The Pokemon franchise has lasted for several years which could be why the franchise has so many antagonists. Several of the Pokemon antagonists are from Team Rocket, a evil company that wants to use Pokemon to take over the world. All of the antagonists on my liste have some involvement in Team Rocket. All of the antagonists except for my favori are listed in alphabetical order.


Domino is the secondary villain in Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns. Despite only being in Mewtwo Returns Domino is a plus threatening and glacière antagonist than Jessie, James, and Meowth. I wish that she was in plus episodes.

Dr. Fuji

Dr. Fuji is Mewtwo's creator and is 1 of the antagonists in Pokemon: The First Movie. Dr. Fuji's backstory isn't in the American version of the film. It explained what a sympathetic character he was: He helped Giovanni so he could clone his deceased daughter, Amber. Dr. Fuji's backstory was so sad that it led to the first time a film made me cry. I highly admire him even though he did try to help Giovanni's evil scheme.


Mewtwo is the main antagonist of Pokemon: The First Movie. Mewtwo is my favori Pokemon, because he's the coolest. He's a extremely powerful character that toi don't want to mess with. He worked well as a villain even though he stopped being evil towards the end of the film. Also his voice actor in the film had a very cool voice.


Giovanni's persian is a recurring antagonist in the animé show. The persian is Giovanni's pet and is the closest thing Giovanni has to a best friend. Giovanni's persian is a intimidating and cool looking character.

my favori Pokemon antagonist:


Giovanni is my favori Pokemon character. He's the main villain in the Pokemon franchise. He's the commander of Team Rocket. He's my favorite, because he's both a threatening villain and a corny villain. I consider him as both awesome and amusing. Pokemon is so much fun when he's around. Also he's oddly charming and has cool outfits.