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posted by fairydust777
Brick:Blossom Wanna go out for dinner?
Blossom:ok pick me up at 7.
At the ppg house
Blossom picked out a Red school veste with a black shirt
With a white tiger on it and blue shiny pants and red sneakers and her hair was out and has rose die in it.

Brick rang the doorbells. Blossom opened. The door.

Blossom:hi brick toi look great.

Brick: thanks toi too.

Blossom:)lets go.

Brick: ok.

They went to Crusty's for pizza

The waiter came and asked what did they want.

Blossom:I will have a pizza


The nourriture came in 4 seconds.

Blossom: Brick do toi l’amour berserk?

Brick: no I l’amour you.

Blossom:I l’amour toi too.

Blossom and Brick ate their nourriture and left.