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A new Pokémon is making its debut in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! Meet Turtonator! Learn plus about this newly revealed Pokémon on our site!
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Pokémon: Have toi Seen This Pokemon? (Part 2)

[Cut to Natina and Pikachu sitting on the canapé watching TV]
Natina: I know how much toi l’amour Full House. Don't you, Victoria? Oh, heavens, look at the time. [clock reads 9:00] It's time for bed, Victoria. [when Pikachu jumps off the couch, a picture of Ash from his Sinnoh journey comes out of his bag]
Pikachu: [sadly] Pika Pi.
Picture of Ash: Quiet, Pikachu! Can't toi see I'm busy? [Pikachu gives a raspberry. He goes into a bright and decorated room with Natina]
Natina: Here's your room, Victoria.
Pikachu: [questioningly] Pikachu?
Natina: Here toi are,...
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 Umbra, use Dark Pulse! Then follow up with Payback!
Umbra, use Dark Pulse! Then follow up with Payback!
Hey! coca here! I'm gonna throw this at toi guys. I haven't done a Pokémon battle story in a long time. But anyways, let's go!

P.S. it might have a couple curse words. Not a lot tho.

"Can't keep up, Manuel?" says Tyler van Berg, a young, black tough gun as he outruns his friend Manuel Marquezo.

Aura ran past us. She bragged, "Who's ahead now?" Aura ran faster as the trio headed through the canyons for weekend fun.

Manuel panted, "Damn *gasps* you." He collapsed on the ground crying. "You and Aura run too fast! It ain't fair!" *throws tantrum*

*helps Manuel up* "You do need to hit the gym."...
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