Okay so par the titre you're expecting me to complain about pokemon go? WELL TO BAD! (oh my gosh trophée so scary) Okay so I'm a pretty basic fan of pokemon actually one of the first games I played and first time I made fan characters (which I still have to this day) and well I like it a little plus than sonic. But don't worry I'll never stop doing sonic. just sometimes expect pokemon and étoile, star renard and maybe undertale? I dunno back to the point.So I heared go fest ended badly then I rememberd something some pokemon fans of games like red and blue diamond and pearl toi know the main games that are actually canon too the franchise which to tell toi the truth I actually care plus about mainstream games and mystery dungeon than pokemon go but that doesn't really matter to the thing I'm talking about just wanted to bring that up. Okay like I a dit the mainstream fans of pokemon were bashing go players and calling them "not true fans" and toi know what that is kinda just plain bullshit. Yeah I will admit its a little annoying when you're watching some pokemon musique ou something and then a go fan says "I listen to this when I catch pokemon" but it is even plus annoying when a mainstream fan picks on them and tell them to leave. I mean don't we have something all in common we all like pokemon so why don't we just get along? same thing can be a dit for sonic hell! his fanbase is pretty much divisé, split apart for instance some like satam some like sonic x some like pairings some don't and sometimes it can lead to arguments for know good reason and well I don't really know if mainstream fans still do this but if they do well I'm pretty disapointed. okay so later today ou tomorrow I don't know I may do a sonic problem and another pokemon. okay bye thanks for lire this (^-^) also sorry if some parts don't make sense.