(The story starts when two people are getting their daughter ready for school)
Noah: This is your lunch, OK? Now, I put a dollar in there so toi can buy some milk. toi can ask one of the big kids where to do that.
Grace: toi remember your phone number? I wrote it down for you, just in case. Put it in your pocket, I don't want toi to lose it. OK? toi ready?
Serena: I think so.
Noah: It's Serena's big day.
(Grace started to cry as she hugs Serena)
I guess it's natural for parents to cry on their kid's first jour of school. But, toi know, this usually happens when the kid is fine. I'm 16 and until today, I was home-schooled. I know what you're thinking. "Home-schooled kids are freaks."
(At the spelling bee)
Girl: X-Y-L-O-C-A-R-P. Xylocarp.
ou that we're weirdly religious ou something.
(at the farm)
Farmer Boy: And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action fusil, carabine so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals.
Farmer Boys: Amen.
(Flashback to Serena and her family in Kalos)
Serena: But my family's totally normal. Except for the fact that both my parents are research zoologists and we've spent the last years in Kalos. I had a great life. But then my mom got offered tenure at Viridian University. So it was goodbye Kalos and hello high school.
(Serena almost got hit par a school bus)
Serena: I'm OK. Sorry. I'll be careful. (Serena walks into the school and enters the classroom) Hi. I don't know if anyone told toi about me. I'm a new student here. My name is Serena Yvonne.
Jessie: Talk to me again and I'll kick your ass.
Dawn: toi don't wanna sit there. Jessie's boyfriend is gonna sit there.
Jessie: (as she sat suivant to James) Hey, baby. (they started to make out)
(Serena is about to sit another seat; Dawn interrupts her)
Dawn: He farts a lot.
(Serena turns to a fat kid who farts a lot)
Professor Juniper: (as she came into the classroom) Hey, everybody. (Serena bumps into her, making her drop her coffee on her chemise and her donuts on the ground)
Serena: Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
Professor Juniper: It's not you. I'm bad luck.
Professor Oak: Professor Juniper? Is everything all right in here?
Professor Juniper: Oh, yeah.
Professor Oak: So... ...how was your summer?
Professor Juniper: I got divorced. My carpal tunnel came back. - I win. - Yes, toi do.
Professor Oak: Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new student joining us. She just moved here all the way from Kalos. Welcome.
Iris: I'm from Unova.
Professor Juniper: Great.
Professor Oak: Her name is Sarina. Sarina Yvonne. Where are you, Sarina?
Serena: That's me. It's pronounced like Serena.
Professor Oak: My apologies. I have a nephew named Anfernee, and I know how mad he gets when I call him Anthony. Almost as mad as I get when I think about the fact that my sister named him Anfernee. Well, welcome, Serena.
Serena: And thank you, Professor Oak.
Professor Oak: Well, thank you.
Professor Juniper: And... ...if toi need anything ou if toi wanna talk to somebody...
Serena: Thanks.
Professor Juniper: Maybe some other time, when my chemise isn't see-through.
Serena: OK.
Professor Oak: OK. Good day, everybody.
Serena: The first jour of school was a blur. A stressful, surreal blur. I got in trouble for the most aléatoire things.
(As Serena started to leave...)
Professor Rowan: Where are toi going?
Serena: Oh, I have to go to the bathroom.
Professor Rowan: toi need the lavatory pass.
Serena: OK. Can I have the lavatory pass?
Professor Rowan: Nice try. Have a seat.
Serena: I had never lived in a world where adults didn't trust me, where they were always yelling at me.
Teacher 1: Don't read ahead!
Teacher 2: No green pen!
Teacher 3: No nourriture in class!
Teacher 4: Stay in your assigned seat!
(Cut to the cafeteria where Serena is trying to find a seat)
Boy 1: I told you, I saw the whole thing. Everything.
Boy 2: Did toi see nipple? It only counts if toi saw a nipple.
Boy 3: That's true, dude.
Serena: I had a lot of Friends in Kalos.
Serena: (to the girls) Jambo.
Girl: What?
Serena: But so far, none in Kanto.
(Serena is now eating her lunch in the girls bathroom)
(At the end of the day, Serena returns accueil from school)
Noah: Hey. How was your first day?
(Serena walks off sadly)

To be continued....