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EG360 here! Welcome back to the third article for these exciting polls. I have nothing to say for myself this time, except I hope toi enjoy!

 Dawn looks so much like her Adventures manga counterpart par the way she is holding the pokeball. I suppose Dawn has the same elegance as Platina.
Dawn looks so much like her Adventures manga counterpart par the way she is holding the pokeball. I suppose Dawn has the same elegance as Platina.
7th Place:
Dawn (Diamond and Pearl)

About Dawn: There is nothing much to say about Dawn and her fans. She is often judged par her animé counterpart, who is the main girl in the Sinnoh seasons.

Living with her mother who has big dreams for her daughter, Dawn starts off in Twinleaf Town. She and her best...
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EG360 here! I was going to name out all of the characters in one article, but then I decided that it would be an overly long article... so this is the way I will do it (and then an article about the votes all together.)

 Lyra actually has quite a nice vs figure.
Lyra actually has quite a nice vs figure.
9th Place:
Lyra (HeartGold and Soul Silver)

About Lyra: As most Pokemon fans know ... unfortunately, Lyra has never been very popular. Many fans judge her par her animé counterpart, who is even plus unpopular with the fans (except for the hardcore pearlshippers who were probably like "Hell yes!" for the cute teasing she did).

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Welcome to the Misanko region! The Misanko Region is known for its beautiful and exotic Pokemon, and thick wonderful forests and oceans.

The Misanko regions, has its set of its own pokemon, and lots of other pokemon from different regions also.

The gym leaders are known all around the Pokemon world, and have single battles up to quadruple battles! Depending on how many pokemon the trainer has.

The first Town toi will encounter in the Misanko Region is Maxus Town.

In Maxus Town toi find:

Prof. Holly's lab
-You are able to pick a starter from the Misanko starters. Mifoxus-Fire, Sharmilade-Grass, and...
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posted by Espeongirl360
-What do toi get if toi put a perroquet into a washing machine?

A poliwhirl !

-Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Squirtle who?
Not me!
(Squirtle = Squirt on)

-What's Meowth's favori snack?

Pay Day!

-What is Pikachu's favori food?

Pepperoni Pika! (EG360: ... uh... isnt this canabalism? XD)

-What Pokémon is most likely to have a brother?


-Why did Misty say that Ash and Psyduck were alike?

They are both very dense in the head.

-How did Team Rocket get its name?

Well, they blasted off so many times. May as well call em Team Rocket.

-What did the judge say when a Skunktank came into the court?

Odor in the court!

-I Pikachu while toi sleep. I probably should Raichu an apology letter.

-What three Pokémon are always getting hired par the Mafia?

Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan.
 This is me as a pokemon trainer my name is Hatira
This is me as a pokemon trainer my name is Hatira
I had just gotten up and my mom came into my room.
"What is it mom?"I asked."Well,you arent going to school today..."she a dit excitedly."Why not?"I asked oddly."Because toi are going to finally get a pokemon!"she a dit happily."Really!"I was just making sure this wasnt a dream par asking."Yes,you are toi know I wouldnt kid with toi about this!"she said."Great!I'll get ready right now and go to Professor Juniper's lab!"I a dit excitedly.Then mom left my room.I put on my favori T-shirt and my favori Jeans.Then I walked to the pokemon lab."Hi Professor!"I said."Hi Hatira!Are toi ready to get a...
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 Me, Zion!
Me, Zion!
(This is a story about me, Zion, and my best friends. Kitmolly123's character is Karie, and Animegrl152p's character is Onpu. Oh and my real name is Zion.)

Zion:Guys come on!

Onpu:Zion, wait up! I'm montrer Karie a magic trick!

Zion:OK. *sits down*

Onpu:*does the trick*

Karie:Whoa! How did Ditto become a card?

Onpu:Its magic my friend. Magic.

Karie:So cool!

Zion:U guys done yet?


Zion:Can we go now?

Onpu:Yes we can go now Zion.


Karie:Where r we going again?

Zion:Psycho City

Onpu:Let me guess.......Psychic type gym?

Zion:U got! Now lets get goin!

Karie:R u gonna challenge the along with me Zion?

Zion:Of course I am. It'll be my first badge in the Misanko!

Karie:Me 2!

Zion:Then this outta be a great journey!

Onpu and Karie:Yeah!
 Animegrl152p's Character Onpu!
Animegrl152p's Character Onpu!
 Kitmolly123's character Karie!
Kitmolly123's character Karie!
Game Discussion with Tami Hilda and Iris 1 ~ Racist???

Tami: hiya
Iris: heeeey
hilda: hi

Tami: so guys wat do u think of the name of the game?
hilda: well it is creative...
Iris: i think its racist! i mean im black i take it offensively
Hilda: yea i agree with iris the name does seem kinda racist
tami: yea iris is right black and white doessoe racist
Iris: i think its redicluous me and the one gym leader wats her face r like the only black ppl in thw whole game think bout how we feel the games name just makes fun of us
Tami: yea and most of the characters n pokemon r white
Iris: its racistism!
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Vulpix:I can't believe u caught a Togepi!

Haruhi:We'll have 6 Pokemon in no time!

Vulpix:Was I ur first Pokemon?

Haruhi:Not exactly.


Haruhi:I'm 13.


Haruhi:My parents gave me a Pokemon 4 my 10th B-day.

Vulpix:I get it, cuz when ur 10 u get a trainer card.

Haruhi:Yeah, so that's y they got me it.

Vulpix:What kinda Pokemon is it?

Haruhi:A Swifto.

Vulpix:I heard of that! Where is it?

Haruhi:Come on out Swifto!

Swifto:*pops out*To!


*Ruby town*

Haruhi:*bored*There is nothing 2 do here, let's go 2 Psycho city.

Vulpix:*carrying rubies*Ready!

Haruhi:Swifto return! Put those in my back pack.

Vulpix:*puts rubies in back pack**jumps on Haruhi's shoulder*Let's go!

Haruhi:OK.*starts walking*Psycho City, b prepared 2 fight psychics Vulpix!

After the musical (I lost), Trip, Tobias, Rosalie and I sit near a beautiful river watching tons of Water Pokemon migrate north. "Man. I can't believe I lost, but I'll be fine." "Yeah! Just believe toi can win soon!" Rosalie says to cheer me up. I smile in return. "Hello? Is anyone here?" "Audino!" Huh? "Who's there?" We shout back to the aléatoire voice. "Hellllllllloooooooooooo???" she yells back. A girl with rose hair and rose nurse's dress comes in our direction. "Nurse Joy?" Rosalie questions. "Pardon me. But my name isn't Joy. I'm Jill!" Jill? "Jill?!?!" We all ask in shock. "I thought all...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Three Pokemon down for me already and only one for Tobias. "Togetic! Front and center, please!" I throw the pokeball towards the field. Togetic makes an appearance. "Toge! Etic!" "And Aurora's third Pokemon is Togetic!" I look at the electric board and Kirlia, Glaceon and Roserade's pictures on the board look like silhouettes. "Togetic! Attract!" I command her. As a response, Togetic winks her left eye at Latios, charmingly. His eyes turn into big rose hearts. "Latios! It's a trap!" Tobias warns his Latios but it's too late. Latios has already fallen in l’amour with Togetic. "Togetic use Hyper...
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posted by animegrl52p
Written par Zoroark12

I am holy i am the Light
The light tells a tale of Creation of life of and death
My light Purges Darkness the Light Shines darkness fades
My light is my power my power is my will te will to survive the will to go on all that is scttered is now one under my control
i am the one and only the One Arceus
Threatening to darkness a hero to light
I am God of all gods
I am Arceus and Only Arceus
(Light Shines)
I am God!

I am Zekrom Dark and ever so bold
I am am frightening to the eye but Strong to the mind
My thunder is the spark of life my roar is the tale of life...
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Tauros- Ash went to the safari zone and decided to catch 20 of them. Then left them with Professor Oak but kept one for battle.


Spearow- This pokemon gets spot number 19 for its aggression and determination when chasing ash in the forest.


Caterpie- Cause it was the weakest pokemon to scare misty.


Lickitung- One of the funniest pokemon from team rocket.


Porygon- The only pokemon to give children seizures.


Snorlax- The lazy powerhouse of Ash's team.


Primeape- The best pure fighting pokemon from generation one.


Persian- Meowths rival for giovanni's attention


Alakazam- The best...
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I can't believe I'm in the seconde round! "We made it Raichu!" I shout with glee! I hug my sweet Raichu and he hugs me back. "Rai!" He gives me a warm, bright, cheerful smile. All of a sudden I see the photos get together with another. I see my picture suivant to...(wait for it)...Marisol!
I want to die. I totally want to die! She looks at me with disgust. (Kinda like the look Paul gives Ash) "Well, well, well. So my opponent in the seconde round is none other than Aurora. It's an easy win." Does she want me to kill her??? "Rai!" I know Raichu and I have had enough of Marisol, but maybe, if I beat...
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Rage tore through me as Misoli just chuckled at my response. My blood started boiling as I lashed against the ropes.
"Let go of her! Leave her alone!" I screamed, lashing at the ropes even harder. My thrashes were able to pull loose the knot in the ropes, but two alert minions grabbed me par my wrists.
"We've done nothing to her. Yet. So... about that secret..." she coersed again, making it evident she was going to make this a win-win situation for herself.
I had no intention to tell her how to summon the Demon Duo. But did I really have a choice?
"...Okay. toi win. The key to summoning the Duo...
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posted by BlastWave
The Origin of Pokémon

A Pokémon legend as interpreted par BlastWave

Author’s note: Many people wonder how Pokémon were created in their world. We all know that the creators of the game series made them par drawing them up, but how would it be from the other side? What if there was a little backstory to revealing their true origins? That’s what I wanted to write about. I dedicate this story to those who have made Pokémon a success in it’s 15 years, but especially to Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori, the creators of this fabulous game series.

Long ago, after Arceus, the original pokémon...
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 Pokemon Hall of Fame Book
Pokemon Hall of Fame Book
Here are 10 great pokemon from an old book I found around my house. (Kanto-Hoenn pokemon)

Blaziken: If toi look at a Torchic, toi would never guess that it would evolve into this tough Pokemon! A combination of Fighting and feu Elements means trouble for any Pokemon its battling!

Celebi: This Pokemon has an amazing power! It can travel through time!

Charizard:This Pokemon fights like a champ! Not many Pokemon can take it's scorching feu attacks! It has a huge advanage in any battle. It can use flamethrower on any opponent, while flying in the air!

Latias: This pokemon can understand human speech...
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posted by blazerose134
 Darkcia Ledgend
Darkcia Ledgend
Darkcia:Hello there incase u dont know who i am my name is Darkcia Glacia's sister and i have a story i wanted to tell but u no i just couldnt stand not doing it yet but now im doing it any way wen i was just a eevee i had blue eyes it was very rare but i was also very evil i abuse the power of my eyes because blue eyes gave u loads of power and i abused it i hurt trainers and pokemon and i even did the most unberable thing yet.I killed my only sister...Then i went to challenge the pokemon lege i beat everyone in the elite four esealy she i even defeated the champion Cynthia and then came the...
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1. toi spend an heure going through pics of that shipping.

2. When toi refuse to like any other ship

3. When toi end up going through hints of that ship on Youtube all day

4. When toi get steaming mad when someone insults your favori ship.

5. (Continuation of 4) when toi watch some hints of the ship the other person likes, and toi realise its not that bad, and toi go in depression.

6. toi almost die of boredome while listening to a friend talking cuz all ypu want to talk about is this shipping info toi found the night before

7. toi spend your summer readng summarries of your ships fanfiction.

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A new game? Pokemon of fifth generation?! What da... toi ask in your minds. And the answer is... YES! Finally arrived the new Pokemon game that sent in delirium all the Pokemon's fans!!! Pretty cool, eh? In this article I will speak all about Pokemon Black and White.
Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version are the primary paired versions of the upcoming Generation V. They will be, like Generation IV's games, on the Nintendo DS. Black and White, at this stage, appear to follow the trends set up par précédant games in the series. Two player characters (one male and one female) travel...
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