My Tribute To Prince
My dearest Shaynel,

I see the Sign “O” the Times and toi need to know that I Adore toi and I Wanna Be Your Lover. When we met in The Same December in 1999 on Alphabet St., it was Automatic--I could tell that toi were one of The Beautiful Ones—probably The Most Beautiful Girl in The World. I’ll never forget thinking that U Got the Look in your framboise béret, beret and Diamonds and Pearls. While we stood in the Soft and Wet Purple Rain, I felt Delirious but I knew that I had A Case of You, and that someday I Would Die For 4 U. It was sort of a Controversy because I was Scandalous, had a Dirty Mind, lived the Pop Life and was a Partyman.

When I thought about The Future, I always wanted an International Lover. I dreamed of a Lady Cab Driver that would help me Gett Off in a Little Red Corvette. In the Dark, we would Kiss and drive through Erotic City, park under the Graffiti Bridge and toi would Do Me Baby in motif cachemire, paisley Park. If toi were Willing and Able, we could discuss our Strange Relationship Under The cerise Moon. We could talk about so many things- like The Cross, our Sexuality and why Sometimes It Snows in April.

Baby I’m a étoile, star and I know that I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man, but if Eye Was the Man In Your Life, we could FALLINLOVE2NITE. I know toi probably need Anotherloverholenyhead, but I would make the Housequake If I Was Your Girlfriend. Don’t Play Me- I really do l’amour toi and need a Resolution for Why toi Wanna Treat Me So Bad. I hope it’s not because of my past (when I had dîner with Delores) ou that other woman Darling Nikki. I know it seems like She’s Always In My Hair, but I’m over her. It was a bad Temptation, because all she wanted was D.M.S.R and Cream.

I l’amour toi and don’t want to be Computer Blue anymore with this Condition of the Heart. Let’s Go Crazy for 7 days and act like Thieves in the Temple. We can play the Tambourine, watch the Girls and Boys, and maybe Let’s Pretend We’re Married. We shouldn’t be Solo, so Let’s Work on this, because I am The Marrying Kind and I Will give toi Good Love. We could have the Greatest Romance Ever Sold on Planet Earth and make our l’amour plus memorable than When Doves Cry.

Remember, This Could Be Us~