((This is a story i once drept of, one i had control over too, i decided to tell of my dream, in the Dream i was indeed named Garry but i only had control of the actions taken, the person in the dream, 'garry' had his own reactions to the events i created, i Don't own any of the images, and these images are not the exact sights i dreamt, these are simply the closest i could find to the dream))

Huh... well.. how to begin?
i guess I'll start with my name, and this dream.
This is my story, of the world i created, and the time i spent in it.

I'm Garry (you can see him to the right), i had a last name, but I'll drop it for now. as for how i created my own world, I'll have to start from the world i was born in.

YOUR world. the one you're in right now. Earth. I was 26 at the time, life wasn't doing so well, i was in massive debt, not because i borrowed money, but because i hospitalized plenty of people. anyway, i was down in a rut, stuck in a gutter, and i needed help... family wasn't an option, didn't have any left. and Friends weren't there to help either. so i had a last resort, God.

i know plenty of folks don't think he's real, but shit man i used to, i went to a church, not sure what church but a church, sat down and prayed for help... what i got toi could say was help.

"How about this, I am curious, and toi will satisfy my curiosity."
"w-what?... i must be going crazy"
i a dit aloud in that church, i was alone in there, no priest, no guests... no one

"I will give toi the power, my power"
"what? whaddia on about? who are you?"
"I am, who i am. toi have my power now, and it is yours to do with as toi please, i expel toi from my world, go! do what toi will"

"wait? what? wh-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
i started falling, into nothing, the world around me was gone, i was in nothing , i had stopped falling, toi can't fall without gravity... but, how was i alive? i wasn't breathing, my cœur, coeur not beating... yet my skin was still warm, i knew this cause my clothing was warm still...

"your... power?"
i didn't know what to do, what was happening... but i wanted to try something

in a brilliant flash of light, and if there were atoms for sound to travel i suspect i might've gone deaf, but stars, giant burning balls of Gas, red, white, orange, blue, green, all variations of colours of stars burst apart, spreading far out into nothing, i could see my own hand now, thanks to the light of a nearby white star...

i named the star, it would be my center point for now, till i had figured out what was going on, so far i knew something had donné me it's powers... God?

Being God was... scary, what was i supposed to do?... i spent who knows how long, floating among nothing, thinking and thinking, over and over about how the world i once lived in worked... could i return there... and which God had donné me powers... i never found out.

instead i decided i needed an 'earth'... the lack of others was going to drive me insane, but i didn't know how to do it... i guess i could've done it anyway i pleased, so i started with the basics.

as i had spoke, a planet, entirely covered in water begun to form below me, in Orbit with the star... it was too close though, the water evaporated, the planet was now a smoldering metal sphere with clouds for an atmosphere... i supposed i had to do it further away, so i tried again.

this time, much further away from Gol, i didn't know how far planets needed to be, but this one was quite alot better... but too far, this time it froze, i hadn't noticed at the time but the 2 planets were caught in each other's gravity, so whilst i was thinking of exactly where to put the suivant 'earth' the 2 collided, it was horrific.

the first earth, the larger one, collided with the second, the smaller one, the result was dazzling to me, but i felt scared at the same time... if those planets had been inhabited, i would've killed so many, i was frightened of what i was capable of... i had the powers of God, but not the knowledge.

but, i did figure something out, my powers weren't 'talk and it be so', they were simply 'it is'...


with that single word, my imagination of 'space' came into existence, planets begun inhabiting solar systems.

Beautiful colours burst to life

Planets of my dreams came to being

my mind burst out into the nothing, creating everything, and nearby, a perfect planet, in perfect orbit.

i came down to the planet, flying above the forest down below... i was happy with the creation of this planet... but i soon became saddened, as i had realised nothing lived to see this, no life was around, i was alone in my world.

my mind drawn to my family, tears streamed down my face... i could easily use this power, bring them to life, but i knew it wouldn't be 'them'... if that makes sense.

even with my Godly powers, i couldn't even use them to make myself happy... ou could I?

i thought now, of how to create life... i would simply need to say 'life' and it would be so, but what should i have imagined? what would i need to think of, what would happen... so i thought, and now with a étoile, star and planet of orbit, i had an idea of passage of time.. ou sort of, this planet was large, much larger than Earth... speaking of this planet, i gave it a name.

"Mod" was what i named it... the idea funny to me, in my accueil world i enjoyed to play a Game named 'Garrys Mod' since i am Garry, this planet would be 'Garry's mod'
i chuckled to myself about the idea, anyway, back to the 'Life' situation.

on Mod, i thought for 13 days, thinking over and over about how i would create life, staying in the sky of Mod... i hadn't been hungry, nor thirsty... i wasn't cold, nor was i hot... how could i be sure this planet was fine for life?... but it had plants, clearly, a forest down below, trees and bush, shrubs and more... i sighed, i need time... time to think, time to emballage, wrap my head around this... i had a plan.

I needed humans to exist, at the minimum Human Life must be created... so i thought about it, 'human life' and i thought of more, the process of Evolution would be the path they take. and so i spoke.
i wasn't sure if that was it, so i kept talking
"Live, grow, fly and swim, exist and breathe... be alive"

With those words, i could feel it, not just on Mod, planets far out into my world begun having microscopic inhabitants... and soon, they'd follow the process of Evolution... and i could feel it below too...

My human kind, down below, an unknown microbe to me, would eat, grow, and evolve into humanity... with this, i was almost satisfied. next: Watchers.

Beings that would watch over, whilst i took the final part of my current plan into action, whilst i slept there would be beings to watch over Mod. in my accueil world they were named 'Angels', but in my world, i will name them...

Before me, exactly two hundred and thirty seven 'Segs' came into being, in the air aswell, they begun to fall, i panicked, quickly calling out "HEAVEN!"

before i knew it, i was standing in a beautiful place, Water as far as i could see, and a single arbre stood behind me... lying in the water... or, ontop? of the water, lay the Segs.

I knew they would build apon this place, where exactly this place was i did not know... another dimension?... i knew that wasn't right though.

the Segs were all unconscious, and close par me, lay the one i would name the leader of the Segs.

I gave her a copy of my power, ou so i thought... i couldn't give her my full power, which was a strange feeling to me now, knowing i still have SOME limit... so she was essentially a Demi-God. i didn't want to name her, but i did give her the titre of 'Archet', which would mean the Leader of the Segs, i would allow them all, to name themselves.

in the mind of the Archet, i gave her simply a single command, something she would need to follow.

"Do not interfere with humanity's evolution"

in her unconscious state, she replied with an 'mm-hmm'

i chuckled, i could feel that if she was awake, she and i would get along, our thoughts alike... was that the way my mind wanted it, ou was it simply a good coincidence.

either way, suivant up, with 'angels' there had to be 'demons', and my world wouldn't be different, these Segs could indeed create plus of their own kind, but i will make it that they can also choose, if they wish to become

In all of them, the Archet excluded, i gave them the choice to become Bukra, 'demons'... except one.

i moved over to one of the Segs, a male. i gave him the titre of 'Jukk', Head of Bukras... then, along with me, i returned him to Mod, i remained afloat in the sky, and him. i placed him in the accueil of the Bukras, much like 'heaven' it wasn't here, but it was too, if that makes sense.

i changed his appearance, and took his wings. the Bukra would not need them. i gave him the same powers as i did the Archet, another Demi-God, and i gave him the a dit command... he replied with a groan, he would listen to the command, he didn't seem to care.

I wasn't sure what the accueil of the Bukra looked like, i didn't take myself there, i knew though that it was ok there, i wasn't one to make one people prosper and another suffer, he wouldn't be any worse off than the Segs.

and now, the final part of my current plan.


i would hid myself in the atmosphere of Mod, make myself invisible, untouchable, unreachable, it would be as if i didn't exist... and with that done, i decided to sleep. to have time to myself, to think without worries on my world.

and so, as i closed my eyes, the seeping dark i once had known when 'God' first left me here, but this time, it didn't feel as empty, nor as lonely.

and so, i slept, my mind wandering, about the world i had made, about the world i had left behind.

i fell into my sleep.

((This is where i awoke, i might write plus on Garrys Story, but everything so far was a Dream, any plus i write of Garry's story, will be things i made in my own mind, in my own time.))