I just finished écriture this free verse poem and I would really like some feed back tell me what toi think! (btw im 13 yrs old)

On the harsh nights of winter they run

running and panting to never return

snow shimmers as it falls in the night

montrer their breath and falling onto their soft fourrure

running,and running, to their unknown destination

no one cares from where they come

banned from society to burn

fearing of what comes in the light

torched and left in the dark

howling for mercy in which they never receive

feeling the gruesome pain a ton

left for death at every turn

dripping tears and scattered blood in a deadly fight

easily finding what's wrong but struggling to find what's right

fighting to live, fighting for forgiveness, fighting for l’amour

snapping the twigs as they run seeming forever young

using the pain and regrets to learn

running into the woods out of sight

praying and crying that this horror ends

this is why the loups howl

they wait for a chance to be forgiven,

a single chance to be forgiven,

for a crime they never committed...
 liveevil posted il y a plus d’un an
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Story-Writer said:
Well, it's long.
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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