Everything else is allowed to do....YAy xD


You guys can do an Interview if you like......This is for anybody to join....and this rp is for my rping career and for my friends. I've been off lately so this is my arrival intro...


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il y a plus d’un an XxmousexX said…
name: kristy loven
appearnce: (pic)
personality:sweet,shy, kind,careing, but when on blood lust, dangerous,wild, and feirce
 name: kristy loven age:18 appearnce: (pic) gender:female human/vampire:vampirie personality:swee
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
Name: Alyss Cambrie
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Personality: Calm and collective, lone wolf type, shy, cautious, hard to trust others
Appearance: Pic
Bio: N/A to the public eye
Human/Vampire: Illusionist and Mage
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 Name: Alyss Cambrie Age: N/A Gender: Female Personality: Calm and collective, lone loup type, shy
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
Name: Ryuu Bree
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Personality: cautious, proud but selfless, kind, knows when to be serious and when to have fun
Appearance: PIC
Bio: N/A But only Ryuu knows Alyss' background
Human/vampire: Mage
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 Name: Ryuu Bree Age: N/A Gender: Male Personality: cautious, proud but selfless, kind, knows when
il y a plus d’un an XxmousexX said…
((Yay more people!!))
il y a plus d’un an Time_Master said…
[Name] Para


[Gender] Female

[Race] Time Paradox

[Appearance] Pic


◄[When people see her]
Something feels... off about her, you feel as if she isn't supposed to be there, she isn't suposed to be seen, she isn't supposed to be felt, or known, it makes you uncomfortable.

◄[Real Biography]
The personification of Time Paradoxes, she doesn't know what she is, she doesn't know where she came from, all she knows, is Wonder around, walk, talk, found out about the world, explore it's possibilities, find it's secrets... solve it's mysteries


►she ignores the world of Logic, by this i mean she can ignore gravity, walk up walls, enter a door and walk out a different exit. Logic will not work the same with her as it does to others, things will have different effects, bullets might tickle, whilst a punch might shatter her bones.
 [[b]Name[/b]] Para [[b]Age[/b]] ERROR [[b]Gender[/b]] Female [[b]Race[/b]] Time Paradox [
tigerfinn commented…
she kinda reminds of chuunibyo il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Time_Master said…
((Can we start?))
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
((Can we? :3 ))
il y a plus d’un an Time_Master said…
((i want to :3 but we need Sableye to say yes first... how bout if he doesn't reply in 24 hours we just begin?))
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
((Sure!! ^_^ ))
il y a plus d’un an Firiel said…
Name : Kaminashi Lethe
Age : Unknown but looks like 16 or 17
Gender : Female
Species : Vampire

Bio :
Her Element is Fire. She can use her power in a psychical form in order to attack or she can act as a healer. She can see into future but not always.

Personality :

Other Power : Usual Power as Vampire : She can Run Fast and Power from her fangs and claws
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 Name : Kaminashi Lethe Age : Unknown but looks like 16 ou 17 Gender : Female Species : Vampire
il y a plus d’un an kittyluv57 said…
Name: Dawn

Age: unknown, looks 17 or 18

Gender: female

Personality: she tends to stay away from people, but if you talk to her, she's a very caring and friendly person. She'll stand up for the few friends she has.

Appearance: pic

Bio: she and her twin are elves. That's right, elves, even if they don't look like it. They 're the keepers of Light and dark. Dawn controls light, while her sister controls dark. She can manipulate all kinds of light. Sunlight, starlight, moonlight, and kinds of light you've probably never even heard of. In fact, with enough power, light can be manifested into a powerful physical form. The reason she and her twin live in this town is secret to everyone but them. However, just by looking at them, you can tell that they're different. And not just from the others in the town, but from the rest of the world.
None of this is known to anyone but themselves.

 Name: Dawn Age: unknown, looks 17 ou 18 Gender: female Personality: she tends to stay away
il y a plus d’un an kittyluv57 said…
Name: Dusk

Age: unknown, looks the same as her sister

Gender: female

Personality: dark, mysterious, and quiet. She's not all that into helping people. She likes to seem independent and alone, but in reality she relys on her sister to help her through. She follows whatever she does.

Appearance: pic

Bio: the same as her sister, except she is the keeper of darkness. She can control all kinds of dark, and manifest it into a powerful physical form.
 Name: Dusk Age: unknown, looks the same as her sister Gender: female Personality: dark, myst
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
(Wow so many girls XD)

Name: Erik Stanford
Age: looks 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Daredevil, friendly, fun-loving, dislikes being bound by the rules, free, curious
Appearance: Pic
Bio: Erik is one of the few friends of Ryuu and Alyss and also someone who experienced the same thing as them. The thing is that he was offered a scholarship to this academy that offered education on everything including self-defense but in reality, that academy just taught him, Ryuu and Alyss to be cold-blooded killers. Erik won't disclose anything else about Alyss or Ryuu because they trust him to keep it to himself.
Human/Vampire: Vampire (but he denies it)
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 (Wow so many girls XD) Name: Erik Stanford Age: looks 18 Gender: Male Personality: Daredevil, f
Firiel commented…
Lol, thanks for being a boy! Cool dude btw! il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
((Let's have a vote, start a temporary plot line now then when Sableye comes back, start a new one? or wait for his reply after 24 hours?))
Firiel commented…
start a temporary plot line sounds good. wait, another 24 hours from now? il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
((Well Time and I already established that we'd start like about now cause it's already been 24 hours since this has been created))
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
One last boy XP

name: Viktor Xavier
age: xxxx
gender: male
personality: proud, ruthless, greedy, lustful, lazy, wrathful, glutton, envious, trickster, troublemaker
appearance: pic
Bio: Viktor is the founder of the Academy which Erik, Ryuu and Alyss all attended. It is indeed an academy that taught superior education as well as advanced assassination skills. His goal is to eliminate all inferior beings or otherwise known as humans. Although his academy only inhabited humans, he loved the idea of the human race being extinguished by their own kind. Viktor was cruel to his students and forced them to kill every ounce of weak emotions in them, those being: fear, anger and He is the embodiment of the 7 deadly sins!
Human/Vampire: Vampire of course! Humans are inferior!
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 One last boy XP name: Viktor Xavier age: xxxx gender: male personality: proud, ruthless, greedy
il y a plus d’un an Time_Master said…
walking... walking... walking... listening... hearing... beat... beat... beat... the sound of the hearts around her... one of the world's mysteries... an organ, that never stops until blood is taken away... is it the blood that makes it work?............... walking... walking...

The paradox girl was walking the same path as she was yesterday, repeating it over and over again... what was she doing?.
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
Ryuu stopped in the middle of his tracks as he eyed an empty alleyway across the street he was in. It was in the dead of night and he was looking for someone or something. In the alleyway a figures appeared in the shadows as he heard the a ringing of...bells? The eerie melody of high-pitched bells filled the empty alley and gave off an uncomfortable aura. But that didn't bother him as a grin grew on his face. The tension in his shoulders eased as he folded his arms "Don't think that you got me for a second there" he chuckled out loud as the figure disappeared. "Alyss" he called out as she came out from behind him, dark shadows materialized her body. "Where have you been?" he ruffled his fingers through his messy hair.
She raised a brow at him and rolled her eyes. Why should she answer him anyway, he knows everything about her. To her, Ryuu was like an older brother who stuck with her even if she sometimes had this malicious aura lurking around her. He went through the same torture she has before and understood that she had every reason to be cautious. But he moved on and wanted to escape that life unlike Alyss, who chose to dwell in that hell till the end.

Erik walked in the rain, his hands tucked warmly in his coat pockets as water drips down from his hair. He was looking down the entire time and was not really looking where he was going. He didn't know where to go from now. The last time he has seen Ryuu and Alyss was a couple of months ago when Ryuu mentioned that he had felt this slight evil sensation up North and they were heading towards it. Erik couldn't really care less about any kind of war, he stayed neutral because being neutral would mean that he was free to do anything he wishes to do. His keen senses can pick up traces of time anomalies and time disruptions but his powers are too weak to do anything about it. He doesn't like revealing his powers to anyone but he will if the time truly calls for it.

Viktor remained in his mansion and watched the humans walk past it like they were avoiding it, for good reason. For the past few years, the number of human casualties have increased and all caused by vampires. Viktor being the most notorious of all of them. The government had been concealing the secret of the vampires since they were being manipulated by the Xavier Family. His family is very powerful in both the human and vampire world and is increasing in power by the month. More and more vamps are being born but more and more are also being killed. "Oh I can't wait until we initiate Operation Revelation" he cooed to himself as he took a sip of red wine in a glass. He was watching his former students from his magical mirror that revealed everything he wishes. That's how he keeps track of his victims and others.
il y a plus d’un an Time_Master said…
Name: Chronos

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Species: Time

Time itself, though Chronos has remained hidden in the human world, watching everyone and everything die and fall to the sands of time, he has materialized into a human form. because there was somthing that of which was not meant to be, he's come to find it... and to kill it.

It's nearly impossible for people to know what he is, if they're closer than 5 meters, then they can detect what he is.


Chronos took a step forward... it was 300 years ago when the brick he is standing on was placed... he knew pretty much when everything will live... and die, all except one thing.
the paradox.

Time walks throughout the city, searching for it, though he detect it, he can find it the old fashioned human way.

Para stopped...

a feeling very familiar came to her twisted senses, though she could see clear as day, and the rain didn't make her wet in the slightest, the feeling of your own beginning was something which was not twisted. where was this... 'base'? she began to run now, attempting to find it.
 Name: Chronos Age: ??? Gender: Male Species: Time Biography: Time itself, though Chronos
il y a plus d’un an Firiel said…
Lethe enjoyed rain from inside the restaurant. She sat near the window. The window is wide enough for her to watch the town scenery in rain, people running from everywhere to anywhere. Humans are fools, she thinks. She doesn't really like heavy rain or scorching sun ....
il y a plus d’un an kittyluv57 said…
If you looked closely at the rooftops of stonesville, you would notice two girls that looked to be exact opposites sitting on the roof of a tall building. If you continued to watch, you would notice they seemed different from the normal pale-faced inhabitants of this town. One was cheerful looking with silver hair, and seemed almost to glow and illuminate her surroundings. On her other side was a girl who seemed to darken everything she touched. This was dawn and dusk. They were the keepers of light and dark, the sisters of day and night. Dawn was watching the people go about their daily lives, while dusk looked like she might fall asleep.
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
Alyss let her bells ring continuously as she looked up, her hood still covering her eyes.
"We're not the only ones here, aren't we?" Ryuu patted her shoulder as she nodded slowly.
Alyss sensed numerous supernatural happenings going on in this single time dimension. It bothered her but her powers did not allow her to disrupt the flow of time. Alyss is an illusionist and an animalian mage, her own powers create illusions while her powers as a mage allowed her to harness the powers of animals. Her animal partners consisted of a large 8-inched black widow spider and the English song bird Wren. Let's not forget that she is a graduate of an assassin academy. Her clients call her the "Death Stinger" as she usually uses that special form of magic which allowed her animals to turn into actual weapons and aid her in battle. Her nose wrinkled in this horrible scent that wafted through her nose.

In no time Ryuu began sensing it too. "Is that....blood?" he coughed in disgust as he readied his powers. Ryuu is a mage of Lightning and Ice, he's a dual wielder who mastered both elements. In addition to that, he's a known assassin whose assassinations go by the name "Cold Sleep". His right hand enveloped in blue lightning as he moved "Will you stay here or spectate?" But by the time he asked her that question, she had already gone. "Spectate it is then."
Few clicks away from their position was a vampiric feast. Alyss arrived on the scene in the form of shadows as she watched them coldly. Some people who are turned vampires experience this animalistic sensation during the first few months of their undead evolution. And these youngsters were wreaking havoc in the Downtown area. A soft hiss escaped Alyss' lips as her spider whom she called "Arachnia" turned into a small dagger which kills by injecting poison upon each stab.

It was impossible to miss the dying screams caused by his newly born children. Viktor grinned as he watched from his mirror. All the people he had turned, had bloodlust struck in their eyes and fresh blood flowing down their mouths. It was a beautiful scene for the Vampiric Lord and he regretted not going with them. But some things have to be done and so he stayed. "Look at these fools. They wanted the taste of immortality and I gave it to them. We shall watch and see what this unfolds" Viktor chuckled again as he licked his lips with lustful desire. "The season of hunting is falling upon us."
il y a plus d’un an Firiel said…
Lethe saw a vision : there are two creature fight against a few others.
She have to help them! Lethe run as fast as the wind..
Lethe arrived in blur form. She's in the middle of a bloody fight! She show her defense, her claws and her fangs.
Which side she choose to help?
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
Alyss sensed a new party joining the massacre. She felt the vampiric aura from the person and hissed to herself again. She disintegrates into thin air again and appears right behind Ryuu.
Ryuu looked over his shoulder to see some shadows forming in one spot. "Another one huh Alyss?" he chuckled as a grin formed on his face. His lightning became excited and danced around his palm as he eyed the new arrival. "Will you make the first move?" he hummed.

Viktor raised a brow as he saw the familiar shadow form behind another familiar figure. "Bree and Cambrie? My best students" he snickered to himself causing some drops of wine to drip down his chin. He then wiped them off and continued to smirk "How interesting. Show me the skill of graduated students" he chuckled.

The newly turned vampires turned Ryuu's way and hissed, fresh blood rolling down their mouths. They hissed like wild animals and bore their razor sharp fangs and claws, readying a frontal attack on them and the new party member. "Too late to watch the show" Ryuu chuckled as he bolted forward with the same nature as his lightning, jolting the new vamps and incinerated their insides.
il y a plus d’un an Firiel said…
Lethe saw another vision... The vision of the destruction of the world if she choose wrong side.

Lethe came to a decision. "I'm at your side. Tell me what to do," said Lethe to the mages. She moved to Ryuu and Alyss' side.
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il y a plus d’un an kittyluv57 said…
Dawn turned, and saw what looked like vampires and Mages fighting. She nudged dusk. "Hey, dusk. Look at that." Dusk Sat up and looked in that direction. She sighed. "So? What can we do about it? Cause trouble?" She smiled, and shot a beam of darkness towards the fight, one that would envelop them in shadows making everyone unable to see.
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
Name: Rinne
Age: Looks about 18
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire/Demon
Personality: Mysterious, quiet
Appearance: pic
Bio: When Rinne was little, she was found on the streets by a kid named Sou. Ever since, she has been living with him and grandparents. For some reason, she has no memories of her life before living on the streets.
Other: She only drinks animal blood. She has never once had human blood out of respect for the people who raised her.
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 Name: Rinne Age: Looks about 18 Gender: Female Species: Vampire/Demon Personality: Mysterious, q
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
Name: Sou Smith
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Protective, serious, kind, refuses to hit girls no matter what/who they are, hard worker
Appearance: Pic
Bio: A hard working blacksmith expert who has been traveling with his step sister, Rinne, looking for more material. He was raised well and to always respect and protect women. He makes the best and high quality weapons around and when he and rinne entered Stonesville, they knew something was wrong. Until he finds a way out of town, he will do everything he can to protect those close to.
 Name: Sou Smith Age: 20 Gender: Male Species: Human Personality: Protective, serious, kind, ref
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
Sou and Rinne were walking around when Rinne stopped and looked in the direction of supernatural power.
Sou stopped and turned around when noticed that she had stopped. "What is it?"
Rinne kept staring in the direction. "There is great magic being used in that direction."
Sou looked over to where she was looking but didn't really see much. "Well that is none of our business. We need to find a way out as soon as possible. Come one." He started walking again and Rinne hesitated before following him.
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
Ryuu eyed the girl who ran to his side then chuckled "The more the merrier right?" he winked as he clapped his hands together to create a huge field of static "Man that's a lot of new vamps. Guess the old man's been busy huh Alyss?"

Alyss hissed at his remark and threw a poison needle towards the forehead of one of them. In less than a minute the body laid dead. "Finish quickly or more will come" she added for she isn't a big fan of crowds. Her black widow hung by her left side, spreading invisible silk threads.
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
No matter how hard he looked and tried, there was no escape. He has been searching for a way ever since they arrived. Sou sighed in frustration and sat down on the ground, feeling a bit defeated. "I don't what else to do. The only thing I can think of now is just...continuing to make a living here. I got my blacksmith job which is pretty good."
Rinne looked at her step brother and sat down next to him.
Sou patted her on the head without looking. "We'll make it through. We have so far." When he put his hand down, he winced and jerked his hand away. When he looked at it, there was a peace of glass stuck in his palm. Blood slowly oozed out of the wound, making him curse. "We better get back to the shop. Any vamp get a whiff of this and we're in trouble.
Rinne nodded, staring at his bleeding palm but then looked away.
Sou rushed towards the direction of the shop, holding his hand close to him with rinne close behind, already knowing that a vamp would catch the smell of fresh blood.
il y a plus d’un an Firiel said…
Lethe make a grin. "Merry? I think I'll have fun in this." Lethe fires a few ball of fire towards the newborn vamp. She then throw a very big ball of fire. But the new vamp were good. They dodge but of course they're not that good. Two vampires were laying dead. "Yay! Got two! My vision of future not that bad, you know! I'll know where you'll move, so be careful!" Lethe clapped her hands. Somehow, she's back to her childish self..
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
Ryuu chuckled at the girl who took pleasure in dealing with these creatures "Good job mate. Just try not to make it too flashy, if the town guards were to find us, we'd....well Alyss can get me out of sight. Dunno about you. But ponder about that later, let's deal with these things!"

Alyss pulled some new vamps into a darkened alley with her web-like steel cables that she carries around as part of her manner of attacking. There she poisoned them in the darkness and disposed of the bodies inside the nearby sewers. They had nothing to worry about, Alyss had cloaked the entire alley in an illusion, only special humans can see through it. But that can't protect them from reinforcements. More are coming.
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
Sou looked around for a short cut to the shop and saw an alley way that looked kind of out of place with someone standing there. He frowned and walked towards it. When he got closer, he felt Rinne pull on his shirt. He looked back at her and saw she was frowning towards the alley. "What's wrong Rinne?" He asked.
Rinne looked at him and shook her head. "Don't go. Not safe."
Sou frowned and looked at the alley. "But its a short cut. I need to get this hand wrapped up better." He only managed to wrap the wound with a cloth.
Rinne pulled him away. "Not safe. Something...something is coming."
il y a plus d’un an Firiel said…
"Haha.. Don't worry, boy. I'm a vamp. I came here run in, so I'll go from here by run out. Life is that simple," giggled Lethe. She fires a few more fire balls. But, she could heard footsteps. "Well, work have be done, right?"
il y a plus d’un an kittyluv57 said…
Dusk giggled at the trouble, and dawn just sighed. "Come on, dusk." She said, "it's getting late. We can hop over the rooftops to get home." Dusk rolled her eyes, but got up and followed anyway. They began to jump, hopping from rooftop to rooftop. They landed in a small alley, they could walk from here. Suddenly, dawn turned. There were two people watching them from across the street.
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
Sou wanted to get closer but Rinne kept pulling him back. Sou sighed and looked at Rinne. "Do you really not want to go down there? Even though it is quicker this way?"
Rinne kept starting at the figure in the alley.
Sou pulled away and walked towards the alley. "Excuse me." He paused when he saw Dawn and Dusk. "Whoa...."
il y a plus d’un an Firiel said…
Lethe saw four figures, she doesn't feel good, "Well done, I guess, gotta go!" said Lethe. "Farewell," she winked to the mages and running away in a blur.
Lethe smell fresh blood and go to that direction, she saw four figures. "U lala. Vampire, Human, and elf in one place," she smirked.
il y a plus d’un an Ayaka said…
Alyss watched her as some shadows hooked up in the vampire's own shadow. "Don't tell me you're tracking her too" Ryuu palmed his face as he turned to the shadow figure hanging in a bunch of webs above the alley. Alyss tracks everyone in the vicinity just to be on the safe side. She's paranoid about dangers and she does this regularly, Ryuu knows this. "Now how about this new vamps? Don't they look particular?" he inspected some of the bodies the vamp girl burned off but they were still recognizable "The bite marks....they're similar to his way of marking..."

Alyss looked in the direction of which the vamp girl ran as her shadows sensed another supernatural occurrence near there. "Could this be his doing?" she whispered as Ryuu shrugged his shoulders.
"Where is he?" she hissed under her breath as they began walking in the direction the vamp girl had. They were looking for someone but they had no place to start.

Erik felt a disturbance in the peace as a smirk grew on his face "I know this strong sense of negativity. Cambrie's nearby" he chuckled as his eyes flashed a color of red and a bloodlust instinct overcame him "Blood" he groaned lowly. However, taking out a knife and cutting himself on the hand, his human self emerged once again "I can't let them see this side of me. Not her...." he hissed in pain and slowly bandaged the wound with a strip of cloth ripped from his own jacket. He then began to walk but stopped as he eyed two figures standing on the rooftops of some buildings.

Viktor laughed evilly as he saw the courage to fight the urge to feed from Erik. Erik was his newly born son, or in other terms, Viktor had just bitten Erik and turned him into a vampire in the hopes that he would lead Viktor into Alyss and Ryuu. Those 3 were his top students and he wanted them to lead the slaughter of mankind. "My son, let's see how this will play out" he chuckled as he ran a sharp knife along the soft skin of this sacrifice made to him by the villagers. It was a girl with a cloth around her mouth, muffling the screams of agony resonating from deep inside her throat. He cut her and watched as ruby red blood flowed out of the wound. His eyed flashed a bright red and enjoyed the pained screams of his victim as he drank her dry. "Such delicious blood only from the young virgin of the lord of town. Beautiful....Yet inferior. Oh the irony" Viktor sang as he dropped the lifeless body on to the floor "So good to be evil."

((anyone else wondering where the maker of this delightful RP went? Oh and I shall take the pleasure of being the evil one here if that's okay. Of course someone else can be evil either with me or a completely different evil :D hehe just asking :O ))
il y a plus d’un an Firiel said…
Lethe saw another vision in her head : The two mages are going into her directions. Another smirk appear on Lethe's face.
il y a plus d’un an Firiel said…
Name : Kaminashi Kyosuke

Age : Unknown but looks like 18

Gender : Male

Power : Basically is Wood and Water

Personality : Mature and will Protect someone he loved, even if that needs to sacrifice himself.

Appearance : Refer to the Picture

Bio : She call Lethe 'Big Sister' though they're not biological siblings. Lethe found him someday on the streets and take care of him.

(perhaps Sableye21 gone somewhere, and about being evil, of course it's okay)
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 Name : Kaminashi Kyosuke Age : Unknown but looks like 18 Gender : Male Power : Basically is
il y a plus d’un an kittyluv57 said…
"Um . . ." Dawn stuttered, not sure what to do. Dusk stayed silent, glaring at everyone around her. "Well . . . Hello." Dawn finally said, "is there something you need?" Dusk continued to glare.
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
Sou just kept staring at Dawn. "Oh're so...beautiful..." He quickly shook his head. "I-I mean um hi! I'm Sou and this is my sister, Rinne."
Rinne frowned as she looked at them. They had a strange smell about them and she didn't like it.
Sou didn't notice. "We were just walking by and uh was wondering if you guys had some kind of bandage. My hand is bleeding." He pointed to hand that was soaking the rag with blood.
il y a plus d’un an kittyluv57 said…
Dusk just scowled deeper. Dawn nudged her. "Don't be so tense." She muttered. "They just need help. She looked back at them. "I think I have something that can help." She answered, and held out her hand. "Just give me your hand and I can fix it."
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
Sou held out his hand to her and Rinne kept a close eye on dawn, making sure she didn't try anything funny.
il y a plus d’un an kittyluv57 said…
Dawn took his hand, and concentrated. If used in the right way, light had the power to seal up wounds. Sure enough, there was flash where the wound was, and it was sealed. She sighed. "There. It should stop bleeding now. Just don't put too much strain on it, it's not entirely healed." She dropped his hand. "By the way, what's your name?"
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
Sou removed the rag and stared at his healed hand. "Wow; that's amazing! " he looked at her. "It's Sou Smith. I'm a blacksmith. What's your name?"
il y a plus d’un an kittyluv57 said…
She smiled. "I'm Dawn. And this is my twin sister dusk. She pulled dusk out so she could be seen better, she blended into the dark. Dusk scowled, and didn't say anything. Her sister had always been a more social and friendly person. However, just like the darkness itself, she was beautiful in her own way.
il y a plus d’un an xXDreamWriterXx said…
Sou stared at Dusk. "Wow, you're also beautiful..." He quickly shook his head again. "Uh and this is my little sister, Rinne." He pulled her from behind him to stand next to him.
Rinne stared at them, frowning, and just like dusk,, didn't say anything.
il y a plus d’un an kittyluv57 said…
Dusk rolled her eyes, and tugged on her sister's sleeve. "Dawn, shouldn't we go?" She muttered. Dawn shook her head. "Oh don't be silly dusk, we've only just met!" She turned back to the others. "So, how long have you guys been here?"