"After Ash, Brock, Misty, Todd Snap, Luka, Ritchie, and Oliver rescued both Lugia from Team Rocket, they decided to unwind with a jour at the beach. "Totodile! Come on out!" replied Ash as he grabbed a sarcelle, teal and red Pokeball known as a Lure Ball and sent out Totodile "Okay Staryu! Poliwhirl! Goldeen! Corsola! Psyduck! Come on out!" replied Misty as she sent out her Pokemon. As usual, however Psyduck struggled to stay afloat, forcing Misty to return to its Pokeball. Luka grabbed three Pokeballs and sent her Magikarp out. "Okay everyone. toi all stay close. toi never know what could be underwater." replied Ash "That's right. We wouldn't want anything to happen to you." replied Misty "Hey Todd, I need to head out to pick up some things to make lunch with. So would anyone like to come with me?" asked Luka "I'd like to come with you." replied Brock, stepping vers l'avant, vers l’avant to volunteer. Misty wanted to stop him, but simply decided to let him go with Luka anyways. (An heure later) "We won't be long. We'll be back before toi know it." replied Luka, before she took off to get what she needed to make lunch for everyone. (With Team Rocket in their balloon) After Luka and Brock briefly left, Team Rocket was observing everyone from their aerial watchpost. Wobbuffet as usual popped out of his Pokeball and a dit his name. "Quiet toi bumbling blue blob! You'll blow our cover!" yelled Jessie, before returning Wobbuffet to its Pokeball. As promised, Luka and Brock were back and had everything they needed to make cacahuète, arachide beurre and gelée sandwiches for everyone. After lunch, the trainers and Pokemon were enjoying themselves until a net dropped down scooped the Pokemon from out of the water. A familiar hand attachment reached down and grabbed Pikachu as well. Everyone looked up and saw Team Rocket. "Noctowl! Go and get the Pokemon back!" replied Ash, sending out Noctowl "Not so fast! Obseirve our newest feature!" replied Meowth, pressing a button as a fan started blowing air towards Noctowl. "No good. I'll have to use Bulbasaur!"replied Ash, swapping out Noctowl for Bulbasaur. "Bulbasaur! Razor Leaf!" replied Ash Bulbasaur used its Razor Leaf to cut the net hanging above the balloon. "No he doesn't! Arbok! Get out here now and use Poison Sting on Bulbasaur!" replied Jessie, sending Arbok out. "That won't work! Bulbasaur! Tackle!" replied Ash. Bulbasaur dodged Arbok's Poison Sting and sent Arbok sailing back into the basket of The Meowth Balloon also allowing Pikachu to escape. "Now Totodile! Finish them off with Water Gun!" replied Ash as Totodile used its Water Gun to push the balloon away until it was out of sight. With Team Rocket gone, it was finally night time and Todd saw a blue glowing shape zoom par in the water. "Could it be? Was that Lugia?" asked Todd "Could be." replied Luka, montrer up behind the young photographer. Suddenly a gigantic white shape burst out of the water. "So that shape I saw in the water was a Lugia!" replied Todd "Now's your chance Todd!" Get a photo while it's still above the surface!" replied Luka "Okay." replied Todd, taking out his camera and getting a picture of Lugia before it returned to the surface.