I awoke with a jolt. Glaring through my half opened eyes I could manage to see beds, tons of beds. They were everywhere! Was I dead? No, I can't be! I screamed, but my throat hurt so bad I could barley breathe after. I heard hooves trample the floor and some thing was put on my face to help me breathe. I looked around the room now that I could see a bit better than before. Some thing caught my eye, it was a shadow but a familiar one. I knew that shadow better than I did my own, It was his! I franticly moved my front hooves trying to get up. I couldn't, My body was still weak from the smoke intake. I needed him now, I couldn't wait any longer. I used my from hooves to pull of the breathing mask and I shouted. Multiple times.
"Discord? Discord!?" I felt my lungs ache for air. At first nothing then I heard crashing farther down the hallway. It wasn't until the door flung open so hard it fell off the hinges. The noise scared me so much I jumped out of the bed. I turned to see what made the noise and saw what I wanted to see. It was him standing and staring at me like we haven't seen each other in a million years. We played the staring game again, this time I didn't ever wanna look away.
"Discord... I couldn't believe it was him.
"Tia, your Ok!" He cried running over to me.
"Discord... I a dit again but this time I broke out in tears. "I thought I was dead and toi were gone and... I just hugged him, I couldn't resist it. "I l’amour you." I cried not looking at him I didn't wanna let go.
"Tia it's Ok were safe, but evergreen forest.... It's gone....