Moonlight sank in the cracks of the stone roof, illuminating The mossy walls and muddy floor. The shiny Umbreon's rings started glowing dimly. Then, there was something over head. The sound of foot steps carried par voices. They grew louder and louder until he * The Umbreon * Saw the faces of the people making the sound. " Aw poor thing! It's probably stuck down there! " One of them said, their voice echoed in the cavern. " I'll.. I'll go save it. " The other said, sounding afraid of how deep down the cavern was dug. He lifted himself off the mud into a sitting position as the kid lowered himself down slowly into the cavern. It slipped, falling quickly. It hit the mud, he slowly walked over to the young boy and layed suivant to it. The one above was gone and probably not coming back. " Humans.. Such fragile things.. " He whispered with a slight shiver. * SLEEP * He awoke, yawning calmly. The sunlight gleamed in his eyes. He looked around, the boy still asleep. He bit its arm carefully in effort to wake it. It sat up and looked at him fiercely. " Stay back..! " It a dit weakly, pushing itself back, It just drew Umbreon closer. " Don't fear me.. " He whispered, of course the kid could not understand. The boy made it to a mur when other people came. They started coming down, He backed away slowly and into a mur far from them, But one kept coming closer. He felt in danger so he flung himself at the person, he bit into its forearm and attached onto its chest and shoulders. It grabbed him and pulled him off easily. Another threw a pokeball at him. He was to weak to break free.
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