I pulled away from Discord and galloped towards the door. Before I got there Discords tail grabbed my front leg and I tripped. Thud, I hit the floor with a bang.
"Ow... what are toi doing Discord?" I stood up and looked at him in the eye.
"Tia, It's gone. We can't do anything about it!" He walked over to me and hugged me. I just stood there. My eyes I felt were to pop out of my head because they were so large. Discord looked at me and he gabbed my hoof. "Tia, Your parents want to montrer toi something. They're just down on the suivant floor. I stared at him as if he just slapped in the face.
"Don't toi know what they did to my forest? Out forest!?" I was outraged.
"Tia, toi have a new sister... Luna." He calmly led me out the door of my hospital room. "This room." Discord pointed as I walked in. I ran until I got to my mothers side. In her lap I saw a baby Alicorn, Like me. Though she was blue and adorable. I couldn't let my mother ruin Luna's life as she did mine. I never knew I could be such a crazy thinker. I kicked the hospital lit with my back hooves sending my mother across the room. Luna was thrown in the air, just as I hoped. I grabbed her blanket with my teeth and dashed for the door. Discord looked at me as if I just murdered someone.
I heard the alarm bells going off. I looked at discord and then galloped for the stairs. He ran after me, we were running side par side down 5 flights of stairs. I didn't look back. I didn't care if my mother was dead, she ruined my life. Once we came to the exit I slammed my body against the exit door and passed Luna to Discord. We kept running. The doors were closing, I couldn't ruin my life any plus now that I had Luna. I speed up, I saw Discord do the same beside me. Discord held the doors from closing to let me through then followed me out. I could barley breathe, but I ran faster beside Discord. I had no idea where we were running to. Evergreen forest was gone.
Then I remembered. There was a spot I went to before I met Discord. It was an underground tunnel full of gems, hundreds of them.