I could smell it. The place I loved was burning. I just couldn't belive it.
"Discord, We have to get out of here."
"Come on Tia, this way!" I heard him shout until I caught up to him. Once we had gotten out I sat and watched, the place I l’amour burn. It wasn't happening, I had to do something about it!
"I can't let this happen!" I screamed so loud my throat ached.
"Tia, toi can't fight the flames!" He said, but I barley heard him. I was already galloping back into the flamming memories. I ran hard, to the spot my life layed out. There in that spot was my parents, they had matches. I was feeling so many emotions. I felt sick.
"Mom? Dad? What are toi doing here!" I yelped because my throat still throbbed from before.
"We came here to protect you, Tia." They looked at me in the eyes.
"From what? Why are toi burning down Evergreen forest!?" I had so many questions.
"We are protecting toi from Discord, Tia." My eyes grew large in disbelief. "You must be crazy to think toi and him would ever be together Tia!" My Mother laughed. "We have a handsome prince waiting for toi back at the palace!" My Mom a dit joyfully.
"No!" I was so shocked they wouldn't want me too be happy. "I l’amour Discord and this forest, toi will never take them away from me! If this forest burns I go with it!" I cried sitting down in that spot. I stared down my parents as they galloped out of the forest. The flames were getting closer, the smoke was getting heavy. I started to cough, my legs got weak. I fell over because I couldn't stand any longer. The last thing I heard was his voice, calling for me...