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posted by irena83
The jour of your birth
has been labeled par darkness.
Your birth is your death.
toi have died a thousand times
in your heart,
death shines in your eyes,
following toi like a limpet.

You've died,
though toi still breathe,
but life is just a shadow
of your past,
toi don't see the life.

Your road is spiny,
hope is smothered and distant
to your sight.
You're on the road,
but this road is your life,
and this life is a burden of
your fate,
and past never dies until toi die.

Your road is full of thorns,
empty and abandoned,
like your heart,
like your life.

The jour of your birth
has been labeled
par darkness.
It's everywhere toi look,
you're on this road alone
and this road is the burden
of your fate,
past never dies until toi die.
posted by SaturdaySurpris
I can´t take this anymore. Where ever I look, there they are. My hopes shattered to pieces. People walk around, looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant for their activities. I won´t even think about trying something new. Everything I do just fails, so why should I try, try again to succeed? I just end up on the floor again, humiliating myself.
I tried to do something, something only I can do. But then someone comes along, with that talent. I become excited and take him as my image. But what began as fiery passions, ends up in heart-broken pictures, floating away with the wind. Nothing works out, everything is slipping...
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posted by arcticflake
What do toi do
when your strings are snapped
your roots detatched
your vesel cracked?

When you're filled with anger
Fear and hate?
And there's so much water
that toi sink?

ou when the metaphors
toi thought applied is bent
ou worse, snapped

The word jumbles
The thoughts collide
Until toi just cry

What do toi do then?
When your life is in pieces?
And people can see the real you

Will it kill you?
Knowing your carefully crafted wall
has tumbled
chunks of ruble flying everywhere

That ruble kills, so toi stay away
killing yourself
All you've known

posted by sawfan13
While my Friends are out on the town

I stay accueil alone

All par myself

And no one calls the phone

Silence except the t.v on

Keeping me company

People think I'm lonely.

Yet, they don't understand

That I feel no void being alone

I enjoy it, so much

That it's become my crutch

I write

I draw

I use my mind for it all

Yet again

I wouldn't mind

To be invited somewhere.

Is it a problem that I like to be alone?

I don't think so

Yet others do

But once they're alone

They'll know not what to do

As for me,

I'll know what to do

I'll sleep, write, draw, ou watch movies

Because even though no one's there

I do not have a problem being alone.
posted by sawfan13
salut there!

How are you?

How have toi been?

Life's been hard

Yet, I'm making it through.

I wish toi were here

To live with me

Like the good ole days

Like back when we were kids

And a little bit older

I miss you.

salut there!

It seems like it's been forever

How's life treating you?

How's the kids?

I would l’amour to spend time

With toi again

Yet, time goes by

It seems so quick

It can steal your youth

ou your energy

I've been so busy

With work and what not

So please forgive me

For not calling ou emailing.

I missed you

Still miss you

I wrote to toi four years back

But toi never replied

So I was scared

That our friendship died.

Now I know

That it's not us

But it's just time

It won't slow down

It just keeps on.

So I'll conclude this conversation

par saying a goodbye

I know it can be painful

But I will see toi again

I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinguish'd, and the stars
Did wander darkling in the eternal space,
Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;
Morn came, and went and came, and brought no day,
And men forgot their passions in the dread
Of this desolation; and all hearts
Were chill'd into a selfish prayer for light:
And they did live par watchfires - and the thrones,
The palaces of crowned kings, the huts,
The habitations of all things which dwell,
Were burnt for beacons; cities were consumed,
And men were gathered round...
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posted by arcticflake
My tears freely flow
Attempting to wash away the pain, the sorrow, the hate

The chrimson blood that flows hrough my vains boils causing an explosion

They say to trust, to just BeLIEve
But then they lie and double cross, shattering my heart

When all the tears have been cried,
and all the hate released

Then I'll be ok

Not todayNot tomorrow
You'll know when I'm ok

Any substancial l’amour is gone
Set aflame par hate and lies

Love, gone, Lost forever

Hate growing, remembered forever

Crying untill my eyes hurt
wishing toi were here

Wishing I was ok
Wishing toi were ok
Wishing WE were ok

Feeling your touch
Needing your touch
Regretting everything

Slowly dying

I'll never be ok
posted by sawfan13
The world as I see
People tell me as a child
That it is beautiful and wonderful
Yet it's scary and unjust at the same time

The innocent dying
The guilty being set free and getting money
They laugh at other's pity
Standing in their own pit of filth they created

Poor Lost little child
All alone she walks
Yet she knows she's plus powerful than she knows

They never do see
What destruction they cause
They call it justice
I call it lying

Poor child all alone
Yet plus powerful than these liars
They will see the other side one day

This giant filthy monster
Trampling down the innocent Lost souls
Yet this little one holds the key to the truth

Their own definition of truth and justice
Their own definition of mercy and love
They say justice is blind
But all the lies we hear now
Don't toi ever wonder who the blind ones really are?

One day
One jour the real truth will shine
montrer all the laughing liars
That the mur they built from fake
Will come crashing down
posted by Insight357
When the selfishness,
Has toi in its grasp
And toi cannot break free
Nor admit to it
You must stay silent

When toi want someone
To be yours
Yet they are anothers
Does it make toi selfish
To want the one they have?

When toi want the one
Someone has
You are selfish
For that is theres
Not yours

Find your own
Although the one
You want
Makes toi happy
When the rest cannot

The one toi want
May do the same for others
Nevertheless, toi want him
For yourself
However, it will not happen

You want the rest
To remain happy
Even when your heart
Cracks every time toi see him
For he is with another
And she is expectant
Of your selfishness...
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posted by sawfan13
My dearly love
I have awakened
In the morning light

The aftermath from last night
I feel so alive again
No plus madness in my life now
I feel complete

The beautiful sunlight
Amazes such nocturnal souls such as us
Yet the morning is still so beautiful

I feel new and alive
Like a papillon emerging from the cocoon
The birds in summer's morning air
They sing and welcome the new day

fleurs opening up to the morning glow
Oh my dearly beloved
How morning is so beautiful and young
This jour shall be beautiful
As I feel alive again

The night's sleep was so relaxing
The morning makes me feel so much better
Oh how beautiful my jour is

As we lay down to rest
This jour is like artwork
It will always be in my memories
Of toi and me in the morning.
posted by tiny_princess
Deep scars are over the remains
Of my hope , as the dark nuage rain

It was a forbidden dream that ignite
my fears and all of my salty tears

I never thought that handling the glory
could end up my misty story
as it all starts with a forbidden dream
and ends up with a hope and a mean
reality that refuses the fate`s humility
it’s a fraction of the human begin poverty
of hate and pain

as the cloudy sky rains again
my genuine faith will always appeared to deny
all of your forbidden dreams lies
posted by sawfan13
Black widowed tarentule sized evil
Nurtures her children well
As they all take a bite out of human flesh
Watching them choke on their own blood

All little teeny tiny beady black eyes stare
At the nourriture they see
They smell a human female
They'll have to take their bite

Poison scares the snakes that try to devour their mother's eggs
The snake drops dead after seeing the mother
Realizing that they're not bird's eggs

The children see their awful mother
Mean and cruel
Evil and heartless
At least cold and black hearted people have hearts

The children get sick of their mother's evil
So soon they prepare to defeat
The evil that lies beneath a thorax and eight legs
To them this is a Victorious fight

They look at their evil mother
They see what evil holds
They look at her and then they devour her

After lire about this
Little Carrie White looked at her own evil mother
Realizing with her abilities, she can do the same thing.
posted by r260897
I am dark
so that toi can be light
I am dull
so that u can be bright
I am evil
so that toi can be good
I was bad
Coz i thought the world would.....
world would praise me
Who helped toi to climb upto there
but I never thought
the fame toi got toi don't want to share
My eyes looked at toi last time
And as i turned back, a tear fell apart my eyes
On the way i thought
For toi I spoke so many lies now its my time to rise
I know i was evil servant of heaven
Late in night I heard some stupid bell
I saw people of hell were fighting to be king, i too jumped in that
and suivant day..... suivant jour I woke up as the King of Hell..
posted by Claudia4599
Flying softly on beams of moonlight
Floating softly on beams of light, tonight
Hearing fragments of distant conversations
Swiftly drifting over nations
Moonlight reflecting on his wings
The cloche, bell of a distant chapel rings
Then he descends to the earth
What, to him, is life worth?
Through an open window he flies
Waiting for the surprise
In he flies on moonlight wings
His bow of death, he strings
He aims, he shoots
This he does with all his recruits
The Arrow hits its spot
The horse of death is in its trot
His new recruit slowly wakes
This man's new eyes staring like snakes
The angle jumps through the window which he came
Perfectly leaps, doesn't touch the frame
He flies away on moonlit wings
He flies away on moonlit wings
posted by wolfgirl985
l’amour felt like a warm cookie.
But as toi can see,
It wasn't like that as much to me..
It was just black, like his soul..

I noticed how he a dit 'hot',
Instead of calling me beautiful.
He gave me hugs,
But it wasn't enough.

I thought he felt our l’amour was like a drug,
But I was wrong.
He thought it was just all about kisses and
Thinkin' about sex.
He even talked about his old ex.

l’amour is poison..

I asked him if he loved me,
But he a dit 'Yea' instead of
'I l’amour toi plus than anything'.
That hurt to hear a dit be..

l’amour is poison..

I guess all that hugs and kisses were a lie.
But why?
Did he think it's better if I die?
I'm pretty sure he wouldn't say the truth,
Just a lie..

l’amour is poison..
posted by irena83
grow inside you,
and yet,
those feelings
by a weak flame

tearing your heart,
but no one
can hear
the silence
that screams
so loud.

is what toi need,
is what toi expected.
And yet,
pain is cruel,
live inside
your heart.

sweet memories
you don't want
to forget,
and yet,
your soul
is restless,
your cœur, coeur
is broken.

in small pieces,
and yet strong,
and yet,
filled with hope,
some wounds
never heal,
as some memories
never fade.

To vanquish
your fear
from what follows
full strength
and will
for something
for your...
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posted by manjusang
I saw U passed Me,,,,with ur girl..
I never have an eyes on U
never thought that we'll meet one day..
as time brought u to my side

something change
We've been cheat them
we now it was wrong
either we can't stop...
just keep walk on it
Then be quite

Kiss me,my Forbidden
say to me that it is not fiction
prove to me that it's not a runaway feeling

Im Here...
u're here
not with HIm,,,or Her...

I Know It Is wrong
U know It is Sin,,

But either Csn't Stop..
How desires Flows..
How Kiss flies among Us,,
and We keep walked,,,then Be quite,Boy
posted by manjusang
One jour wouldn't shows the future,,,
one Kiss doesn't prove the real

it doesn't shows in a second...
and rounded here,,,with all the things we've argue

and now I realized that
The Arms are the same
The one which Hugs ur cœur, coeur into the warmth,,
the same which Pulled u down with pain...
u'll never understand when,,,or how it happened..

But I now it is real..
u keep me high while I try to l’amour ur Blind sides

But then U throw me falling away to reality,,,
pain,,,,hurts,,,,damn night...tears..are here....

I Can Do Nothing,,,
Kiss that takes me to the sky,,,
has the same to give me enormous words filled with hate

how u call it??
either do we understands...
this is starting over
posted by irena83
They say that
pure l’amour never fades.

They say that
fighting for your aims
brings accomplishment.

They say that
time heals everything.

They say...

l’amour is an illusion,
imagination blurs
your mind.
Reality is as sad as
your heart.

they say...

Everything is passing,
but the question still
Loneliness lives inside.
Hope is still alive.

toi fall today
but toi rise up tomorrow.
toi fight.
toi want.
toi dream.
toi are...

Filled par hope
and willing to
live for your dreams,
toi may win
toi may lose.

Failure is always
toi don't want
your dreams to be buried.

Precious dreams
still live in you,
but your will now
is weak.

they say that
hope never dies.
They say that
l’amour still shines.
posted by manjusang
It is quite a sin
when u look into his eyes...
U'll never guess what goes there
Oh Mine.....

even smile covered ur face,,,,but treasure still hide,,,and secret filling in ur brain

Forget those forbidden Kiss,dear...
he's Not yours...
when u think about how to make it urs..
u'll falling into a mess way

how can it happened?
Oh God,,,I can't throw myself into this Sin,,,
I can betrayed Him,,,
Please Forgive me,,,I miss who forbidden to say

Impossible dream,,,

when u see he's coming over u and realized that eyes glancing on ur mind
dancing as fate could be a real things to u
posted by gublerlover1
looking up into the clear blue sky
i lay in the wet herbe wondering why
why is there always someone that's broken hearted
and why are people always breaking them
the pain is always deep
i wonder why the world is the way it is
why do people feel the need to start war
and why do innocent people have to suffer
the acts of those choice others

things are never great but we survive
and i wonder why no one has broken down
and now i wonder how

how do we get up and dust things off
then keep moving without on sign
that something has changed

so then i wonder
how would we thrive if these things
didnt happen and it was all the same
the war and the hurt
never moving forward
never knowing the repercussion of choices
for without knowing fthe poison of something
we can not déplacer on the find the cure