"It's beautiful here, simply the best place I have ever been to!" I exclaimed to Discord.
"Well it's the only place you've been!" He a dit chuckling, then we started laughing so hard my stomach hurt.
"Your such a great friend Discord, I wonder what it would be like today if we never met." I saw him blush out of the corner of my eye.
"Tia, you're the best thing that happened to me."
"Oh Discord toi don't have to say something because I did." I a dit laughing still.
"No, I'm serious." His face was serious he looked at me in a way I never saw before. His eyes were like digging through mine, I couldn't stop staring back. It seemed kinda funny we just sat together in my favourite spot, just staring at each other like statues. Finally I Blinked a few times to break it. He kept his stare barley blinking even once.
"Discord are toi Ok?" I asked him politely but eagerly.
"Sorry he a dit looking away quickly, I could tell he was embarrassed and blushing.
"Are toi sure your Ok? I asked him to reassure myself what just happened really happened. He didn't answer so I lied back into the warm herbe and soaked some rays. He came over and sat with me. It had to have been a while before he felt comfortable to lay suivant to me again.
"Yeah? Is something wrong Tia?" He a dit nervously.
"Never mind... I a dit
"Yes, Disco... Before I finished he kissed me, He kissed me... I sat up so fast I fell down again. He kissed me, is this what really just happened?