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posted by avanzant12
So it is 3:40 in the morning i am up eating some left over hamburger and fires Now I am 9 months so I could go at any time rite now.
Jacob pov who got that cuisine light own and I turn it off and who would be up at 3 in the morning .
Jacob walking down stairs to see who was in the cuisine . It was his blow pow girlfriend Lexi 😍😜
Me salut hunn toi want sme :-)
Jacob no MDR babe why toi don't tell mhe toi was in the cuisine
Me cuz toi was peaceful and sweet I don't wont to mess with toi
Jacob aww toi so thoughtful 😍
Me ik rite (Finna get up and my water broke)
Jacob wat toi say
Me Jacob my...
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posted by ajmindless
 Kims car
Kims car
My BFF walks in almost half an heure late
Her Outfit: link
Teacher: little miss fashionably late
Kim:sorry there was traffic
Teacher:mmmm mmm
Me:Kim toi wont believe it
Me:mindless behavior is here
Kim:*screams* forreal
Kim:ima get ma twerk on

Lunch Break :p

Prince:hey sexy
Jessie:i barely know toi dont call me that
Prince:aww come on
Jessie:so what are toi guys doing here
Prince: lookin for mrs right n i think i found her*kisses her *neck
Kim:omg Jessie i dont think your mom would like to see this
Jessie:what the hell im 16
Prince:u me bedroom tonite
Jessie:im too young for dat ya lil freak
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posted by its_kristi_rae
Prince: salut baby wake up

you: Prince I'm awake

(Prince starts tickleing you)

Prince: babeeeee wake up

you: if toi don't get out my face with that-

(Prince interupts you)

Prince: I got toi tickets to go see Chris Brown

you: ayeee why toi didn't say that before. That's all toi had to say to get me up

Prince: yeah it's not true I just knew it'd make toi get up

you: well I'm going back to sleep

Prince: no no no no

(Prince grabs toi before toi can lay back down)

Prince: come on I have a surprise for you

you: can't it wait

(Prince slaps toi on your butt)

Prince: no now lets go

you: ughhh where are we going

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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
Sorry 4 not making stories lately.....Anyway, the last time you've read "La La Love?NOT!" was when Gina found out that her mom was killed. Now, she gets ready for her mom's funeral, bitterly.
Kim: Calm down...
Gina: I can't! Some bastard killed my mom!
Ashley: I know but she's resting now....
Gina: *sighs*
Apple: I know it's hard 2 go through this. When my dad died, I was sad 2, but I didn't kept a grudge....
Gina: Hmm...let's go...
At the funeral.....
Gina: *crying*
Prince: *hugging her* It's okay....
Preacher: Does anybody have something to say about Ms. Jackson??
Gina: I do....*walking to the stand*...
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posted by Kekeisoscool143
Ok The boy had went out so we Went to go skatin
This is what we wore it`s just on outfit,link
Kylee:Yall ready
We went to the skatin rink and got our skates
Kylee:Is that the boyz
Lana:And with other girlz
Paris:Yea and i`m mad
Us:We are2 lets go over there
Kylee:Prod wtf are toi doing with another girl
Prod:It`s not what it looks like Ky
Kylee:No salut you
Kylee:Yea toi chienne why toi with my baby
Girl:First my name is not chienne it`s Kiara and yo baby he`s mine
Kylee:Fuck u Prod i hate you(Runs away crying)
Lana:Now see what u did Craig toi madee her cry
Roc:Ok let me go talk to her...
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Jacob: Yes I did because toi are

Nina: *Blushes* Thanks! Your kinda cute yourself buddy!

Jacob: Can I ask toi something Nina?

Nina: Yeah....sure!


Nina: Come on Jacob just say it ! *Smiles*

Jacob: Will be my girl friend??

Nina: *Looks around* Who me???????

Jacob: *Laughs* Yes you

Nina: Why me? No one likes me

Jacob: That's a lie because I do

Nina: *Blushes* I guess your right

Jacob: So can I get your number shawty?

Nina: Sure!

Jacob's P.O.V: I can tell Nina was new to this whole boyfriend and girlfriend stuff but ima make sure she feels cool with having a boyfriend.....I mean...
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California , houx wood :

" wow Lola toi have a nice house " a dit diggy
The house was a mansion all big and pretty like .
Four people walked through the house .
Lola depree Stalin , diggy Simmons , jaden smith , and lil twist .
They sat down at a long brown glass table, tableau .
" first things first why did toi bail us out of jail ?" Asked jaden
Lola got up from the table, tableau . She put her hands on jaden shoulders .
" because I need toi " she explained
" for what ???" Asked twist
" do toi know jenet Perez ???" She asked
Light bulb .
" yes " answered diggy
" with the help of two other people we can take revenge on them. " she a dit
The boys looked at each other for a seconde .
" what's the plan " asked diggy
Jaden Smith
Jaden smith
 Lil twist
Lil twist
 Lola Stalin
Lola Stalin
 Syco Princeton
Syco Princeton
princeton started freaking out.
he sat on the canapé rocking back and forth.
then he looked at me and saw i was still laughing .
he stood up from the lit .
" this is your fault jenet!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he shouted
" what??????" i asked
" THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!" he shouted with an angrier tone in his voice
" im sorry babe " i a dit
'' wait so toi jack up my afro and all toi have to say is im sorry babe?!? " he asked
princetons eye twitched .
he looked like one of those crazy killers in the films .
" i think i'll go" suggested rayon, ray ray
he walked to the door .
" rayon, ray if toi hear screaming call the...
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posted by Missprinceton1
Princeton l’amour MB (this article is rated M it has sexial reffreance and mild course launge this is not suitible for people under 14 years of age its gonna be short)
after the long jour we all got back to mb house me and princeton went upstairs then he locked the door
Me; what is it now
Prince; *slowly s’embrasser my neck*
Me; (moan) mmmmhm what did u want me 4
Prince; shhhhh baby shhhhhhhh (puts his hand under my shirt
Me; yo hand's are cold
Prince *smiles and pulls my chemise off and unbotton my bra*
Me; *smiling* enjoy
Prince; i will
I take off his chemise and go down his abbs
Me; wow uve been working out
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posted by itzdonyeh
We walked in class and saw the oddest thing ever.
Meh:Why are yu 1st 1 in class?
???:Idk i been thru alot
Meh:Nellie wtf happened
Nellie:Well , my bf dumped meh -
Meh:Whatt thats it
Nellie:LISTEN and diggy asked meh out
Meh:Gurll yu betta get his pockets
Nellie:I dont want his money
Meh:what yu want then
Nellie:His love
Meh:Should i go sit down we'll talk about that later
I sat in front suivant to nellie .. Amiri , Tae, And Aarie sat behind me
Teacher:Wheres Gyasi?
Meh:He went accueil he had a fever
Nellie's Whispers:What happened to him
Meh:Come to my house todaii we need to have a chat about that
Our teacher wrote...
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posted by mb_rules
-Hey everybody! There's a new character in this story! Ahri will be starring as ”Aaliyah”. *ahh. lee. yaa.* Aaliyah is funny, nice and a GREAT and UNDERSTANDING friend, though if u say ONE thing mean to her there's gonna be a problem. She's also rayon, ray Ray's new Gf. ALRIGHT LETS GO!!-

//At Home
Me: (Slams the front door shut)
???: Ha. Did u get sent accueil AGAIN?!
Me: Why dont u mind ur damn buisness Jennifer!
Mom: (Comes downstairs) Kendra? Wat r u doin here?
Me: I got expelled.
Mom: (Silence)
Jen: (looking at me with her mouth open)
Me: Close ur mouth if u don't want a fly to go in there! *imagine...
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It's now a jour before the MB concert

Chelsey:come on AJi know toi still l’amour prince
Brianna:we got four backstage passes
Anna: I thought toi were out of money
Dana:we didn't pay for these we got em free
Brianna:yea free so ya coming
Anna: ok but only for u guys

Anna phone rings she steps out to the upstairs porch

???: hi
Anna:um who is this
???:u don't recognize the voice
Anna:uh no
???:my name starts with J and ends with B think ya know me
Anna:umm maybe give me another hint
???:my initials are J.P
Anna:I think I know who toi are give me one last hint
???:um let's see I have two names...
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Princeton:uh yea
Roc:ok so we gotta get dressed and meet Keisha at 12 right

The all get dressed and spend their last moments with the girls

Ray and chesley were making out
Roc and Brianna were making out too
Prod and Dana were watching so aléatoire
And Prince and Anna were in their room talking

In the room...........

Princeton:look wud u ever get mad if I left you
Princeton:just a question
Anna:maybe..I don't know
Princeton:look babe....
Anna: *cutting him off and French kisses him* I l’amour toi and that will never change
Anna:so what were toi saying
Princeton:never mind

They just make out...
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
We are at the hotel getting ready for the tour and Roc comes up to me
Roc:Hey baby toi know after the party maybe toi can come to my room and we can talk
Jenna:The last time i sai-
I see Diggy coming my way with a mean face
Jenna:Look Roc i would l’amour to talk but i have to go.
I ran into my best friend Keke room.And started to tear up
Keke:Whats wrong Jenna
Jenna:Nothing I just...just...
Keke:What happen toi can tell me i won't tell nobody and toi know that
Jenna:Well when we first got our rooms Roc came up to me and a dit come to his room and princeton heard him then i a dit No the he a dit all i see...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
Mimi: forreal doe, we thought yall was gone.
Diggy: we was gone, until we got tired and decided to ccome back.
Prince: did yall have fun.(putting on a shirt)
Ray: we were until D, Janae, Tookie, and Shay was bouta go ham and beat some ass.
Tookie: So! toi mine.
Roc: Bae, be forreal on some real shit doe, were mindless behavior and we do have fans.
Mimi: what happened?
Prodigy: some fans ran up sayin we luv toi and stuff and the girls got upset.
Shay: they was alittlle too damn close.
Tookie: Exactly.
D: im sayin'....
The room grew quiet.
Roc said(lifting up tookie head making eye contact with him) look...
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
Jenna wakes up and see's Diggy laying suivant to her in bed
Jenna:Shit I did it again(she whispers)
Diggy wakes up and kisses Jenna but she just sits there
Diggy:What's wrong?
Jenna:I can't keep doing this I have to go
Diggy grabs her wrist
Diggy:why such the rush we got plenty of time to make l’amour again
Jenna;Let me go
Diggy holds on tighter and starts s’embrasser her harder and forcing her down in the bed
Jenna:Diggy stop it!!!
Diggy:Lets see...........No
He starts to touch her and feel her which she doesn't like then finally she gets loose
Jenna:I told toi to stop!
She starts putting her clothes on
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posted by RayRaycutie
okay sorry guys on the last story i put because of u but it was this one!! so sorry cuz my brain was all jumbld up!!! DO U KNO HOW MANY STORIES I WRITE?! N HOW MANY I HAV?! if not look!!! MDR but anyway my brain was messed up. so anyway THE STORY!!!!

we celebrated at the skating rink n skated 4 about an heure n we decided 2 sit dwn n i got a txt

txt convo
me-whoops!!! sorry wats up?! *puts his # in my fone*
prince-can u n the girls come ovr 2mrw? we dnt hav practice ou anything n we're boreddddd
me-lol sureeeee
me-how's 3?
prince-great i gtg practice (save...
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posted by mb_rules
-What is up everybody!! Here is Episode 19!! l’amour yall!-

Prince: What?
Me: toi heard me because i know toi ain't deaf!
Prince: It's not true! Im not dating Dana!!
Me: (groans angrily) All boys are the same!! Yall all lie!
Prince: Tf would u know?! Have u tried them all?!!
Me: (Silence 4 moment) Fck dat question!! Now answer mine! ARE U DATING DANA!?
Prince: (Yelling at me) FOR THE LAST TIME, NO!!!!!! WHY DA HELL WOULD U CARE?! U a dit U HATED ME!!!!
Me: *nobody has yelled at me like dat b4* (In a quiet voice) Princeton, i'm-
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posted by mb_rules

Me: Emma, toi need to chill with ur makeup, your face is not a coloring book!!! (smirks)
Emma: Miss Bradford, can i talk to Keke alone please?
Mom: Mmm hmm. (goes upstairs)
Me: Listen-
Emma: NO! U listen, Idc about u being hurt-
Me: (scoffs) (mumbles) like i give a damn about wat U care about!
Emma: i just came here to warn you.
Me: About? (i mumble) somebody should of warned me about Emma The Deer coming here.
Emma: Dana and Princeton.
Me: (groans angrily) Tf wrong wit Prince??!
Emma: He don't like u, he goin' out wit Dana......without...
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posted by Princetonlove01

Brianna and Mya get up and make sumthing 2 eat.
M-so u lyke roc do u. B-yeah girl he is sexxi! M- why don’t u go claque, smack den? B- cuz I am nervous wen he comes around and its very wired meeting him at one time. M-well how is it wired? B- well first I meet ur boo prince and tanière, den I found out u on tour wit our favori group mindless behavior and I get to meet my husband roc royal so yea it very overwhelming so yeah. M- wow pooh u r press 2 see him. B- well yeah he is sexxi and funny and cute and his personality is juz Lyke mine so yeah. Roc- well maybe u can tell me that ova dîner Brianna....
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