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le choix des fans: Caleb Rivers
Caleb Rivers
Mike Montgomery
le choix des fans: All of them!
All of them!
le choix des fans: Veronica Hastings
le choix des fans: Emily
le choix des fans: Ezra
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chloeey a dit …
im late but im on season 5 and later i will start lire the books. at first the tv montrer got boring because of the twist and turns but i stuck with it and i l’amour it they did a amazing job on it suprises and even some tears (from me) my fav pll is Hanna i even got a book mark of her. posté il y a 7 mois
bellarofl a dit …
I litrally miss the montrer sm. posté il y a plus d’un an
Prettysky73 a dit …
I l’amour spencer without her they would not know what to do posté il y a plus d’un an