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Bc: no the really psyco boys are at our school. Bubbles:crud Blossom: no (to Bc and Butch) Butch: salut bc long time no see. Bc : so. (to Blossom and Brick)Brick:what up toots
(blossom blushes)Blossom: Brick why do toi always call me weird names?
Blossom:mmm toi called me BABE and we were 6!
Brick:so? Blossom: NVM (to Bubbles and Booomer)
Boomer:bubbles toi look cute Bubbles: *in head aww toi too* ( in life)thx
boomer: wanna go out?
Bubbles:sure (they hold hands and walk)
Blossom&Brick: shut UP! Butch and Bc:geez
Bc: no my I pod is gonna die I wanted to listen to it before torture comes. Butch:we can listen to mine
Bc:(growls)k but toi better have Emin3m.
Butch: of course im a fan
Bc what songs do toi have? Butch:I have cleanin out my closet, we made you, The way i am, Superman, butt like that, Halieis song, mockingbird, 3am, puke, l’amour the way toi lie and more. (Bc eyes widen) Butch: what Bc: toi have 2 weird songs
Butch:o yeah hehe
Bc: i have a poster
butch: me too since we have a lot in common wanna be bf and gf BC:sure i guess im not into it though
teacher:we have to sing a Emin3m song tommarow so Bc and Butch, Blossom and Brick, and boomer and bubbles
rrb: ppg we are coming to your house for practice
Butch: me and BC are doing super man
Brick: me and blossom are doing l’amour the way toi lie.
Boomer:bubbles and I are doing Stan.
(The suivant day)
principle: first is Blossom and brick.
(plays l’amour the way toi lie)
Blossom:just gonna stand there and wacth me burn thats alright because I like the way it hurts just gonna stand there and hear me cry thats alright because I l’amour the way toi lie I l’amour the way toi lie.
Brick; I cant tell toi what it really is i can only tell toi what it feels like and right now theres a steel couteau in my wind pipe i cant breath but i still can fight as long as the right feels like im in the flight right I offer l’amour drunk for my hate plus i suffer I suffacate right before she suffetates me she _ hates me where are toi going im leaving toi no toi aint running here we go again cause when its going good its going great im super man in his pack shes louis lane ...... Princple: good job A plus up suivant bc and butch in super man. Butch: I know toi l’amour me baby. Bc:I l’amour toi too Butch: they call me Superman im here too rescue toi im here to help toi girl come be in my world lets grow together Bc: o boy u drive me crazy Butch: _ toi make me hurl super man leap tall _ in a single bound not gonna let another chick bring me down in a relashoinship save it _ toi make me sick
but i know one thing yo _they came they go sat-sun mon-sun yo maby i l’amour one jour ..... cant be your Superman Bc:ohhhh
principle : wow crazy a plus suivant boomer and bubbles doing stan
Bubbles: my teas gone cold i wonder why got atta lit at all the morning clouds off my window and i can see it all even if could put ur pic on my mur it remindes me its not so bad its not so bad (2x)
Boomer: dear Slim,
I wrote to toi but toi anit calling I left my cell my pager accueil at the bottom but anyways _ it whats been up man hows your daughter my gf is pregnat to im out to be a father if i had a daughter guess what ill call he ima name he bonniee i read about your uncle ronnie too im sorry ..... anyays i hope u here me back just a chat truly yours your biggest fan this is stan.
Princciple: good A plus.
(in the back) Bubbles : why did toi do guys do superman? BC&Butch: cause we can.
Me: in the future they get married and have kids

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