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1 " I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what toi do with the gift of life that determines who toi are."
2 “The important thing is not how long toi live... It's what toi accomplish with your life.
While I live, I want to shine. I want to prove that I exist. If I could do something really important... That would definitely carry on into the future.”- grovyle
3 "There's no sense in going out of your way just to get somebody to like you."- Ash
4 "A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the cœur, coeur that beats inside it remains the same."- Brock
5 “We...
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posted by QueenofthePika
 Kinjin, the Lucario with powers of great Aura.
Kinjin, the Lucario with powers of great Aura.
Note: I've made an éditer to Kinjin's design. She now has blue eyes, with a power I will reveal in this chapter (you'll come across it in less than a minute if toi continue reading). Also, in evolution, the light marks on the or disappeared and the dark marks on the blue now cover all the blue except the chest. If toi have not read the Prologue, toi should. It will explain things toi won't understand if toi haven't read it yet.
Kinjin's P.O.V.
It was a normal jour in the Blue Forest. I was walking, examining the Pokemon I met along the way. I know they thought I was strange with my very dark...
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salut there, Pokemon fans. Let's talk about why Pokemon versions hasn't take a break outside of Japon since 2008. Now, as toi may know that Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was announced on E3 and it will be released on November 21. If toi like Pokemon Ruby ou Sapphire, be sure to pick this one up when November arrives. Anyway, Pokemon versions keeps getting better ever since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. toi know, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X and Y. par the end of this year, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be the suivant Pokemon games in the Pokemon versions canon....
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Missingno. is a glitch Pokemon. If caught, it will cause some minor glitches in the graphics. It is pretty hard to catch, seeing at it exists only under certain conditions. And here they are:

1. Make sure your character's name is ASH.
(Added note: There are other names, but ASH is the easiest to remember for me.)

2. Go to Viridian City and talk to the old man near the top. He will ask if you're in a hurry. Say "no."

3. After you're done talking to the old man, fly to either Cinnabar Island ou fuschia City right away. Don't do anything else until you're there.

4. If toi flew to Cinnabar Island, Surf to the east coast. If toi flew to fuschia City, Surf to the Seafoam Islands.

5. Once toi get to the coast of Cinnabar, Surf along the coast. ou if at the Seafoam Islands, Surf around the coast of the islands. Either way, toi will eventually encounter the elusive Missingno.

Hope this helped!
- Plasma Grunt Michael
posted by ChampionCynthia
Everybody wants to be a master
Everybody wants to montrer their skills
Everybody wants to get there faster
Make their way to the haut, retour au début of the hill

Each time toi try, gonna get just a little bit better
Each step toi climb is one plus step up the ladder

It's a whole new world we live in
It's a whole new way to see
It's a whole new place with a brand new attitude
But toi still gotta catch 'em all and be the best that toi can be

Pokémon Johto!

Everybody wants to make a statement
Everybody needs to carve their mark
Stand alone in the victory circle
Stake their claim when the musique starts

Give it all you've got! You...
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 Poster for new Pokemon Movie.
Poster for new Pokemon Movie.
The new 15th Pokemon Movie (Pokemon: Kyurem vs the Sacred Swordsman) was revealed on a Pokemon Sunday episode (at least that is what I assume since it looked like Pokemon Sunday) and is expected to be released in Japon theaters July 14, 2012. Currently, there is not much info on the new movie, but a teaser trailer was released on Youtube montrer Ash entering a town and discovers, to his surprise, the Legendary Musketeer Pokemons, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion standing a haut, retour au début a cliff. Suddenly, a hail storm occurs and crashes into the town and almost kills Ash. The screen then turns to Kyurem, montrer off it's power to control Ice, and then the title, Pokemon: Kyurem vs the Sacred Swordsman, appears on screen.

What do toi think?

Link to Teaser Trailer: link
Already won the Master Contest but haven't painted in the art Museum in Lilycove?

The first judging is when the audience vote for their favori pokemon. Audience that vote your pokemon will pop out a love, right? This is the main trick:

[b] The guy in the right, wearing painter clothes, should vote for your pokemon. [b] If he doesn't, load the game. XD

After the guy vote for your pokemon, then good luck for the primary judging, when the contestants appeal moves.

A scarf* could be necessary.

I've done this a few times and it works.

*scarf: go to Slateport, to the fan club and talk to the old man. There are five couleurs of scarf, red, blue, green, yellow, and pink.
 The painter guy should give a ♥
The painter guy should give a ♥
 Aurora étoile, star Ramirez
Aurora Star Ramirez
A/N: I'm back everyone! I finally went through a 'painful' Writer's Block! Thought about it and I decided to write a 'book' about my character Aurora, Tobias and Rosalie. Rosalie is Skitty_Love's original character. We both made up our characters on our own. Enjoy another StarWarsFan7 article! :D

Aurora Ramirez is the name. Everyone thinks of me as a talented coordinator. But others say I'm a strategy-queen trainer. I am both! My boyfriend Tobias, best friend Rosalie and I are on a journey to explore the region of Sinnoh! Arriving at the building where we sign-up to enter the Sinnoh League,...
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 Haruhi in uniform
Haruhi in uniform
Haruhi:Mom do I have 2 wear my school uniform?

Mom:If u wanna go on a journey u do.

Haruhi:Ugh, fine! I'm gonna go now.*walks out the door*

Mom:Bye dear!

Haruhi:I hope boys don't stare at me. I gotta hurry 2 the lab!*runs*


Haruhi:Prof. Holly?

Prof. Holly:U r here 2 start ur journey, and u want a Vulpix.

Haruhi:How'd u know?

Holly:Ur mom called.


Holly:Anyway here is ur pokemon.*hands Haruhi the pokeball, and 5 pokeballs, and pokedex*

Haruhi:Thanks! Good-bye!*runs out*

Holly:She looks like she'll be a tough trainer.

Haruhi:I wonder if it can use telepathy? Come on out Vulpix!

Vulpix:U must be my new trainer. Ur cute!*licks Haruhi*U need 2 get a boyfriend!


Vulpix:No problem! So do u have 1?

Haruhi:No.Let's just make it 2 Ruby City.

Vulpix:OK.*jumps on Haruhi's shoulder*

Haruhi:*starts walking*
 Prof. houx
Prof. Holly
First off, Gary Fangirls are like a different breed of fangirls. I know because I know a few of them! (You know who toi are!) I wrote this for y'all!

1)You cried when Gary Lost to Giovanni in The Battle of the Badge

2)You want to be one of the cheerleaders

3)You chercher Google for Gary pics, print them out, and frame them

4)All toi talk about on the Pokemon Spot is Gary

5)You dressed your brother (If toi have one) up as Gary

6)You ALWAYS use Gary on Puzzle League

7)You draw pictures of him

8)You have dreams about Gary

9)You find yourself chant the chant the cheerleaders do when Gary is on the show

10)You always re-battle Blue on HG/SS

11)You absolutely hate it when someone insults Gary's hair, ou anything else about him

12)You have all your Pokemon the same Gary had in Kanto/Johto

13)You think Gary is the best trainer

14)You weep when beating him on R/B/Y/FR/LG
 Team Rocket's outfit from Kanto - Sinnoh
Team Rocket's outfit from Kanto - Sinnoh
Best wishes news.

The official japanese site for Best Wishes has just updated with the new look for Team Rocket. This puts them plus in-line with the Rocket Grunts within the games wearing black costumes. In Best Wishes, Jessie & James are classed as Team Rocket's Advanced Troops and are frontline for Team Rocket in Isshu for Giovanni to help Isshu fall to Team Rocket.

(Thanks to Sabonea Masukippa for the translation)

- - -

Another article: ozymandis here yet again with a small but at the same time BIG change for the “Pokemon: Best Wishes!” anime! Our once badass as heck villians now...
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Ok~ Everyone knows already about the game.


Some new things...
The Pokewalker- This little thing allows toi to transfer over a pokemon to go walking around with you. toi can catch pokemon ou find items as toi earn watts (A certain amount of steps earn toi 1 Watt, toi just build upon that) Currently I have the Yellow Forest open, this allows me to try my hand at catching rare Pikachu that may have 1 of these moves:Volt Tackle, Surf, Fly.

The pokemon walking behind toi is something that was elusive to Yellow but not anymore. Having the special Acreus (Japan) in your 1st slot activates a special...
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posted by PeterMWou
 Art from FireRed and LeafGreen
Art from FireRed and LeafGreen
feu (Japanese: ファイア Fire) is the canon name of the player character in the Generation III remakes Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, where his female counterpart is Leaf. feu is Red's video game counterpart in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Fire is known throughout as the Champion from Pallet Town, as well as the living legend for his defeat of Team Rocket in Kanto during his quest.


Name: Fire
Japanese Name: ファイア Fire
First appearance: Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
Age: 11FRLG
Gender: Male
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Hometown: Pallet TownFRLG
Region: KantoFRLG
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posted by YolentaShield
Flabébé (フラベベ Furabebe) is a Pokémon with something above a flower. It hold the flower. It keep holding that fleur except if it jump on that flower. It use fleur to perform a déplacer because without that, it can't do something. It has light yellow "crown" ou something like that above it and it has white "heart" on the side. It has 2 rose ovals on its cheeks and its bottom is green.
The fleur has 5 petals of different color, 3 yellow anthers, and 3 sepals.
The word "Flabébé" is derived from "フラワー furawā" (Japanese for flower), "Pflanze" (German for plant), and "bébé" (French for baby).
Like Sylveon, Flabébé is the pure Fairy type Pokémon. Flabébé is the only Pokémon whose English name use diacritics.
 An information of Flabébé. Because it converted into JPG, the color will be different.
An information of Flabébé. Because it converted into JPG, the color will be different.
posted by Mariothecool7
in this story Meloetta learns about a golden ribbon that allows entry to a magic montrer but also will have problems finding it.


Meloetta: i can't for tomorrow. Diance: why is that? Meloetta: cause it's my birthday silly. Diance: oh yeah. Meloetta: yes. did toi get me anything? Diance: of course i did. but i'm not montrer toi now. Meloetta: aww. really? Diance: yes

Meloetta: ok i guess. Diance: but i have heard there's a or ribbon around somewhere for a magic montrer that's happening two days from now. Meloetta: really? Diance: yes. i've already got mine. Meloetta: then i'll look for it tomorrow....
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posted by YolentaShield
In Episode 111 of Pokémon Best Wishes! (Episode 27 of Pokémon Best Wishes! Season 2, Episode 3 of Pokémon Best Wishes! Season 2: Episode N), there are many computer in the library; that may using Windows 8, which normally used par touch screen device.
Moving with souris and drag par touching is usually performed in Windows 8. Click with souris and tap par touching is usually performed in Windows 8, too.
If the monitor is touch screen, student may touch the monitor. If the monitor is not touch screen, student not touch the monitor.
The monitor may have aspect ratio of 16:9. There are no keyboard,...
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 Vivio's starter Pokemon, Sari the Torchic!
Vivio's starter Pokemon, Sari the Torchic!
Vivio:Hehe! I want a Pokemon like others too!

Einhart:Me too! Eh?! Did I hear someone shout over there?

May:It must be Prof. Birch!

Brendan:You two, I think you're must be very skilled, Go and rescue him, please!


(they race to the grasses and they see that Prof. Birch is been chased par a Poochyena!)

Vivio:W...What is it? A dog half a hyena?!

Einhart:?....?? (Seeing a bag, inside it was a strange-looking balls.)

Asteion:Meow! (I think there's was something inside it!)

Vivio:Chris! What should we do?! Oh! Forget that he is sleeping!

Prof. Birch:Y..You two...
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"I'm actually likes Nanoha, but I like Pokemon's too, so I think I'm gonna put my favori character into the role."

H...Hi! My name is Einhart Stratos (You have been know me while you're lire Nanoha Vivid) I'm moving from my town, to Hoenn. I don't know what's been "MAGICAL" on here, but Vivio comes with me too, so I will gonna find that MAGICAL par 2 of us, Well let's get going!


Vivio:What's wrong? Einhart-chan?

Einhart:Oh! I'm fine! sorry, I was actually thinking of something...(I haven't seen anything around here, what it is outside?)

Vivio:Whoa joa!

(The Moving car has stopped)...
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posted by -Wednesday-
so u go and buy the game from Target
u put the little game in your your DS and go into the magical world of pokemon Moon version ou Sun version so u go through the titre screen with Lucrary ou Solaris (matters wich version u chose) on it and u click start game

a girl bout 14 years old appears on the screen

Prof. Willow: hello and welcome to the world of Pokemon, im Professor Willow dont call me pokemon professor ou ill kill u but u may call me Madi ou Willow. im a professor who is studying where pokemon came from and why the hell they r here. so have any questions bout the game? ok no so whats...
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1-Run past the HQ yelling "I a volé, étole Ash's Pikachu before toi losers did!"

2-Paint the sign of another evil team on one of Team Rocket's walls.

3-Complain about wanting a promotion.

4-Say how much better Teams Aqua, Magma, and Galactic are than TR (Although, in my opinion, that's not true)

5-Tell a Grunt that they got a promotion(When they didn't), and go receive it from Giovanni.

6-Tell them their Zubat will revolt at night.

7-Cut off Jessie's hair.

8-Surround the hideout with Beedrill and Scyther.

9-Steal an Earth Badge from the Viridian Gym.

10-After doing 9, leave a note saying "I didn't need to battle anyone, TR is weak"

11-Cosplay as another evil team and battle other rockets.

12-Dress up as a ghost and run around the hideout.

13-Cosplay as Silver and Tell Giovanni that toi l’amour him THEN hug him(and call him dad) front of all the Team Rocket Grunts and Executives(or just bribe Silver and make him do this himself)

If toi have any plus tell me and I'll add them.