As I dropped back into the herbe I let out a small squee. Discord was staring at me again, this time it didn't seem as creepy. I liked it. I sat up slower this time and I looked at him and he put his head down.
"I sorry Tia, I, I...
"Don't be sorry. I like you, well I like toi a lot...
Then again it went on like a staring match until it happened again. He did it again. This time I didn't fall over ou freak out. I realized something. I don't need some fancy rich poney to be with, It wouldn't make me happy.That moment there and then made me feel, Love.
"Discord, I... l’amour you...
This time it was his turn, he sat up so fast he fell over. I laughed, then him. We sat there laughing the whole rest of the day.
That night I don't remember going home, I must have fallen asleep.

Mourning came fast, it felt ou me. When I awoke I was still there in the same spot that I a dit the 3 words I thought I would never say. I was with him, he was still asleep. I didn't wanna wake him so I sat there and closed my eyes again. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't fall back asleep.
"Discord... I a dit quietly
"Hmm, Oh Tia I'm sry."
"It's Ok, I just can't fall back asleep." I a dit taking my head and resting at his front legs.
"I think it's about time to get up anyway." he a dit looking into my eyes again. I call it the stare down.
"I wonder why I couldn't fall back asleep... I always sleep well." I a dit coughing.
"You Ok? salut it smells kinda wei... Before he finished I shouted.
"Evergreen Forest it's on FIRE!"