Pirates des Caraïbes What do u think of the new pirates?

Dana40 posted on Jan 30, 2012 at 09:30PM
Hi :D!!

What do u actually think, of the new pirates?

I think the film was ok, but I miss the old one :( You know, Elizabeth and stuffs.... Angelica are just not as good as Elizabeth :/

I think she should get back in another Pirates :'D (Y)

But what do u think?

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il y a plus d’un an DaniqueJDloverr said…
big smile
No replies.... well, I'll be the first one... I think Its a new start, I could ask me friends to the movie, but they didn't saw the rest.. but they did understand :D (And they loved it, hehehee) I don't want Elizabeth back (I just hate Keira) but I do want Orlando bloom back,(And Pintel and Ragitti) because He is just a amazing actor, Well, in part 5 he will return, (*Happyness*)I loved the movie, (No not only because Jack was in it :P) I still love it, :D