Pokémon My Fanfiction Don Battle! Jonah versus Ezekiel! Which of these Pokemon do toi think would be plus likely to win?

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Ezekiel's Marshtomp
Jonah's Monferno
 ninjacupcake88 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Magmar's Moves
Confuse Ray, Fire Spin, Lava Plume, Fire Punch

Marshtomp's Moves
Muddy Water, Surf, Mud Bomb, Earthquake

By the way, the Pokemon will have more moves since the fanfic is supposed to be anime-based, but these are the MAIN moves
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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MCHopnPop picked Ezekiel's Marshtomp:
Monferno is Boober/Magmar's nickname? cool I was actually thinking of the Sinnoh's Monferno XD anyway considering Fire types are weak to both Ground and Water attacks Marshstomp would most likely win..it does have the type advantage not only that but Boober's moves are mainly fire which don't work very well against water types..except for Confuse Ray which could give them time but still I'm not sure if it would work all that well..unless there was a critical hit somewhere there.
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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DX dang it!
It's supposed to be Magmar :P
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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dreamfighter201 picked Jonah's Monferno:
of course!
posted il y a plus d’un an.