"Unhand me toi demon!" I Cried softly to my self knowing I was alone, Whoever took me it was a mystery. I just sat there tied up in some dungeon alone. I tried to remember him. Him, the one I knew as Discord.

Evergreen forest, the place I call home. I spent all my time there, I mean all. I don't think I ever left there. That was a special place to me for one reason, that is where I met him. I remember the first time I saw him, this is where the story begins.

The jour started beautiful as any other. Evergreen forest is where I spent my days. Finding that beautiful spot, the suns rays bleeding into my skin. It was all fine till... *rustle*
"who's there!? I say montrer your self!" *rustle*
"I a dit montrer yourself! *rustle* Stop it I'm... scared... Please, I, Stop!"
"Calm down filly!"
"huh, where are you?"
"Up here!"
"Huh? *looks up* Oh there toi are, um what are you?"
"Well my name's Discord, what's yours?"
"Celestia, toi can just call me Tia though."

That's how the friendship started. We did everything together. Evergreen forest was like our world. Our friendship was a bond between us never to be broken. We grew up together. We were always just friends. Till we were Teenagers did I notice our bond become stronger, locked toi can say. I never really realized we grew closer and closer together. I rarely ever left the evergreen forest any more. I realized I kinda liked him.