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posted by its_kristi_rae
Today was Friday and toi were in your last period class. toi sat down happily suivant to your best friend Princeton who toi usually just call Prince. toi 2 have been Friends for a while. you've noticed that each jour that pass toi seem to start liking him plus and more. But toi know it's official. but you're too scared to tell him. toi don't think you're good enough for him ou that he will even like you. plus the fact that toi two are really good Friends and toi don't want to ruin that.

Prince: salut what's up

you: nothing much

Prince: what are toi doing later today

you: nothing as usual

Prince: good...
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posted by Coolgirl143
I was sitting on the couch, listening to musique in my room for 30 minutes!

30 minutes later!

Me: (I was walking par myself....... And i bump into someone par accident...... & it was Princeton)
Me: oh I'm sorry that i bumped into you!
Princeton: It's okay, baby! (with a big smile)
Me: Ha, Hi I'm Nina! (shake his hand)
Princeton: hey, I'm Jacob & some people called me Princeton ou Prince!
Me: ha, that's a cute stage name there!
Princeton: thanks, Angel face! (kisses my hand)
Me: awwwww, your welcome, Prince!
Princeton: So do toi want to go out for a date?
Me: YES, I will go out for a date! (in a very...
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