Piper: Wait a sec. Last week we had no Dad and now we have two?!!!!

Phoebe: How big was this dog again?
Prue: Huge. Did toi see the scratches on the attic door?
Piper: What was it doing in the house?
Prue: I don't know. Someone obviously left the front door open again.
Phoebe: Why do toi always assume it was me? What about Piper?
Piper: Not it.
Phoebe: Well, it's not a big deal. We checked the house and nothing is missing except my Pat Boone Christmas CD.
Piper: Now this is really creepy. If there were a dog in the house, then it had to have an owner. No dog I know can open that front door, let alone reach the haut, retour au début shelf.
Phoebe: Hey, maybe we should get a security system.
Prue: No, they are way too expensive. Besides after what happened, Andy will be checking in every five minutes.
Piper: Oh, toi told him.
Phoebe: Convenient. So what should we do?
Prue: Well, either we could rely on our vicious guard cat to protect us ou we could remember to lock the doors.
(Prue walks in the laundry.)
Phoebe: That is a really good idea, Prue.
(Phoebe walks over and locks the door. Prue wiggles the door handle. Piper and Phoebe laugh.)
Prue: Unlock the door, Phoebe.