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I kind of stylized nicki's hair after buttercups, but blond. Also the reason all the bodies are different is because (this is really true!) toi CANNOT, learn to draw a ppg body WELL in paint dot net. the most toi can do is get it accidentaly right.
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The montrer started when spongebob remembers when he swear for 1st time Spongebob: Gee i never thought f--k would be a bad word. Patrick: I heard toi say the f word. Spongebob:oh f--k toi Mr. Krabs:watch your language boy now toi are not employee of the month. Spongebob:Oh s--t Mr.Krabs: Now when i count to three i want toi to run and hide ou else your mouth is gonna be washed with.1,2,3,run,get him patrick. Patrick: I got him. Spongebob:Patrick your hands smells like s--t. Patrick:Watch your f--king language. Mr.Krabs I heard your f--king language.Oh god. Mrs.Krabs:I heard toi son,Know with you...
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